Opening to Change Meditation

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We start with a quick introduction and move right into the meditation.

We assist you opening (energetically) to new and positive change in all areas of your life.

This powerful meditation is powered by Subtle Energy Technology as well as collective intention.

Be ready to welcome new positive shifts into your life!

Afterward, Eric personally answers questions from the participants.

We also make an important announcement near the end of the webinar!


Create a Healing Sanctuary Wherever You Go.

A "Set It and Forget It" Energy Medicine App that Clears the Negativity of Any Energetic Environment.

~ Feel more centered and calm.
~ Feel energetically supported and uplifted.
~ Help protect against harmful effects of environmental stresses, such as electro-smog and geopathic zones.
~ Reduce symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity disorders.
~ Clear the negative energetic history of, and deeply rejuvenate, any environment.
~ Sleep more soundly.

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