Magnetic Scalar Wave Communication in Cell Biology

More than a decade ago, German electronics and energy engineer Konstantin Meyl published a paper on scalar wave dynamics in relation to DNA and cellular resonance in the journal, DNA Cell Biology. In this paper he boldly claimed that magnetic waves were one of the principal mechanisms involved in cellular communication in human biology.

He went on to show that DNA produces longitudinal waves, which are a type of mechanical wave that propagate through alternating compression and rarefaction.

This longitudinal wave, Meyl claimed, “moves in the direction of the magnetic field vector,” making human DNA essentially a scalar field generator

Meyl sought to explore and discover how the DNA double helix structure was capable of reading, writing and storing genetic information.

For the answer, he looked to field physics, but he then realized that James Clerk Maxwell’s famous field equations were inadequate to the task because they replied solely on electromagnetic wave propagation.

The structure of DNA, in Meyl’s mind, was not the right kind of “antenna” needed to receive electromagnetic waves. In stead, he called for an extended field theory.

Just a few years previously, Science Magazine reported the discovery of magnetic monopoles for the first time in known history.

Meyl realized that Maxwell’s third equation actually explained what a magnetic monopole was. 

He postulated that DNA was producing a “ring-like field vortex” that propagated through space in the form of a longitudinal wave–a so-called scalar wave.

You may recall that the famous electrical inventor Nikola Tesla also proposed the existence of radiant energy he referred to as scalar wavesMeyl reasoned that complex field vortices could be modulated to store information, such as how the human nervous system is able to store a picture, for example.

As these complex, modulated field vortices passed through the DNA helix, they would naturally capture and carry the entirety of the genetic information stored in DNA.

Meyl showed a correlation between the computed frequencies of DNA and “those of the predicted biophoton radiation,” which he believed demonstrated a minimizing of conduction losses and allowed for the conduction of signals to and from the DNA helical structure.

He further showed that the vortex model of the magnetic scalar waves matches the cell nucleus as well as how cells communicate.

Essentially, Meyl showed that human cells communicate and store genetic information via magnetic scalar wave propagation.

In Meyl’s view, DNA is both a scalar wave generator and receiver that transmits, receives and revises genetic information through the use of subtle energetic means not currently understood by the larger scientific community.

Furthermore, Meyl proposed this magnetic scalar wave as a suitable waveform for compressing and concentrating genetic information in the nucleus of the cell through both chemical and electrical means. And this magnetic scalar wave acts not only as the vehicle of cellular communication but the power source of such communication as well.

Source – DNA and cell resonance: magnetic waves enable cell communication;; 2012 Apr;31(4):422-6.

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