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Quantum Energy App (aka "mandala")

Safely awaken your pineal gland and connect with higher wisdom.

Pineal Awakening

Includes 5 digital (audio and image) files. The energetically encoded files can be used offline with any smart phone, tablet, laptop, pc, mac or mp3 player. 

Awaken Your Brain’s Spiritual “Antenna”

Safely de-calcify your pineal gland and develop deeper intuition.

You may have already begun to notice… 

There is INFINITELY MORE to “reality” than what you’ve experienced so far…

What you perceive with your 5 senses doesn’t even BEGIN to scratch the surface of what can truly become accessible to you. 

(But it doesn’t have to stay that way)

Most people have no idea, but we’re all born with the dormant capacity to transcend our limited senses and tap into a greater reality. 

This intuitive access to a deeper reality is possible when you discover how to activate a specific and very ancient part of your brain.

You may have always felt there must be more to reality than the small part you and I can normally perceive. 

You may have even had small bursts of spiritual insight and connection in the past that left you craving MORE.

The approach you’re about to see is not a magic pill, but when used as part of a daily spiritual practice, it will quicken your spiritual intuition and perception by entering into direct resonance with your brain’s spiritual center and encouraging it to awaken and activate.

It’s a new way of harnessing the power of your own inherent biology to “tune in” to spiritual information and energy from higher sources. 

Spiritual awakening generally takes time and practice, and harnessing this unique technology will not change that.

BUT it WILL significantly speed up and amplify the results of your daily spiritual practice.

You don’t have to be a full time mystic living in a commune in India to accelerate and amplify spiritual awakening. 

In fact, I’m going to reveal a method so simple that absolutely ANYONE can activate this tiny part of their brain and experience greater degrees of intuitive guidance, more vivid dreams, and deeper relaxation and meditation.

It feels like I'm getting visualizations that just come from somewhere else.”

Before I introduce you to this new technology, however, I must warn you that it is very powerful and can be overwhelming (but not dangerously so) if you use it too much.

How often you can use it will depend on your sensitivity to the amplified torsion fields emitted by this technology.

No two people are identical in their sensitivity. Some people will be able to use this technology for several hours at a time every day, while others may only feel comfortable using it only for an hour at a time, once or twice daily. 

After you’ve used it for a couple hours, you’ll get a feel for how sensitive you are, and you’ll be able to follow your own inner knowing regarding how often to use this technology. The good news is, it’s incredibly easy to use. Simply use one of the digital files on any of your electronic devices during meditation and/or as you go about your busy day. It can be very relaxing, so you may wish to use it as you meditate, practice yoga, listen to music, watch a movie, surf the Internet or work on creative projects.

(It is not recommended that you use it while sleeping, but some people do. If you choose to do this, please be careful.)

If the torsion energy emitted by this technology ever begins to feel overstimulating or uncomfortable in any way, simply turn it off and take a break for the rest of the day. Make a mental note of how long you used the technology before feeling uncomfortable. Then, when you resume using the technology the following day, simply reduce your exposure time. This will be your ideal “dose”.

Why I decided to help.

Hi my name is Eric Thompson

And for the last few decades I’ve been a pioneer in the field of Subtle Energy Research 

I’ve helped thousands of people live better lives through the use of special technology that helps them control their own energy fields.

Eric, this is life changing technology! I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation for you creating and sharing it.

If I were offered a million dollars on the condition that would never use your technology again, I would turn down the money without a thought. I can make another million, but your tech is irreplaceable, and I greatly look forward to experiencing the next creation…”

During my research I began to notice how difficult it can be for most of us to develop a higher spiritual awareness.

As I dug deeper, I discovered that a unique subset of quantum frequencies called “torsion fields” could be used to resonantly tune into the brain’s spiritual antenna and thereby empower it to awaken and activate its higher and deeper potential.

So I set out to create a solution. 

Over the course of a few weeks I tried out a few ideas, but failed to see the kind of results I was looking for.

Then I came to the conclusion that the quantum field already holds the ideal blueprint for awakening these spiritual abilities.

So using a special process I’ve developed, I sourced the pineal awakening energy signature directly from the quantum field.

You see, I don’t really know how to best awaken and activate the pineal gland, but the intelligence inherent in the quantum field does!

I simply found a way to tap into this quantum intelligence via subtle energy technology.

When I tested this energy signature, I quickly felt a massive resonating effect in the very center of my brain where this spiritual “antenna” is located.

Excited, I quickly shared it with my dedicated beta-testing team.

One of them said this:

Feels like liquid light! Very powerful energy in the center of my head and crown!”

How does it work?

Every human being is born with a spiritual “antenna” of sorts.

Ancient traditions referred to it as the “third eye”

This third eye acts as the portal for spiritual guidance and transcendence.

Ancient India
Ancient Egypt

As it turns out this third eye can be traced to a tiny part of the brain known as the “pineal gland.”

The pineal gland has tiny piezoelectric crystals which allow it to “tune into” vibrations subtler than what the eye can see.

The pineal gland can then translate the information carried in those frequencies into powerful lucid imagery and transcendental experiences in our mind.

Along the way it also emits powerful neurotransmitters like melatonin and quite possibly natural DMT…

Which can result in vivid multi-sensory experiences and visions beyond normal human experiences.

The only problem is that most people’s pineal glands are “calcified”

The pineal gland has to flex and move in order to fire off those piezoelectric crystals and create the necessary vibrations.

So in order for your pineal gland to operate optimally, it needs to de-calcify and awaken.

How do you awaken your pineal gland?

There are various ways to awaken your pineal gland.

You can perform a specific form of mediation for months or years and see some amazing improvements.

Or you can take certain illegal drugs which have been known to temporarily awaken your pineal gland.

The problem with these two options is that either they take a significant amount of time or they are extremely dangerous.

Awakening the pineal gland too suddenly or in the wrong way can be dangerous.

You have to build up a certain capacity for the spiritual signals you will be receiving or else you can easily become overwhelmed.

So how can you awaken your pineal gland safely and more quickly than normal?

Introducing The Pineal Awakening "mandala" and audio package

This series of digital media files (images and audio) are encoded with an energy signature sourced directly from the quantum field.

This energy signature has been designed to perform three simple but very powerful actions:

  1.  Awaken the pineal gland / third eye;
  2.  Open the pineal gland to the highest available source of knowledge;
  3.  Gradually decalcify the pineal gland.

All you have to do is open the energetically encoded image files on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. They also include a printable pdf version that will carry the quantum energy of Pineal Awakening when it is printed using any type of black and white or color printer. The prints can be placed under meditation cushions, placed under power strips (so that the energy will be emitted by anything powered by the strip), or simply folded up and carried in your pocket. And the more prints you stack together, the stronger the energy will be!

Or, if you prefer, you can enjoy the 60-minute silent audio, which emits a silent but powerful broadcast of Pineal Awakening energy. Simply play it on repeat on any mp3-compatible device for as long as you like. The longer it is played, the more the energy will saturate your biofield, and the more strongly you will resonate with–and feel–the energy. If you play the audio silently in the background on your computer, any other media you play on the same computer (e.g., music, movies, videos, etc.) will also carry the energy of Pineal Awakening.

The quantum energy patterns will be automatically and continuously broadcast through whichever electronic device you use to play these energetically encoded files.

The energy of this pineal activation app can be amplified on your devices at no extra cost. This allows you to dial the energy to exactly the right amplitude for you. 

I find that answers come easily on things in my life I was previously lacking clarity on.

Immediately I felt connected with higher information when I lived my life with it and during meditation. Great program and I think you’ll really enjoy it!”

So far I’ve had vivid dreams and, I believe, a deeper dream state. Woke up early one morning and turned on the app and went back to sleep. I ended up sleeping much longer than expected as if I was being drawn in. Feel like it stimulates subconscious exploration, memories.

Completely Silent

These images do not require the use of sound or audio. Instead, This program operates via subtle energetic vibration and resonance.

Or, if you prefer audio format, Pineal Awakening also includes a powerful and completely silent 60-min audio that emits a powerful broadcast of Pineal Awakening energy. Yes, I know it sounds impossible for a digital audio file to emit energy even though it has virtually no sound recorded in it. I agree. It “sounds” impossible (pun intended). But it is possible, and I’m asking you to trust me when I say that it is very possible to encode powerful quantum/torsion energy streams into a completely silent mp3 file.

Set It and Forget It

Just open the energetically encoded image files according to the instructions, which differ depending on what electronic device you use to open the file, and it will automatically broadcast its quantum energy patterns through your electronic device. And there’s no need to actually “look” at the image in order for the app to work. Just set it and forget it. It’s that simple. Or, if you prefer audio, simply play the silent audio on repeat on your favorite device.


I did a 15 minute meditation on my third eye with probably 7 copies of the mandala open, and had an amazing experience that included the sense of physical opening, as well as beautiful close-eyed visuals. I closed my eyes and focused all of my attention on the point between my eyebrows in the center of my head. It really kicked it off for me with this one. Also, I notice that this technology seems to have accumulative effects where as the days go by, if you're paying attention, you start to watch the quality of your life shift.


5 Energetically Encoded Digital (Audio and Image) Files

Quantum Resonance App (in four formats)

Simply put, our Quantum Energy Apps are energetically encoded digital pictures that transform your electronic devices into quantum resonance tools that support you for greater health, well-being and peak performance.

  • Energetically encoded digital images for pineal stimulation
  • Encoded with the energy of Pineal Awakening
  • Amplifiable – Amplify the energy broadcast to be as strong as you like.
  • Completely silent – No audio or headphones necessary
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Set and forget it
  • Usable on any smart phone, tablet, laptop, pc or mac.
Quantum Resonance App

Comes in Four Formats:

Large Computer

Small Computer

Phone Screen

Printable PDF

Although at first glance these apps look like nothing more than digital image files, they are encoded with powerful quantum frequencies that infuse your biofield with healing energy simply by opening them on any compatible device or printing them using any kind of home printer.

Quantum Resonance App

Using the Prints

The Printable PDF version can be printed using any desktop printer (in color or b & w, doesn’t matter), and the prints will carry the amplified energetic signature of the app. The following are just a few of the unique and versatile ways you can use the prints:

  • Place the prints under your seat cushions, mattress and pillow.
  • Place the prints under any power cord (printer, computers, power strip, lights, etc.).
  • Place the prints under refrigerator cord and/or inside refrigerator: the energy will be infused into your food.
  • Tape the prints to your fuse box: the energy will be carried by everything in your home that is powered by electricity.
  • Fold the print and carry in your pocket.
  • Charge food, water and supplements.
  • A single print is very strong. But the more prints you stack together, the stronger the energy will be.
Silent Energy Audio

Silent Energy Audio

The Silent Energy Audio comes in mp3 format and can be played on any mp3 player or mp3-compatible device or media application. Just push Play, and the energy of Amplified Tachyon will immediately begin broadcasting through your device. Play it silently on repeat throughout the day whenever you want an energetic boost.

  • Play on repeat in the background as you go about your day.
  • Although there is no sound, playing this silent audio produces a VERY strong broadcast of energy.
  • VERSATILE: The Silent Energy Audio can be combined with your favorite audio and video to create a powerful energetic experience with your favorite music and movies. Simply play the Silent Energy Audio on your chosen device. Then, on the same device, open and play your favorite music or movies using the media player or streaming service of your choice. Now, your favorite music and movies carry the energy of Amplified Tachyon.
Energetic Encoding Technology

Powered by Energetic Encoding Technology


My guarantee to you:

II’m confident in the Pineal Awakening package’s ability to help you begin to safely awaken your pineal gland and spiritual sensitivity.

If, for whatever reason, you find that you aren’t experiencing the desired effects of Pineal Awakening, we offer a no-questions asked, 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee. 

Just contact my team at the support email address posted on the Pineal Awakening download page, and everything will be taken care of.

Our guarantee makes it 100% risk free for anyone to try out this powerful technology.

Here’s the deal,

The Pineal Awakening package is the easiest way for you to begin to awaken your sensitivity to the realms of existence beyond your limited reality,

And open yourself up to new and exciting spiritual experiences,

And enjoy a stronger intuition to guide you forward.

This is a first step in priming your mind to receive information and energy from a higher and purer source. 

Let Pineal Awakening do some of the heavy lifting for you.

Take advantage of my years of experience, and use this potent energy signature to begin to safely awaken your pineal gland.

All you need to do is open a single file on the device you’re using to read this right now,

And soon you will feel the opening and stimulating power of the Pineal Awakening energy wash over you.

$127 Just $77

Pineal Awakening

Use Pineal Awakening for: Meditation, Awakening the third eye (safely), Contemplation, Self-inquiry, Altered states of consciousness

  • Ultra-Strength Mandala
  • 60-min Ultra-Strength Silent Audio

Includes 5 digital (audio and image) files. The energetically encoded files can be used offline with any smart phone, tablet, laptop, pc, mac or mp3 player. 


DISCLAIMER: These results may not occur for everyone. These products are powered by subtle energy, and some individuals may be less sensitive to subtle energy (and to this product as well) than others. In fact,  roughly 20% of individuals who try this kind of technology initially experience little to no effect, unless they amplify the energy of the products substantially. Even then, a smaller percentage of people will still fail to notice a huge effect. Again, this appears to be due to the fact that sensitivity to subtle energy varies among individuals. Many people respond very strongly to this technology, and some do not. That said, this technology and its results are fully amplifiable using easy-to-follow instructions provided on the product download page and on our official Instructions page (https://subtle.energy/instructions). And this amplification capacity means that, if you don’t experience your desired results in the beginning, you can easily amplify the energy of this product until you finally achieve the results you desire. And if the amplification still doesn’t produce the results you’re looking for, we offer a pain-free 90-day money-back guarantee should you find that this product does not produce your desired results.

Furthermore, given that we recognize some of the limitations of this technology as it relates to the aforementioned subtle energy insensitivity threshold, we are especially dedicated to improving this technology and making it more effective for more and more people, no matter their sensitivity or insensitivity to subtle energy. We believe it is possible to eventually overcome this hurdle, which is why we continue to upgrade this technology and all of our products every year or two. And to show our immense gratitude for being able to develop this technology for our customers, we offer every upgrade free to existing owners of those products. That means that if you purchase this product, every time we improve it and increase effectiveness, we will send you that upgraded product for free, no matter how many upgrades it may receive over the years.

All that being said, we sincerely appreciate your business and support, and we gladly honor our 90-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Subtle Energy Sciences products are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition, nor make or imply any health claims.

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