I’ve noticed that, at first, I will feel the energy of these products quite strongly. But then, after a while, the energy won’t seem as strong. Does that mean it is no longer working?

Not at all. In fact, this phenomenon is known to occur with virtually all EMF/subtle energy devices. In every case, the conscious mind habituates to the subtle energetic field produced by the device, such that the mind no longer notices this energetic activity, or at least not to the same degree that was initially experienced. And this is precisely because the energetic field is quite subtle. Subtle as it may be, however, it remains effective.

While being able to consciously feel the energy is indeed nice, it is not essential. These energetic fields will nonetheless continue to nourish, strengthen and protect the human energy field, such that you will see positive results in both the short and long term.

For more information on how science shows us that we’re constantly under the influence of multiple types of energy fields all the time, without any conscious awareness of such influence, go to this article.


There are, however, ways to circumvent this tendency, so you can continue to consciously feel the energy:

  • Perdiocially cease use of a given SES product for a day or two or more, then resume use. Make note of the timing that works best for you, and adjust accordingly.
  • Alternate between various SES products and/or other EMF/subtle energy devices every few days.
  • Employ any of these handy “tricks” to amplify the effects:

In General

  • Connect with the energy of the product with your conscious awareness. These energies respond to your conscious intention:
    • ​​Form a distinct intention for working with the energy, and loosely maintain that intention over a period of time.
    • Study the descriptions of the energies included in the product and imagine how you might make better and more conscious use of these energetic potentials.
    • Consciously make the decision to use these energies to improve your life for yourself and others.
    • Pause and consciously send the energy out as a free, no obligation offering to all sentient beings.
    • Consciously choose to allow these energies to move more deeply into the “nooks and crannies” of your innermost resistance to personal growth.
    • Visualize the energy and its influence in and around your body/energy field. Breathe it in during meditation, and consciously imagine its light filling your heart and mind, clearing all negative energy and leaving a sense of lightness and gentle elation.
    • Imagine and feel your light growing.
  • Place the product/device on any of the following locations:
    • Under your left foot.
    • On your left wrist, with the palm facing upward.
    • The left side of the body is the most receptive to energy.
    • The wrist and foot contain sensitive acupoints.
    • Alternately, you can tap the product/device with all four fingers of the left hand, while you consciously connect with and let go of troubling emotions. The left fingers contain sensitive acupoints. Tapping with the fingers will activate strong energetic pulses through the meridian system to clear stuck emotions and make it easier to consciously release emotions. This technique can be combined with the kinds of verbal statements you would use if working with a tapping technique like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
  • Place the product/device on or near the power cord to any electronics or appliances you are using:
    • ​The ellectronics or appliances will now emit the beneficial energy.
    • This includes any music you listen to or videos you watch (when you have one of the devices sitting on or near the power cord to your stereo, smart phone, mp3 player, computer, TV or monitor).
    • The EMF of whatever is being fed by the power cord will be energetically corrected and transformed into a healthy carrier of the beneficial energy.

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