Research Suggests Your Pet Might Be Psychic

Many pet owners report experiences that suggest their furry, feathered, or scaled friend has an uncanny sense of “knowing” about certain things, making them seem like psychic animals. From lost pets finding their way home across cities, to our animals finding ways to comfort us when we are sad; there are many examples that make us wonder what it is that they are sensing. One of the largest compilations of this animal psychic communication research data comes from Dr. Rupert Sheldrake.

Before Sheldrake became a thought pioneer, author, and Ph.D. in biochemistry, he was a child who was fascinated by the natural world – especially with animals. Rupert grew up with a myriad of pets from every branch of the animal kingdom, reptile, mammal, amphibian, bird, and insect. Although he studied at Cambridge and Harvard, he prominently noted that we had much to learn from animals as well. 

Realizing that pets were the animals we knew best, he saw an opportunity for scientific discovery. Enlisting the support of more than 2,000 pet owners, Sheldrake began to conduct research on the perceptiveness of pets. As interview results were reviewed for the study, patterns began to emerge across unrelated cases. 

“I am more interested in dogs than in dogmas. Obviously.” 
― Rupert Sheldrake

If you have ever had a close bond with an animal, these results may sound similar to some of the unspoken, magical occurrences that come from living with pets. One notable example comes from a speaking parrot owner, who reported that their bird-friend would respond out loud to thoughts that she was thinking while she was across the house! 

Thousands of more reports mirror this psychic ability of pets. Details of one of Sheldrake’s most famous experiments are outlined in detail in his book, “Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals.” In a random survey of British & US households, approximately 50% of dog owners reported that their pet would wait by the door or window when a member of the family was returning home at an unexpected time.

“The commonest kinds of seemingly telepathic response are the anticipation by dogs and cats of their owners coming home; the anticipation of owners going away; the anticipation of being fed; cats disappearing when their owners intend to take them to the vet; dogs knowing when their owners are planning to take them for a walk; and animals that get excited when their owner is on the telephone, even before the telephone is answered.”  ― Rupert Sheldrake

Breaking the mold of what is currently deemed “acceptable” in the eyes of contemporary science, Sheldrake chose to accurately represent data indicative of psychic capabilities in animals. Although some dismiss the paranormal, or “beyond normal” as impossible, many encounter these experiences in their daily life – especially if they have an extra-perceptive pet. 


Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home & Other Unexplained Powers of Animals

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