Music, Free Energy & John Worrell Keely’s Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

There’s a first time for everything, and in the world of free-energy, John Worrell Keely is thought to be the first to successfully create a generator that utilized the vacuum of the aether for power. Born in the wake of the Industrial Revolution in Philadelphia in 1827, Keely noticed early on that he had a deeper level of perception than most when it came to the resonance of sound and tones. He followed this unique sense towards discoveries that hold the potential to completely transform the world as we know it. 

John Worell Keely with one of his free energy devices.


His keen observation of sound demonstrated to him an example of a vibratory force that could be experienced, but not seen. It was clear to him that vibration was an underlying force to all matter, and that the vibration of a pure sound frequency could alter the otherwise balanced state of the quantum field. Using sound to make a directional flow of aether could open up an unlimited supply of the cleanest, high-power energy.

According to historical accounts of Keely’s work, we actually could be living in a cleaner world where energy is abundant, essentially free, and sourced directly out of the inherent power of the space surrounding us. Even though we cannot see air, we know that there is a mixture of gasses and particles filling the space. On an even more minute level, the atmosphere, and all things are, in theory, made of quantum particles. 

There are mixed reports of the efficacy of Keely’s machines, the most prominent of which was named “Keely’s Motor”. He received millions of dollars worth of support over his lifetime, and held demonstrations for his various devices, the majority of which were activated by sound. Skeptics claim that the feats performed by his machines may have been due to other hidden mechanisms that were running on compressed air, rather than aether energy as he claimed. 

However, a New York Times article from March 27th, 1886 reported a demonstration that was a phenomenal success. A committee of scientists witnessed Keely’s machine generate a pressure of 2,700 pounds-per-square-inch using a single pint of water. The addition of more water nearly doubled the pressure. The article also states that he was planning to reveal a 25,000-horsepower engine that would run purely on aether force, that he desired to perfect before revealing it to the world for public use.

To understand the basis of Keely’s technology, one must look deeply into the quantum realm. He developed a branch of science he called Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, which outlined the forces of torsion emanating from the fabric of all reality. Through observing the dynamic interaction between two forces; gravity or “tractor” force, which moves inward towards the center of a single atomic point, and levity or “pressor” force, which emanated from the core of the neutral center, he saw the potential for a new form of energy.

“If there wasn‘t a constant push-pull of gravity and levity moving between the Earth and the Moon and balancing their positions, they would have crashed into each other long ago!” – David Wilcock

For example, if everything was only compelled by gravity, eventually everything would converge together. As there is opposition in all things, there must also be a force that causes things to repel from one another. Like magnetism, gravity and levity are invisible, physical forces, although the effect of these forces can be observed in the world around us.

Unlike many of the scientists of today, Keely kept room for the Divine in his equations. He felt that the neutral center point was where the true “Oneness of God” resided in all things. Many wisdom traditions teach that there is one great spiritual force created that sustains all things. On the quantum level, we can now see a scientific basis for this ancient spiritual belief.


Keely’s work in Sympathetic Vibratory Physics is one of the many mysteries of subtle energy science history. There are historical records of the success of Keely’s technologies. There are reports that his technologies were a mere hoax. There is also a history of suppression of free energy devices that would obliterate the need for oil and coal, dating back to the time when the newly mechanized world was looking for its prime energy source for its engines. 

Now, over 200 years after our world became industrialized, we are beginning to see the economic, ecological, and sociopolitical impacts that our dependence on the Earth’s limited reserves of fossil fuels has on our planet. Reliance on the arcane technologies that call for less-than-optimum fuel is the basis for many wars and accounts of environmental devastation. Massive global industries are currently in place to run on oil, but what if there truly is another way to power our world?




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