Ley Lines: The Earth’s Subtle Energy Grid

If humans and animals have subtle energy systems within them, what about the planet we are all born out of? The deepest roots of human civilization revere certain mountains, rivers, and other natural sites as being imbued with “spiritual power.” These energy veins and vortexes, Earth’s ley lines, are making their way into the modern consciousness, and being studied in a scientific way for the first time in ages.  

China calls them Dragon Lines, while the South Americans call them Spirit Lines. Today, in the West, they are known as Ley Lines. These lines on Earth are the energetic veins of the planet. Because Earth grid lines radiate subtle energy, it is not something that is yet directly detectable through modern instruments. The effect of these power places can be seen in the interactions that they have with human health, consciousness, and the way we traditionally determined the location of our sacred sites. 

Some go even as far as to claim that the planet even has its own chakra system that follows a double helix grid through the continents and oceans of the planet. They feature physical markers such as Mt. Shasta, Glastonbury, Mt. Kailash, Uluru, and other major world power points. To this day, these places remain key pilgrimage points where people claim to witness UFO’s & spiritual beings, and also go on vision quests to discover personal spiritual truths. 

The modern conversation on Ley Lines began when Alfred Watkins, a British mystic and amateur archeologist from the 1920s, noticed that many of his local sacred sites are connected to one another by drawing a straight line. Although there is a logical purpose behind this (that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line), when we consider the history and lore from cultures around the world, they describe a very specific belief pattern about the deeper purpose behind the lines. 

Ancient cultures were highly aware of subtle energy lines, a knowledge that was reflected in the beautiful temples, pyramids, and stone monuments that still stand today. Through the detection of these natural sources of Earth’s energy, they were able to super-charge their temple structures and altars with the power of subtle energy. Perhaps this is one of the secret keys to the enduring the ages that these sacred sites hold. 

While there is a greater grid of power, when it comes to town planning, making intentional curves on the path was of great importance to several distinct and thought-to-be disconnected cultures. There are accounts of Native American, Chinese, South American, Irish, and Korean traditional beliefs that all share the common core; that spirits can only travel in a straight line. Therefore for spiritual reasons, some of these cultures paid special attention to make winding pathways out of graveyards, and to create curves in common roads.  

The power of shape was more obviously utilized through the building of pyramids and other sacred sites. However, even the creation of roads and other Earthworks such as the Nazca lines were seen as a way to create Ley Lines intentionally. This ancient technology is even seen to extend beyond the Earth into extraterrestrial territory; by aligning temple structures with certain constellations in the sky. 

In modern times, dowsers are called in to help determine the energy of the land where a building is located. One report shares the account of workers in a council building that were suffering higher than average instances of illnesses. Through consultation from a professional dowser, it was determined that the building sat on negative Ley Lines, also known as black lines, which are said to drain a person’s energy. 

Black lines are unusual, in that they may not even occur in the form of lines at all. Sometimes found in curves, or localized areas, these energy points could correspond with the idea of negative orgone energy, as proposed by Wilhelm Reich; or the concept of the deadly energy, “sha”, put forth by practitioners of Feng Shui. Luckily, these points have not been found to be linked in a network, and should not be ruled out as a possibility if a great amount of usually healthy people begin to all experience health issues after spending time together in a concentrated space.

Further insight into this phenomenon comes from Dr. Ernst Hartmann, a German medical doctor, who began studying Ley Lines after World War II. What he discovered has come to be known as the Hartmann Net; a series of energetically charged lines that run North to South, and East to West. These lines carry with them either a positive or negative charge, and where they cross, they double in power. This can lead to double-positive or double-negative energies.

The negative energy of these lines run Noth-South and corresponds to the Chinese Yin energy; cold, slow,  cramping, related to winter and pain in the joints. The East-West lines correspond to the hot energy of Yang and carry a rapid, dry, fiery energy related to inflammation. When these lines cross, new combination dynamics are created and intensified. The energy is strong enough to penetrate buildings and radiate upwards from the ground like energetic walls.

Similarly, German author Manfred Curry describes energy lines that run East to West that are called Curry Lines. It is believed by both of these men that through alignment with these lines, for better or for worse, one can become charged with the subtle energy that radiates from them. Although the lines cannot yet be found through the use of modern technology, dowsing through the use of a rod has proven to be an effective means of finding them.

Beyond grids covering the surface of the Earth, people have observed that even when certain geometries, such as a star tetrahedron, or dodecahedron, are placed within the sphere shape of the planet, major power points are once again connected. This brings the idea of the Ley Lines into a more 3D view. It also points to evidence that ancient cultures may have been more connected than we give them credit for today, and it seems that there may be a lost, energetic technology at play that we may be overlooking in modern society. 

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