Is Our DNA an EMF Antenna?

Over the decades, there have been over 1000 scientific studies published showing the negative impact of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on human health. In a time where such EMF’s are on the rise to due to the tendency to make everything “smart” and digital, these kinds of studies are more important than ever. But why, you may ask, is EMF detrimental to human health? How could such a thing be possible? The frequencies used in modern times ranges from less than 100 Hz all the way to many tens of millions cycles per second, or mega hertz. How could they possibly affect human physiology? Scottie’s Tech Info suggests that the answer may be related to human DNA, and there is plenty of scientific evidence to suggest this is the case.

DNA as a Fractal Antenna

In a scientific paper published in 2011 entitled, “DNA is a fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields,” researchers Martin Blank and Reba Goodman conclude that DNA’s electrical conduction and self-symmetry make it vulnerable to interaction with EMF’s in the environment. Let’s take a look at antennas to better understand what could be happening.

Antenna length is dependent upon the frequency being transmitted or received. For lower frequencies, longer antennas are used because lower frequencies have longer wavelengths than higher frequencies. For medium-range frequencies, medium-sized antennas are used. And for higher frequencies, shorter antenna lengths are used because the highest known frequencies are very short in wavelength. But if you use a device that must receive and transmit multiple frequencies, you will need to use multiple antennas with varying lengths.

How does this relate to fractals? Fractals are made by repeating a simple pattern over and over again with each new iteration. The complexity that emerges is the result of self-similarity. An object is self-similar when it is found to be identical or similar to one or more of its parts. By using a fractal, or self-repeating pattern for antenna purposes, we can design a self-repeating pattern that produces an antenna capable of receiving and transmitting many frequencies and wavelengths simultaneously, a broadband antenna, essentially. Many smart phones, for example, use such fractal antennas.

DNA, however, doesn’t resemble a fractal, does it? Isn’t DNA a double helix, and not a fractal? Well, it turns out that because DNA is stroed by compacting it in each of our cells, it is referred to as a “fractal globule”. If you were to unravel this fractal globule, it would uncoil effortlessly with no tangles or knots. In order to make optimal use of space and energy dynamics, the fractal globules form by folding DNA in on itself.

But can DNA conduct electricity? It depends on who you ask. Some studies have concluded that DNA is conductive of electricity, and other studies have concluded the opposite. According to one theorist, the discrepancy depends on the configuration of the fractal globules. If a fractal globule takes a certain configuration, it will indeed conduct electricity. If it doesn’t take this particular configuration, however, the DNA will not conduct electricity. As such, depending on various factors, DNA can in fact conduct electricity.

In his book, “The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life,” Arthur Firstenberg discusses the correlation between the rise of modern electricity and health pandemics that occurred at the same time. With each new evolution of the electrical world, Firstenberg was able to find corresponding health issues that suddenly emerged in tandem with the rise of the electrification of the modern world. If Martin Blank and Reba Goodman are correct, then, the reason for this simultaneous rise in negative health conditions is because human DNA can and does act like a fractal antenna to interact with the manmade electrical fields that now permeate our living environments. And this includes not only human life, but animal and plant life as well. They, too, are negatively affected by manmade EMF’s.

Blank and Goodman write:

“The discovery of the stress response activated by EMF indicated an interaction with DNA. Since a wide range of genes is activated by EMF, it appears that many parts of the DNA molecule interact. Also, since the stress response is activated by other stimuli that are potentially harmful to cells, it is clear that the stress response is a natural protective mechanism, and that cells respond to EMF as potentially harmful.

“EMF interaction with DNA in the ELF range is also seen in reports of DNA strand breaks. Single-strand breaks occur at field strengths that are higher than the levels that stimulate the stress response. At still higher field strengths, there also double-strand breaks . . . .

“The ability of EMF to cause DNA strand breaks and damage to proteins in the non-ionising range is similar to the destructive effects on DNA of the much more energetic x-rays and gamma rays in the ionizing ranges, where it is generally acknowledged that the cancers are due to DNA damage.”

If our DNA is indeed a fractal antenna, what else might it be receiving? Information from the quantum field? Information from the geomagnetic field (which is also influenced and informed by the sun)? Or how about emotional energy emanating from the energy fields of other people? There appears to be some evidence that human DNA may be interfacing and communicating with all of these sources and more.


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