The "Release the Past" Broadcast Room

As soon as you open this page, it immediately begins broadcasting the energy of Release the Past through your electronic device.

The video above featuring a hypnosis for letting go of the past (which is from a YouTube channel that is not affiliated with us) is for your enjoyment while using Release the Past. However, it is not absolutely necessary to play the video above in order to benefit from the energy of Release the Past.

This page is already broadcasting the Release the Past energy to help you let go of undesirable past events. And as long as it remains open, the energy of Release the Past will continue to be broadcast through your electronic device.

It is NOT necessary to actually view this page in order to benefit from its energy. Simply keep it open on your device. As long as the page remains open, its energy will continue to be broadcast through your electronic device regardless of whether or not you are looking at it. 

To amplify the energy of this page, simply open it in a new tab in your web browser. The more tabs you open, the stronger the energy will be.

To turn the energy off, simply close the page.

Use this broadcast room whenever:
  • You are feeling stressed over a past event (e.g., an argument or traumatic event).
  • You are feeling ashamed about a past action or interaction.
  • You find yourself stuck in repeated behavioral patterns stemming from a past event (e.g., feeling a lack of confidence in performance-related situations because your mother told you could never do anything right when you were young).

With the Release the Past broadcast room open, simply think of the past event, with the clear intention of releasing it and letting it go, and continue until the charged energy of the event dissipates.

No effort needed, other than to simply recall the emotionally upsetting event, intend to let it go, and continue until the emotional upset/attachment subsides.

Repeat as needed.

It’s that simple.

This energetic tool – Release The Past – will help you release the self-limiting emotions and patterns (related to past events) that keep you from bringing your music into the world.