LOVE – Why We Need It, All of Us – URGENTLY

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Hungarian systems theorist and philosopher Ervin Laszlo makes a new declaration of love. Love, he says, is the only way we as a species will self-organize in such a way as to heal the current chaos we are creating. 

Because we are, in his view, connected with one another beyond space and time, only the power of awakened love has the capacity to keep us from adding to the current chaos and instead generate a more highly ordered, sustainable way of life that honors all life. On this subject, he has stated:

We are beginning to see the entire universe as a holographically interlinked network of energy and information, organically whole and self referential at all scales of its existence. We, and all things in the universe, are non-locally connected with each other and with all other things in ways that are unfettered by the hitherto known limitations of space and time.

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