Modern Evidence of Traditional Astrology – The Kolisko Effect

To what extent do the planets in our solar system affect life on earth? Some have compared the orbit of the planets to the rotation of electrons in an atom. When we think of how infinitely large the universe is, our galactic neighborhood suddenly doesn’t seem so vast. One can easily witness the global effects of the life-giving light of the sun, and the high and low tides caused by the gravitational pull of the moon. 

If these planetary bodies exert an influence on our planet, maybe the other orbs in our galaxy could be affecting us as well. This idea has been held for thousands of years by traditional astrologers, but the idea has yet to gain full acceptance from modern scientific circles. However, one researcher, Lilly Kolisko, a contemporary of Anthroposophical Society founder, Rudolf Steiner, decided to carry out experiments to test some of the claims made by traditional astrology.

Astrology states that the different planets in the solar system, as well as the sun and moon, have “rulership” or correspondence with different metals on earth. The traditional rulership of metals and their attributed planets are as follows; 

Sun = Gold

Moon = Silver

Mercury = Mercury

Venus = Copper

Mars = Iron

Jupiter = Tin

Saturn = Lead

Please note, these attributions were created before the time when Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto (which still holds significance as a planet in the eyes of modern astrologers) became known to us as planets.

“So long as substances are in a solid-state they are subject to the forces of the earth, but as soon as they enter the liquid state, planetary forces come into play.” – Rudolf Steiner

Utilizing this knowledge, Kolisko formed the hypothesis that different astrological aspects might alter the behavior of these metals. She conducted experiments from the 1920s-70s by dissolving metallic salts and allowing them to crystalize through filter paper before, during, and after specific astrological influences; particularly astronomical eclipses, oppositions, and conjunctions.

Her testing led to noteworthy results, that to some, confirm the reality of the other planet’s influences on the chemistry of the Earth. One of the most interesting results occurred when during a direct alignment between the Sun, Moon, and Saturn, crystallization was either greatly delayed or didn’t occur at all. This is especially significant if you consider Saturn’s supposed astrological influence being the planet of blockages, limitation, and delays.

Several scientists over the years have repeated her experiments, and many have been able to confirm her results. A few of these researchers from around the world include Michael Drummond, author of Cosmological Influences in Chemistry, and Karl Voss, who published Confirmation of the Kolisko Experiments.  

If you are interested in reading more about the Kolisko Effect, Kolisko herself published several books summarizing her methods and findings including; Working of the Stars in Earthly Substance, Spirit in Matter, & The Solar Eclipse


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