Seeing is Believing – Harry Oldfield’s PIP Subtle Energy Camera

Cultures throughout all time have produced special individuals that claim to be able to see the energy field that surrounds objects, animals, and people. Depending on the culture, these people were either accepted, believed, made the shamans of the tribe, or they were outcast and labeled insane. Could all of these people from all of these diverse cultures be making this phenomenon up, or did they have higher senses activated that simply allowed them to see more of what is actually going on?

The reality of whether auras exist or not has been under debate by those who cannot see them. That is until fairly recent scientific evidence began to show us what most of our eyes had previously been unable to detect. Following in the footsteps of early subtle energy photographers such as Ruth Drown, and Semyon and Valentina Kirlian, Harry Oldfield discovered yet another way to capture this elusive energy.

Harry Oldfield’s innovative imaging system was developed in the UK in the late 1980s. Known as Polycontrast Interference Photography, or PIP, for short, he leveraged the new advancements that were being made to microchip technology. A camera, attached to a computer, filters the image through a special processing program. The results; an image scanner that provided a real-time video reading of the subjects auric field appears on the computer screen.

The inspiration for this device came as Harry wondered if the human energy field would interfere with the photons, or light particles, surrounding it. He figured that as light traveled towards, and bounced off of the subject, that the emanation of the auric field would cause the light to move. His energy photography technology allows people to artificially see what people who are able to detect auras see naturally. 

“We believe that we are showing up an energy interaction with light, which is giving us an insight into the energy counter-part, the etheric template on which our physical molecules are strung. On average, every atom in the human body is replaced every seven to nine years. Think of your body not as a physical structure but as a moving fountain of molecules that are constantly being replaced. So what keeps them a coherent recognizable form? We believe it to be an organizing template of energy.” – Harry Oldfield

In Polycontrast Interference Photography, people with healthy energy will show up with bright, vibrant colors surrounding them, while others with blocked energy may show more dull colors. The program has been seen and verified for accuracy by those with clairvoyant abilities. The machine is especially helpful for those wishing to track a patient’s progress (or their own progress) as they undergo energy healing treatments over time. Here is an example of some of the before and after cases;

Through much testing, studying, and consulting with psychics and spiritual experts, different colors have been charted to be associated with different vibrational emotion/energetic states. This interpretation of colors was prepared by the Maharishi University of Spirituality & SSRF according to the PIP Manual, 2007 edition;

Other applications of this technology show the real-time effect of energy healing therapies in-progress. It shows the colors and energy patterns of certain diseases. It can also show the energy of a developing baby, or of a pet who is undergoing healing. While the advancement this technology represents is profound, Harry hopes that the technology will continue to evolve into deeper and deeper levels of clarity and accuracy. 

The most remarkable thing about Polycontrast Interference Photography is that for the first time in real-time, science is finally able to confirm what intuitively gifted people have been saying for centuries. This new energy vision camera work demonstrates the existence of the body’s subtle energetic aura. It also affirms the aura can be balanced, healed, and affect the physical body’s ability to heal as well. 


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