Scientific Clues That We Are Living In a Matrix

In the following video, quantum gravity researcher Klee Irwin offers scientific clues that we are living in a matrix. While we at Subtle Energy Sciences do not necessarily agree entirely with Simulation Theory, we agree that there is nonetheless much to learn from the idea that reality is in fact something akin to a computer simulation.

According to Irwin, the space-time dimension may be made up of sub-atomic pixels. Werner Heisenberg, one of the fathers of quantum physics, viewed the movement of sub-atomic particles as occurring in unique leaps and jumps that somehow bypass space-time in their operation rather than as continuous gradual flows from one space to another. Teleportation might be a good term to describe Heisenberg’s notion of sub-atomic motion.

 Fellow theoretical physicist Erwin Schroedinger, on the other hand, was convinced that sub-atomic movement involved smooth, gradual movement from one point to another in space-time. Heisenberg resented this idea and strongly vowed to shift the scientific paradigm of the day away from what he felt were old and outdated ideas about quantum movement. His research repeatedly indicated to him that all such movement occurred in leaps and bounds.

The rest of the scientific community at that time, however, believed the Simulation Theory, which implied a kind of digital pixelation to the quantum world, to be too radical to accept. And to this day, even though most physicists can allow for the pixelated jumps of an electron between two atomic orbits, they often nonetheless continue to allude to the classical notion of gradual movement when referring to certain situations. The classical notion of movement has continued regardless of the emerging scientific data that support pixelated jumps in the quantum world.

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