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Digital Audio & Mandala/Energy App Download

Calm, Peace-Inducing Energy Medicine

“Shanti = Delicious

Listened to the Shanti track all through my lunch break and now have theShanti Mandala x 300 on my work PC. I feel still and complete. Everything feels completely perfect just as it is.

Feeling so grateful to you Eric W Thompson right now. Thank you for bringing this wonderful technology into the world.”

~ Scott Lillich

“Very quickly I was in a deep Meditative state. I experienced heavy body jerking several times. I read it is also called “cosmic chiropractor” and indicates a deep calming and clearing of stress in the body. Have not experienced that in some time. Really felt great this morning.”

~ Bruce Austin

Energetically Encoded Audio Technology:

SHANTI: The Energy of Unconditional Calm, Fearlessness and Peace

SHANTI is the energetically encoded audio program offered by Subtle Energy Sciences, designed to support you in creating a more peaceful environment. Use it whenever you need a tangible sense of emotional stability, or use it as a daily meditation to build equanimity into your brain and nervous system over the long term.

It contains very powerful subtle energetic encoding and scalar frequencies specifically arranged to evoke a feeling of calm and emotional stability.

It does NOT contain any guided meditation and is best used/played:

  • In the background for several hours at a time when you want a calm, peaceful space.
  • When you want to be able to calmly observe and integrate feelings of overwhelm rather than be swept up by them.
  • When you want to reduce fear.
  • When you want explore emotional trauma safely rather than be overpowered by it.
  • When you wish to restore peace and calm in an environment that has been riddled with drama.
  • To enhance your daily meditation practice.
  • When you want to augment other brain/mind programs you may be using.
  • When you want to remain calm and composed before and during stressful events like:
    • Job interviews
    • Stage performances
    • Emotionally disturbing situations
    • Emergencies

Transform Your Electronic Devices Into High-Tech Peace Enhancement Tools

For every character trait that contributes to peaceful calmness, there is an accompanying subtle energetic framework that facilitates its emergence.

SHANTI resonantly reproduces and infuses this precise energetic framework of peaceful calmness into your immediate environment. All that is required is to play one of the audios (or, alternately, open one of the SHANTI energy apps/mandalas) on your computer, smart phone or tablet, and remain within their broadcast field while you work on the projects and goals that are most important to you.

And as SHANTI continuously broadcasts its energy into your biofield, your energetic system in turn eventually enters into sympathetic resonance with it, allowing you to more easily access your own innate potential for peace and calm in anything you do while using the program.

“Wow. I’d put [the new, improved] Shanti at at least x100 of the previous version. Wonderful. Intense Peace 

~ Carsten Christiani

Shanti -calm

The SHANTI Digital Energy Apps/Mandalas
(also included with the SHANTI package)

What are Digital Energy Apps?

Simply put, Digital Energy Apps are energetically encoded digital pictures that transform your electronic devices into powerful tools that support you with energetic frequencies to help you fulfill your goals.


Through the use of proprietary computer and software technology, as well as innovative energy medicine techniques, we infuse every Digital Energy App with powerful energy medicine signatures designed to support you energetically.

When we first started offering the Digital Energy Apps, new customers would occasionally be surprised that the actual product seemed, at first glance, to be just a simple digital picture file with writing on it.

But don’t let that first appearance fool you.

When a Digital Energy App is opened on your smart phone, tablet or computer, it automatically broadcasts the energy signatures we’ve embedded in it through your chosen electronic device.

And that resulting energy field in turn is broadcast directly into your own biofield to energetically support you.

Shanti -fearlessness
Four Formats for the SHANTI Energy Apps/Mandalas Included

Shanti -emotional balance

Desktop Computer

This mandala emanates the strongest energy (due to its larger file size) and is designed to fit large computer screens.
Its files size is 94.7 MB

Laptop Computer

Works on tablets too! This mandala is designed to fit smaller computer screens.
Its files size is 26.2 MB


This mandala is designed to fit smart phone and tablet screens.
Its files size is 26.2 MB

Printout (PDF)

This mandala is designed to be printed out on any printer.
Its files size is 173 KB

Multiple Ways to Enjoy SHANTI

Enjoy the SHANTI Audio on:

  • Any computer or laptop.
  • Any MP3 player.
  • Any audio-compatible cell phone.
  • Any tablet.

The SHANTI audio works with or without headphones.

Enjoy the SHANTI Energy App on:

  • Any computer or laptop.
  • Any smart phone.
  • Any tablet.

The SHANTI Energy App works completely silently. Simply open it on your chosen electronic device, and it will immediately broadcast the peaceful energy SHANTI through your device. There’s no need to look at the mandala in order for it to work. Just set it and forget it.

You can also Print the Mandalas using ANY Printer and the Prints will carry the Energy.

Shanti -peace

The prints can be used in a number of ways:

  • Place under chair and couch pillows – Charge yourself while you work.
  • Print a wallet-sized version, laminate it, and carry it in your wallet.
  • Place plates of food and/or water on it for five minutes – Charge your food and water.
  • Tape a print to the inside of your house’s fuse box – The mandala’s energy will interface with the electrical energy coursing through the fuse box, and will be emitted from everything in the house that is powered by the fuse box, including the lights, power outlets, refrigerator, computers, etc. Be careful, though, as this program can be powerful.
  • Place a print under your refrigerator cord and leave it there – Your food will carry the energy.
  • Place a print underneath your computer power strip – The energy will be emitted from everything powered by the power strip.
  • Tape a copy (facing inward) on your large spring water dispenser – The water will be charged by the energy.

To amplify the energy of the printed mandalas, print multiple copies on both sides of each page, and stack all the copies together.

Energetic Signatures Featured in SHANTI

SHANTI Energetic Signatures:

  • Peace, calm and fearlessness, sourced from sacred geometry.

NEW: Additional Signatures:

  • Silent scalar frequencies designed to support emotional balance.

The Marriage of Energy Medicine and Digital Media


We live in an exciting day and age in which we are learning so much about what energy is and how it works. Einstein’s famous E = MC2 equation clearly illustrates that everything is energy.

I’ve spent the last several years of my life absolutely fascinated by this idea, and I’ve spent much of that time researching a particular kind of energy that is often referred to in the scientific literature as “subtle energy”.

The mainstream physics community generally recognizes four fundamental forces in the world:

  1. Strong nuclear force
  2. Weak nuclear force
  3. Electromagnetism
  4. Gravity

Many questions remain, however, about the nature of each of these forces and what gives rise to them.

Some of these questions, for example, are:

  • Where does electromagnetism come from?
  • Why do electricity and gravity affect one another in peculiar ways?
  • How, exactly, is the strong nuclear force capable of overpowering the enormous and repulsive electromagnetic force produced by protons?

To make a long story short, there are a new breed of scientists who are getting closer to answering these and other questions through their research in “subtle energy.”

In fact, many of these pioneering scientists are positing subtle energy as the missing “fifth force” of physics.

If you’ve ever heard of the terms qi, prana or life force, you may already have a clue as to what subtle energy actually is.

In general, subtle energy is any type of energy that falls outside of the four known forces in physics.

All energies outside the four known physics forces are so subtle that they cannot be measured by conventional electromagnetic instruments.

Nonetheless, we are able to scientifically measure the EFFECTS of subtle energy in a number of ways, so we can say beyond any doubt that subtle energy does in fact exist and it influences virtually everything in the world.

Princeton and MIT-trained physicist Dr. Claude Swanson has documented the incredible research that has been conducted on subtle energy is two landmark books, The Synchronized Universe and Lifeforce: The Scientific Basis.

In both of these great books, Dr. Swanson describes instances in which subtle energy was found to interact with various electrical devices.

Likewise, in my own research I’ve discovered that subtle energy—life force energy—can actually be captured using sophisticated recording devices and techniques.

I then developed a software application that is able to amplify the originally captured subtle energetic signature many times and embed it in various digital media (like mp3 audios, digital pictures and video) in such a way that the same digital media will broadcast those energetic signatures when played/opened on electronic devices.

To keep it short and sweet, let’s get right down to the nitty gritty of why this technology is important and how it can help you.

Think of anything you want to be, do or have in life. Whatever it is you want to do, be or have has its own unique energy to it. (Remember Einstein’s famous equation.)

What we do is find creative ways of accurately representing and capturing the ENERGY of these various things (e.g., goals, states of mind, etc.) in digital format.

This is all done using a very scientific and replicable process. This isn’t airy fairy, wave-a-magic-wand hocus pocus that we recite over a digital recording.

Once we’ve captured that initial energetic signature digitally, we will then use another proprietary software to amplify that original signal billions and billions of times in a balanced way.

We can then take that final amplified signature and embed it into our Digital Energy Apps or an audio file in such a way that when they are opened on a computer, tablet or phone, the files will emit the energy of that signature through the electronic device.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Connector.

    What is subtle energy?

    Subtle energy is the term most commonly used to denote energies that are not currently explained by the four known forces of physics, which are the strong and weak nuclear forces, electromagnetism and gravity. The world’s wisdom traditions, as well as energetically conscious scientists and researchers, often acknowledge subtle energy and related phenomena with such terms as qi, kundalini, chakras, ki, prana, vital force, life force energy, orgone energy, torsion fields, scalar waves, longitudinal waves, and so on. In a nutshell, subtle energy refers to any energy that is subtler than electromagnetism, gravity and the nuclear forces, yet is profoundly related to life force energy and consciousness. SES has developed a revolutionary method of capturing, amplifying and transmitting various types of subtle energy via digital technology, and Shanti represents one of these powerful new technologies.

  • Connector.

    What is digital energy medicine?

    Digital energy medicine is a term, coined by Eric W Thompson, to denote any kind of beneficial subtle energy that is either produced or transmitted using primarily digital technology.

  • Connector.

    What is an energetic signature?

    In his book, The Basic Code of the Universe, Dr. Massimo Citro speaks of a basic governing “code,” made up of “the ensemble of information that allows bodies to exist, the blueprint of the construction.” This code can be thought of as having both an informational component and an energetic component, the former informing a particular substance how to “be” itself, and the latter providing the subtle vehicle for the flow of that information. It is this basic governing code that I refer to as the “energetic signature” of a substance.

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    Are these energies safe for public use?

    Yes. Using multiple modalities and technologies, every signature is tested to be safe for living systems.

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    Is it possible to amplify the energies and benefits of the Shanti mandala and audio?

    Yes. Amplifying the energies and benefits of the Mandalas, when used on a computer, is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

    The Shanti manual and download site contain simple instructions for amplifying the energy of Shanti as much as you like!

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    Can I combine Shanti with my favorite meditation music, self-improvement programs or brainwave entrainment tracks?

    You bet! Simply pull up the Shanti audio or mandala on your computer, pad or phone–or all three. Its beneficial energetic field will now deepen and augment your experience with your favorite brain-mind enhancement programs.

  • Connector.

    How large is the field produced by the Shanti audio and mandala?

    When used on a computer or laptop: Field Diameter = 30 to 70 feet

    When used on a smart phone or smart pad: Field Diameter = 40 to 100 feet

Listen to the 5-min SHANTI Demo

Feedback on SHANTI

“Shanti audio is blowing my mind!!!…after only playing this for two days on only my iPhone(mostly). I’m experiencing a calming effect that carries on throughout the day. I notice it in my speech pattern and how I am addressing myself to others. I also seem more grounded and a feeling like everything is going to be fine. No anxious thoughts or “what if’s” came into my consciousness.

A potential stressful situation was presented to me today, my colleague was stressed (I could really sense it in his speech). My response to it was very relaxed and calm and collect allowing me to stay in a professional mindset. No anxious thoughts or feelings arose!!. I took care of business and went on as if it was nothing. This audio is amazing!!! Thanks Eric W Thompson”

~ Michael Lapetina

“On Sunday, 17, to me at work there was very funny case. During circus show I came to technical gallery. At this time turn with parrots was done. One of parrots got out of hand and began to fly circles in the hall. From all directions brightly shone a searchlight, music loudly played and the parrot completely lost orientation. The show hall looks as shown on the first photo, I stood approximately as on the second photo. After 5-7 minutes of chaotic flight the parrot sat down… to me on a shoulder! As you probably already guessed, I in a pocket had phone with a mandala! On phoneShanti was open (audio + 3x picture). The parrot chose to sit down exactly to me on a shoulder (though the hall is very big as you can see on a photo), and on the left side where I had phone. I was afraid to move and waited so far the assistant of trainer didn’t take it away. Do you think this was casual coincidences?”

~ Sergio Pawlowski

“Shanti is a great mandala/sound product! Used it all day, and I feel like its something I will never stop using! Very agape like calm descending into the crown, mixed with feelings of space and yes, peace.

I had/have it running on my phone as the audio track on repeat. I also have it on my home mac with 15 mandalas open and one track playing! Felt it about an hour in this AM and then all day it has continued to build and grow and kindof tear on through the atmosphere of my day in the most generous way!

I also felt a safety that things were “ok” or that things are “working out.” This safety is the thing that I think generates a kind of fearlessness, or approach to daunting events with an ease associated with gracefulness or poise.”

~ Scott Marshall

“The Shanti Mandala has been nice. I have four of the large format open on my laptop and one of the MP3 playing in quick-time. These have been running on my computer while I work all day long since it came out Wednesday morning. It has been giving me a deep sense of peace and contentedness (is that a word?) during my work day. It has helped stay centered the whole day!”

~ Michael Marino

“Today working with my uncle,which hasn’t happened for while.We often argue and I end up very stressed and overwhelmed as I find his seriousness and lack of joy “soul destroying.” However today I found that he didn’t bother me, and a few occasions I did point out his behaviour but there was very little attachment in it. It was like he would say something and I would simply hear him say something, rather than my mind freak out and then my mouth react! This was over 7 hours, and for one of the first times I can remember we finished work and I was still in a peaceful mood. I did intend to listen to Shanti but didn’t have a chance, but I did have my phone in my pocket with the mandala…and I also noticed that the music from Shanti was humming along in my mind… I’m sure that this was tuning in to Shanti’s energy, and that all of the listening I’vedone of Shanti recently has had a halo effect on me. I honestly feel that Shanti is to be credited here for my unusual level of calmness, serenty, and detachment when interacting with someone in a situation which normally leaves me feeling drained. Thank you.”

~ Jamie Basil

“I’ve had it playing on my iMac beginning yesterday, through the night, and into today. While working, typing, reading, and holding the space for new artworks to become apparent to me. “Holy”…might describe my experience. The daily challenges and rough edges of my human life, rather than solid objects slamming into me and knocking me off course, are rather like dust motes in a cathedral, falling gently, illuminated by a brilliance radiating from above, perhaps distracting me from a moment of focus, but then…it becomes apparent that the very distraction itself is none other than Holy, luminous, and not-other-than-this.

Looking forward to meditating with Shanti; will report back.”

~ Bryce Widom

“Shanti Audios & Mandala ~ It has taken me some time to give feedback, because it seems that for me it really has taken me deep into surrender physically & emotionally. I really Love using them during sleep & Yoga sessions.

Shanti lights me up & allows me to let go of programming that is no longer serving me for my highest!”

~ Jolee K White May

90 Day MoneyBack Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with SHANTI within the first 90 days, simply contact us for a full refund of the purchase price. AND you get to keep the entire program!

Shanti -peace
Digital Audio & Mandala Download
Calm, Peace-Inducing Energy Medicine


Two Digital Audio Tracks:

  • Both of which are encoded with the calm-inducing energy of Shanti.
  • Track 1 – SHANTI 20-min woodland stream soundtrack
  • Track 2 – SHANTI 60-min woodland stream soundtrack

In your choice of three audio formats:

  • WAV
  • AIFF
  • 320 kbps MP3

SHANTI Digital Energy App/Mandala:

  • Encoded with the peaceful SHANTI energy.
  • Comes in four different formats:
    • For large computer screens
    • For all other computer screens
    • For smart phones
    • For printing out using any printer (B & W printing is okay to use)

Get SHANTI: $127  Just $77!