Discover a Forgotten Ancient Chinese Secret To Developing Spiritual Energy That Permeates EVERY Facet Of Your Life.

Take a moment and ponder this spiritual “paradox”

If most people want to be good and do good things,

Why do SOME people have a powerful, almost DIVINE presence and impact on the world,


While OTHERS seem dull and constantly struggle to do what they should?

You may have felt that same struggle in your life.

Even if you DEEPLY desire to embody light and truth, you might find yourself:

You may worry that these obstacles might keep you from embodying your highest and most divine potential.

Or that they might keep you from being a positive force for good in the lives of those around you.

You might secretly wonder,

“Am I simply destined to stay stuck in these lower level struggles and never achieve the divine potential I feel inside?”


There IS a way to escape and overcome.

You CAN increase your divine inner light, have it shining out your eyes and radiating into your whole world as a positive force for happiness and love on all those you meet.

And then you can use this divine light to accomplish great and wonderfully good things for the world.

This approach isn’t just a guided meditation, breath-work, or traditional “spiritual development.”

This is a solution that combines the bleeding edge of Energetic Science with long-forgotten ancient wisdom from one of the OLDEST cultures known to man.

In the next few minutes I will be sharing:

You may be wondering if all this talk of achieving “spiritual potential” or “higher-plane awareness” is real…

But the insights I am going to be sharing with you have been used by thousands of people to escape from their own “ruts” and bring greater spiritual awareness and power into their own lives.

However, I should let you know, this process ONLY works for people who ACTIVELY DESIRE greater spiritual sensitivity and greater spiritual energy in their own lives.

So continue reading only if you are willing and ready to begin a process of spiritual growth and expansion.

Listen to what Scott Marshall had to say about his experience:

Or what James Kinney described feeling::

Now, let me show you how you can experience the same spiritual restoration and upgrade Scott, James and others are experiencing.

Hi I’m Eric Thompson,

And I am a researcher and pioneer in the cutting edge field of Subtle Energy Sciences.

For the last two decades I have spent nearly every waking moment experimenting with the human biofield and learning how to influence it to improve our health and well being.

In essence I’ve discovered a method to embed specific healing energy signatures into digital artwork and media in a way that influences the human energy field directly.

And I’m humbled to have helped thousands of people along the way.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with the idea that we can reach higher states of consciousness.

I’ve looked at mankind’s greatest spiritual leaders and marveled at their ability to transcend the “normal” and mundane world around them and instead draw power and intelligence from some higher source.

People like the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Gandhi, Osho, Martin Luther King Jr., etc.

The things they were able to accomplish in their lives and the impact they had on others has always inspired me to seek this higher energetic and spiritual state for myself.

I saw this journey as a battle to overcome my base emotions and worries and raise my consciousness to a more “divine” plane.

And into “battle” against my lower self I marched…

For a long time I thought it was just a matter of willpower.

If I simply “tried harder” or wanted it more, I’d be able to not fall victim to these lower emotions, right?

It turns out telling yourself to just “not worry” only makes things worse….

The more I tried to will myself into a higher level of consciousness, the WORSE things got.

Any time I slipped into negative thoughts or emotions, I’d end up beating myself up more, making me feel more angry and MORE frustrated…

This reaction was creating a nasty cycle that was taking me anywhere but towards a spiritual awakening.

I branched out, focused on my health, started eating better,

I even started taking my meditation even more seriously and began using other tools to increase my energy levels.

And while physically I started to feel MUCH more alive and energized,

I STILL found myself overcome by stress, worry, and fear…

I honestly felt no closer to any “higher spiritual state” or like I was exuding any kind of significant positivity and light to other people.

I remember being so frustrated at this point, 

Would I ever reach these higher states I had been chasing my whole life?


Was I destined to stay a victim of my lower self, full of stress, worry, and frustration?


Would my mission to have a positive impact on the world be derailed by my inability to tap into this higher power?

But in my moment of frustration I made the decision that I would do whatever it took to find out the TRUE nature of the spiritual awakening I was looking for and how to make it happen for me.

The idea of living out the rest of my life, trapped in this “rut” of my low vibrational thoughts and feelings was too much to bear.

There had to be a way and I was determined to find it.

So I set off to discover the missing ingredient to my spiritual journey.

What did the great spiritual leaders of the past have that I didn’t?

What had to happen to finally rise above anger, fear, and frustration and tap into  higher emotions of love, wisdom, and peace?

I dove deep into available research as well as ancient texts from some of the world’s oldest spiritual and philosophical traditions searching for my answers.

I read and I read for what felt like an eternity, worried I wouldn’t find what I was looking for,

But eventually I stumbled across the answer to my burning questions in an old Taoist text.

The missing element 

f you’ve been exposed to any level of traditional chinese philosophy and medicine you’ve probably heard of the term “Qi” or “Chi”

Qi is described as the vital energy of life. 

I had known about Qi for some time and had done a lot to raise my Qi levels in my quest for higher states of spirituality,

But I as I read through this ancient Taoist text I discovered that Qi is just ONE of what are called the “Three Treasures” 

And each of the Three Treasures serves as an essential key to unlocking one’s highest potential.

Eagerly I read on

The Three Treasures are:

Jing – Which is most closely linked with your DNA, and the physical health and strength of your body.

Qi – Which is the vital energy of life, connected with what some in the West have called “Nerve Force” 

But it was the third of the Treasures which caught my eye. 

Shen – Which is the energy connected with the spirit, the soul, the mind, the divinity within, and connection with the universe.

Those with strong Shen energy were described as being filled with compassion, kindness, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness and tolerance.

They were described as natural leaders who were a positive influence of light and love on those around them.

Cultivating your Shen energy was the key to transcending all things base and embracing your inner divinity.

THIS was exactly what I had been looking for!

All this time I had been barking up the wrong tree, trying to increase what turned out to be my Jing and Qi, completely ignoring the Shen energy which was the root of the change I wanted to see.

I could see how all of the great figures throughout history who I admired for their impact and goodness were the perfect embodiment of strong Shen energy.

THIS was how they had been able to do what they did!

Now the question became, 


How do I grow my own Shen energy?


I knew how to improve my Jing (health) and Qi (energy) but had no idea how one was supposed to increase their Shen…

I figured Chinese medicine would have the answer.

So I kept reading.

The text went on to list different herbs that could be used to build and open your Shen energy.

Things like “Albizia julibrissin flower”, “pearl powder”, and about a dozen other herbs.

Let’s just say that finding all these herbs proved to be a challenge, and the whole concoction turned out to be pretty expensive. 

However these herbs were actually producing results. 

I was starting to feel calmer, more relaxed, and it was getting MUCH easier to push aside negativity and focus on higher thoughts.

But I knew there was no way I could keep this up with the difficulty and cost of sourcing the ingredients.

So I set out to discover and replicate the exact energy signature of these Shen enhancing ingredients.

If I could identify the right energy signature, I could embed it in dedicated digital artwork and media files and produce the same effect without having to continue to source the expensive and hard to find ingredients. 

But this is easier said than done.

I spent countless hours in the lab carefully scanning the ingredients and fine-tuning the frequency and energy signature combination they produced. 

Eventually I finally was able to strike the right balance between the different energy patterns and encode the signature into the files.

I opened up the files with the embedded signature and soon noticed the same calming, enhanced spiritual awareness wash over me that I had experienced with the prescribed chinese ingredients.


I was ecstatic!

I then amplified the original signature and was able to feel it’s effects even more powerfully!

I quickly shared these files with a few of my friends and they reported the same feelings as well.

Now I had a simple way to enhance my Shen energy and open up my spiritual awareness without having to source hard to find ingredients!

I called this new creation “Quantum Shen”



7 Energetically Encoded Digital (Audio and Image) Files + Web App

Simply put, our Quantum Energy Apps are energetically encoded digital pictures that transform your electronic devices into quantum resonance tools that support you for greater health, well-being and peak performance.

  • Energetically encoded digital images (in four file formats)
  • Energetically encoded audio (in three file formats)
  • Encoded with the energy of Quantum Shen
  • Amplifiable – Amplify the energy broadcast to be as strong as you like.
  • Completely silent – No headphones necessary
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Set and forget it
  • Usable on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, pc or mac.

These energy encoded digital files allow you to cultivate a deep sense of peace, centeredness and self-awareness.

Throughout your day you can immerse yourself in the powerful Shen enhancing energy and find the strength to overcome your base frustrations and embrace higher and more pure intentions.

The Quantum Shen package is the ONLY tool available to directly influence your biofield to open and expand your inner Shen energy.

Now you don’t have to resort to hunting down hard to find ingredients and following ancient recipes or just “trying harder” in order to expand your spiritual awareness.

You can use the Quantum Shen Package to “prime” yourself to generate more abundant Shen energy and embrace your divine potential.

If you feel the desire to ascend to higher levels of consciousness and tap more into higher emotions of love and wisdom, the calming centering influence of the Quantum Shen package will help you make the shift with ease.

Take a look at what people are saying about Quantum Shen:


Using the Quantum Shen Package is SIMPLE


If you’re using the prints you can:

  • Place the prints under your seat cushions, mattress and pillow.
  • Place the prints under any power cord (printer, computers, power strip, lights, etc.).
  • Place the prints under the refrigerator cord and/or inside the refrigerator: the energy will be infused into your food.
  • Tape the prints to your fuse box: the energy will be carried by everything in your home that is powered by electricity.
  • Fold the print and carry it in your pocket.
  • Charge food, water and supplements.
  • A single print is very strong. But the more prints you stack together, the stronger the energy will be.

If you’re using the silent audio files you can:

  • Play on repeat in the background as you go about your day.
  • Although there is no sound, playing this silent audio produces a VERY strong broadcast of energy.
  • VERSATILE: The Silent Energy Audio can be combined with your favorite audio and video to create a powerful energetic experience with your favorite music and movies. Simply play the Silent Energy Audio on your chosen device. Then, on the same device, open and play your favorite music or movies using the media player or streaming service of your choice. Now, your favorite music and movies carry the energy of Quantum Shen

Or if you open up the Web app you can:

  • Simply click the web app link posted on the Quantum Shen download page.
  • As soon as the Broadcast Room web page opens, it immediately begins broadcasting a highly amplified energy signature through your device.
  • Nothing to download.
  • Simply click and enjoy.
  • Just keep the page open in a tab in your browser.
  • No need to actually LOOK at the page in order to benefit from its broadcast.
  • Minimize the page and work in other windows.
  • As long as the page remains open in any tab, the energy broadcast will continue, even when you’re working in other windows.
  • Fully amplifiable: make the broadcast as powerful as you wish.
  • Combine the Broadcast Room with your favorite music and movies. With the Broadcast Room open, simply stream or play your favorite music and movies on the same device; and all the energy of Quantum Shen will be carried by your favorite music and movies.

All of these methods will allow you to immerse yourself in the powerful opening effect of Quantum Shen and bring boundless light and peaceful energy into your day-to-day life.

Why Do I Do This??

I remember the frustration I used to feel before I discovered how to enhance my own Shen energy. 

I wanted so badly to rise above the mundane worries of my day and embrace my higher, divine nature.

And once I found a solution I knew I had to share it with others.

I am on a mission to help raise the level of human consciousness and help others become sources of light and love for those they come in contact with.

Which is why I think the powerful effects of the Quantum Shen package are so important.

What makes Quantum Shen so Unique?

If you were to seek to enhance your Shen independently you would have to battle all of the negative influences of the world on your own.

“Willing yourself” to ascend spiritually can be frustrating and may take decades before you succeed.

And if you seek to recreate the ancient Chinese prescription for enhancing your Shen you can expect to spend several hundred dollars per month to source the right ingredients…if you can even find them. 

Which is another wonderful reason to use the Quantum Shen package, you only have to pay a small amount and will get lifetime access to all the tools you need to enhance your Shen Energy.

Normally The package costs $97 but I have decided to allow you access for $77 for a short amount of time to help the most people possible.

After you click the button you’ll be taken to a simple order form.

Upon completion you will immediately be taken to access all of the files included inside the Quantum Shen Package.

In just a few minutes you will be able to immerse yourself in the powerful energy of the Shen Energy files.

Like thousands of others you’ll most likely enjoy the feelings of peace and centeredness that will accompany the use of the Quantum Shen files.

However If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with your experience any time within 90 days of purchase, simply email us, and we’ll refund your money immediately after verifying that you tried using the program.

I want to make it as easy and risk free for you to begin to experience the powerful spiritual awakening and expansion that comes from using the Quantum Shen system.

Now is the time to decide,

You can either continue on as you are, stuck in the “rut” of your own negativity and weakened Shen energy,

Or you can open the door to abundant light and spiritual awareness through the Quantum Shen Package, that will only grow stronger for the rest of your life.

The choice is yours.

But you must decide now.

I am only going to be allowing access to the full package like this for a short time before it returns to its original price

Thanks for reading!


– Eric Thompson