Man Emerges 10 Years Younger After 100 Days Under the Ocean

It is said that our planet is 70% made up of water. Furthermore, even our physical bodies are made primarily of water. Yet only 80% of all ocean territory has been explored by mankind and remains mostly uncharted. It has even been noted that science knows more about the planet Mars than it does about our own planet’s ocean floor. Interestingly, however, a project for NASA’s mission to Mars recently made a revolutionary study regarding our oceans.

Retired naval officer and deep sea diver Joseph Dituri lived 30 feet underwater in the Atlantic ocean in a pressurized environment for 100 days. The deeper we go under water, the greater the pressure will be as a result of millions of tons of ocean water surrounding us. As such, Dituri was testing the pressurized bunker he was living in, in order to see whether or not this pressurized living structure would be viable for use in NASA’s mission to Mars, where astronauts would face a similar environment. During this experiment, Dituri managed to accomplish two remarkable outcomes: 1) he broke the world record for time spent underwater; and 2) he successfully reversed his biological clock.
Essentially, Dituri managed to reverse his chronological age by approximately 10 years. He was 55 years old when entered the underwater structure, but his chronological age was 45 as measured by attending physicians. However, when he emerged 100 days later, his chronological age had decreased by 10 years. Even though he was 55 years old, he had the body of a 35-year old. 
Telomeres and Aging
Our biology includes telomeres, which are an area of repetitive DNA sequencing that prevents the ends of chromosomes from becoming torn or tangled. When cells divide, the telomeres shorten slightly. When they become too short, the cell can no longer divide and therefore dies. As such, telomeres are considered by science to be a reliable marker of aging. The basic idea here is that the longer telomeres exist, the longer cells will also exist and the slower, therefore, a person will age.
When Joseph Dituri emerged from his 100 days underwater, his telomeres were 20% longer than when he entered the underwater structure. Additionally, his stem cells increased by a whopping 17 times, his inflammation was down by half, his cholesterol levels were dramatically decreased, and his sleep improved dramatically.
Dituri attributes his results to the wonders of hyperbaric medicine, which creates oxygen-rich environments at higher pressure levels than our atmosphere. Such high-pressure, oxygen rich environments appear to assist the body in healing itself. Two things are certain: 1) more research is needed; and 2) biohacking companies might have a future in providing such environments to wealthy clientele wishing to turn back the biological clock.

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