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Digital Energy-Art that Broadcasts Anxiety-Relieving Energy through Your Electronic Devices

Rapid Anxiety Relief

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(Four energetically encoded digital picture files + user manual)

What are Digital Energy Mandalas?

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    Digital Energy Medicine that Vaporizes Anxiety

    Transform your computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet into powerful anxiety-relief energy medicine devices! Rapid Anxiety Relief looks like a simple, attractive picture featuring beautiful digital art, but it’s really a powerful form of energy medicine and informational medicine encoded with energetic pulses designed to relieve anxiety quickly and safely.

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    Buy It Once, Benefit for a Lifetime

    For one low price, you can experience anxiety relief for a lifetime.

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    No drugs and no side-effects!

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    Easy to Use

    Just open the Rapid Anxiety Relief picture file on your computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet. The anxiety-relieving energy of Rapid Anxiety Relief will now be automatically and continuously broadcast through your electronic device!

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    The energy of Rapid Anxiety Relief can be amplified to a limited degree on your smart phone and tablet, but it can also be amplified to an almost unlimited degree on your computer or laptop at no extra cost. This allows you to dial the energy in to exactly the amplitude that is right for you.

RAPID ANXIETY RELIEF (Digital Energy Mandala) – Finally, a drug-free, safe solution for quickly effectively relieving problems with:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Phobias
  • Fears
  • Shyness
  • Paranoia
  • Excessive worrying
  • Control Freak Behavior
  • Spiritual Crises

Additional Intended Benefits:

  • Supports:
    • A greater sense of well-being.
    • A healthy sense of relaxation.
    • Increased clarity and concentration.
    • Increased creative flow.
    • Improved sleep.
    • Clearer thinking.
    • Emotional balance.
    • Improved patience for self and others.
    • Harmonious relationships.
    • Improved interpersonal communication.
    • Being and feeling grounded.
  • Neutralizes the negative effects of electromagnetic stress.
  • Neutralizes and balances geopathic zones.

How to Use: 

Open one of the Rapid Anxiety Relief picture files on your computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet whenever you need anxiety relief, and stay within three feet of the electronic device for optimal results. Check to see how you feel after an hour’s use. If you’re still feeling some anxiety, simply amplify the energy as needed, until you begin to experience your desired results.

For optimal benefit wen you know you have a stressful appointment coming up, use Rapid Anxiety Relief for an hour before the appointment and continue to use it during the appointment. This will thoroughly saturate your biofield with Rapid Anxiety Relief’s energy to help you better manage stress during difficult times.

AMPLIFICATION: The energy of Rapid Anxiety Relief can be amplified to a limited degree on your smart phone and tablet, but it can also be amplified to an almost unlimited degree on your computer or laptop at no extra cost. This allows you to dial the energy in to exactly the amplitude that is right for you. 

How to Use and Amplify Rapid Anxiety Relief on Your Computer

What is an “Energetic Signature”?

bcuIn his book, The Basic Code of the Universe, Dr. Massimo Citro speaks of a basic governing “code,” made up of “the ensemble of information that allows bodies to exist, the blueprint of the construction.” This code can be thought of as having both an informational component and an energetic component, the former informing a particular substance how to “be” itself, and the latter providing the subtle vehicle for the flow of that information. It is this basic governing code that we refer to as the “energetic signature” of a substance.

We use proprietary computer software and innovative energy medicine techniques to digitally capture the ENERGY of these various things (e.g., goals, intentions, states of mind, nutritional supplements, etc.) in digital format.

This is all done using a very scientific and replicable process. Once we’ve captured the initial energetic signature digitally, we amplify that original signal billions and billions of times in a balanced way. 

We can then take that final amplified signature and embed it into a Digital Energy Mandala picture file in such a way that when it is opened on a computer, tablet or phone, it will emit the energy of that signature through the electronic device. 

Energetic Signatures Included in Rapid Anxiety Relief: 

  • NOTE: The term “Energetic Remedy” refers to an energetic signature that is sourced directly from the quantum field via focused intention and sacred geometry.
  • Energetic Remedy for Anxiety and Overwhelm
  • Energetic Remedy for Phobias and Fear
  • Energetic Remedy for Panic Attacks
  • Energetic Remedy for Shyness and Paranoia
  • Energetic Remedy for Spiritual Psychosis Management
  • Energetic Remedy for Excessive Worrying
  • Energetic Remedy for Control Freak Behavior
  • Energetic Remedy for Perfect Brain Health
  • Energetic Remedy for Perfect Mental Health
  • Alder Tree Flower Essence – Alder helps you face up to the things you’ve been avoiding. It is invigorating, and it also reduces nervousness and anxiety. 
  • Ivy Tree Essence – Encourages release of anxiety and strengthens personal power and the immune system, and helps with the facing of fears and discovering true feelings.
  • Hyssop Flower Essence – A tonic to lessen feelings of anxiety and deal with the acknowledgment and release of guilt.
  • Basil Flower Essence – A nerve tonic; relieves nervous anxiety and helps decision making; focuses the power of the mind; clarifies issues.
  • Aspen Flower Essence – Release vague unknown fears, anxiety and apprehension
  • GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid) – The chief inhibitory neurotransmitter in the mammalian central nervous system. It plays the principal role in reducing neuronal excitability throughout the nervous system. In humans, GABA is also directly responsible for the regulation of muscle tone.
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Niacin
  • Biotin
  • Zinc
  • Thiamine
  • Riboflavin
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Magnesium Citrate
  • Hawthorne Berry Powder
  • Lemon Balm Extract
  • Passionflower Extract
  • Hops Extract
  • Ashwagandha Powder
  • Rhodiola Rosea Extract
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • L-Theanine
  • Pyroglutamic Acid
  • Turmeric Curcumin
  • Homeopathic Stress Relief Formula

Includes Four Formats:

  • Large computer screen format
  • Small computer screen format
  • Smart phone screen format
  • PDF print format

How to Download the Mandala to Your Smart Phone Using iTunes

How to Use and Amplify Rapid Anxiety Relief on Your Computer

Opening and Amplifying the Mandalas on a Mac

How to Use Rapid Anxiety Relief on Your Phone or Tablet

How to Amplify the Energy Using Printouts of the Mandalas 



I love this product and I find I just like having it up on my computer all the time. I was really stressed at work and I pulled the Rapid Anxiety Relief. I feel personally that I am addicted to this in a positive way.

~ Miste Anders


Felt energy acting like a protective barrier to keep negative anxiety thoughts from arising. It’s really helped to reduce fear thoughts from arising in the first place, and if they did arise, they did not have a very long shelf life.

~ Danny Peebles


More calmness, i keep my cool in dicy situations more easily. I love that you added the “negative entity” remedy…! The energy feels very clean!

~ Georg Boch


It was easier to help myself through a panic attack. I also felt that I was overall calmer in general. No negative side effects!

~ Kimmi Hardwick


I experienced an immediate decrease in anxiety during a phone interview for a job. Wow!  It worked very quickly, too! Rapid Anxiety Relief works quickly to reduce anxiety.  My experience with RAR was excellent because it instantly reduced anxiety when I carried my cell phone around with the screen saver on… or when I had the RAR “running in the background” on my computer while working. I love the portability of the product.  It can be used on-the-go, anywhere you need to reduce anxiety, worry, and fear. My anxiety and worry decreased instantly when I used it on my cell phone and my desk top computer. Subtle energy science, energy healing, and sacred geometry intrigue me. I believe they are powerful tools for healing and transformation. 

~ Christine


I have had relief with tight muscles, neck stiffness, teeth clinching during dreams, less intestinal inflammation, calmer demeanor, and not as many headaches. I really liked the fact that it helped almost immediately, It is portable, versatile, and it also helps with EMF, which I am exposed to alot as I am a computer technician and around electronics alot.

There is something I’d like to share with you. My husband, Joe is highly

intuitive. I was curious to see what impressions he would have if I had him close his eyes and then place the print I made of the Rapid Anxiety Relief on his lap. I wanted him to tell me what he felt when he placed his hands above the image, without ever seeing the image.

He told me he saw blue shapes, like a rough ocean and it felt like he was on top of a cliff looking down at the ocean.

When Joe was sitting by me visiting at my computer on a different day, he saw the mandala on my computer screen. He wanted me to tell you about this experience he had. He said that when he looked at the image he felt a solid block of energy in his brain break up into smaller pieces and that the pieces floated away, making a pressure go away and giving him relief.

~ Lisa Sweet


Quick relaxation, peaceful thoughts with diminishing anxiety. I would like to acknowledge that my experience has proven that this product truly relieves one of stressful thoughts, anxiety and depressive moods. I mostly liked it continued calming effect on my whole being. I LOVE your products. Keep ’em coming!

~ Esther Verardi


Less anxiety, tension and overthinking, more presence. Also less digestive problems that i usually have. With regular daily use, it can help one get rid of anxiety-related problems and make most out of your abilities. More presence in everyday activities, better connection with others.

~ Aleksandar Novakovic


This time there was no increase in anxiety on first use, as there was in the previous version. This new version is very effective to deal with anxiety. I keep multiple copies open on my computer and I have calm mind whole day. Easy to carry, easy to use. With last version I had sensations in heart chakra in meditation, and with this new version I have sensations in crown chakra. Felt Bliss like state.

~ Rahul Bhadani


 I just felt more cheerful and rediscovered my sense of fun and playfulness.

~ Charmian Webster


It is so simple.  It works without looking at it, however when you do look at it it only reminds you of its power.

~ Jessica Boswell


I experience a greatly improved capacity to go with the flow, and easily encounter situations that would otherwise make me want to shut down.  It is an incredible aid to deep extended meditation.  Difficult issues are much easier to turn towards and work with.  Put simply, I feel Relief when using this mandala.

Using this mandala has been an enlightening experience… I think everyone should try this mandala!  I knew I had issues with anxiety, but, using this mandala helped open my awareness to the deeper and truer causes of these issues, as well as bring to light anxieties I had no prior awareness of.  Only by the absence of these did I realize their effect on my life.  I think that if everyone had just a little less anxiety, we would find just how effortless it can be to live and act with an open heart and connect with the people and world…  A world that passes us by while we are severed from the world, trapped in mental loops, excessive worry, anxiety etc.  This thing delivers!

My favorite aspect of RAR is the way it helps me be more available to the people I care about.

It seems to be a very nicely balanced product.  I personally do need to use 3 copies of the new one for a rapid and deep effect now.  For extended use, I have had one copy open all day and night with no signs of overwhelm, except a tendency to get a tad aggravated around noon.  If I open an additional copy at 9 or 10 the aggravation does not surface as easily.  That time of day is after all Yang of Yang and can cause rising fire in anyone anyway.

For medical marijuana patients who are not able to use some strains due to paranoia or anxious effects, this mandala is quite useful (Sativas for everyone!:)).  And, just to mention it again, this mandala is an outstanding companion to shadow work!

~ Matthew Orischak


I experienced a much more rapid and  longer lasting relief of a subtle background sense of anxiety within my conscious awareness. This product effectively removes any subtle sense of anxiety that persists within ones consciousness.

~ Jeff Pendergrast


I can say that this mandala became very useful, proper, suitable gift for me. I got this mandala (first version) in the final days of my wife’s pregnancy which were very difficult and stressful for the two of us. RAR mandala helped us to reduce nervousness, thrill and gave us an opportunity to take situation and ourself under control and be more balanced, positive and secure. I received RAR (newest version) before childbirth and now I feel myself very very grateful to Eric for this timely and urgent beta. RAR turns in my 24/7 energy and psychotherapeutic assistant of all this period and days after it.

Second thing I want to say RAR is must have mandala for car driving. 

~ Arnold Krylov


The newer version of RAR helps reduce or eliminate any social awkward feelings I have at work or at play.  I had a bullied childhood and I compensate from that early stress in my life  by using my sense of humor to assure that people like me as an adult.  This fear based response in me is greatly reduced.  My work is much less stressful, although I must work with individuals who have made a life of avoiding their choices.  Its been helping me negotiate a promotion at work, strive without struggle.  It helps me strive without struggle! RAR works on old embedded patterns and shadow material as well as helping with the current thing of discomfort.  RAR is an amazing product that helps a person deal with anxiety discomfort and everything that comes with that.  Its a very comprehensive Mandala.    

~ Scott Marshall


This version seemed a bit more intense. Upon opening several copies I felt the energy more strongly than the previous version. It also had a more pronounced cooling/soothing effect. It helped keep me calm and steady during situations that I believe would have otherwise been stressful. R.A.R works as promised, and faster than you could imagine. It’s a great supplement to any spiritual practice, particularly when difficult stuff comes up for you.  

~ Nick Papademetriou


Continuing feeling of being relaxed and feeling good in my skin. After a few days however, I reduced the number of copies open as it seemed to overcharge my nervous system a little.

~ Michael Marino


I began to feel myself much quieter and balanced. All my numerous problems remained, but I began to solve them much more productively.

~ Serge Pawlowski


I have had some anxiety issues this week but I seemed to be able to move through them more quickly than usual. Firstly Using RAR seems to have given me much greater awareness around my anxious thoughts. There is a more calmer space from which to observe my reactions to fears and seemingly freak behaviours which appear from time to time.

~ Anthony Harden


I did enjoy it in as much as it cleared a space for me to engage in more empowering thoughts. Less bandwidth eaten up with anxiety.

It worked more effectively because it lived up to its name. It was indeed rapid in its effects.

I experience an absence of overwhelming anxiety. Some still creeps around the edges but most is neutralized.

~ James Lewis

“I’ve been a connoisseur of exotic subtle energy technologies for years, and I can tell you that each of the mandalas contains energies that are as high in quality and potency as those found in other subtle energy products costing ten or even a hundred times the price—or more!

I’ve paid as much $3,000+ for other subtle energy products that aren’t nearly as powerful, versatile or effective as our newest Digital Energy Mandalas.”Eric Thompson – Founder of Subtle Energy Sciences and Inventor of the Digital Energy Mandalas

90 Day MoneyBack GUARANTEE

90 Day Money Back. If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with the RAPID ANXIETY RELIEF Digital Energy Mandala any time within 90 days of purchase, simply email us, and we’ll refund your money immediately.

Rapid Anxiety Relief


$47 Just $27!


(Four energetically encoded digital picture files + user manual)

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