Investigating the Appearance of Mysterious White Fibrous Clots

Dr. John Campbell, a UK medical doctor, recently conducted an interview with Air Force Major Thomas Haviland, an American engineer and data scientist. The subject: strange, white, fibrous clots being found in deceased people around the world by morticians.

According to Haviland, embalmers around the world are seeing these white, fibrous clots at an alarming rate. They began appearing about three years ago.
During the interview, Haviland shows several different samples of these peculiar white clots, including a vial full of the clots taken from a deceased individual.
The vial was given to him by embalmer Richard Hirschman, who is featured in the recent, controversial documentary, Died Suddenly. Hirschman has sent out similar samples to scientists around the world in an effort to discover the nature of these clots, which Hirschman believes are not normal.
What Are They?
One theory states that these clots are made of amyloid proteins, which are basically mis-shaped, or mis-folding, proteins that can build up in human bodies.
While these clots have been confirmed to contain small amounts of fibrin, they appear to be made of some entirely different material. Idaho pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole has reported finding three materials in the clots:
  1. Amyloid protein
  2. Colorless platelets
  3. Fibrin
It is quite normal for various kinds of clots to be flushed from the body during the embalming process. These clots, however, are quite different from the kinds of clots normally seen while embalming a body.
According to Haviland, embalmers typically use two main injection sites when embalming a body:
  1. The carotid artery in the neck, which is the main artery in which the majority of these clots have been found.
  2. The iliac artery in the pelvis region, which runs down the legs.
As Haviland points out, this doesn’t mean that these unusual clots are forming inside those two arteries. It just means that those two arteries are where most of the clots have been discovered.
Haviland reports that some embalmers have told him that they have sometimes encountered bodies so riddled with these clots, that they have to find alternative injection sites to complete the embalming process. In such cases, the embalming process can take two or three times longer than normal to complete.
According to Haviland, the numerous embalmers he has spoken with believe that these clots are forming not only after death, but before death as well. They believe this because they’ve discovered such clots in bodies that have only been deceased for an hour so.
Cause of Death
Dr. John Campbell commented on Haviland’s comments, saying, “That means . . . that these clots are almost certainly the cause of death”
Haviland agreed and suggested that such fibrous clots could easily cause heart attacks and strokes.
One of the distinguishing characteristics of these clots, according to Haviland, is that they appear on both the arterial and venous sides of the body, whereas the kinds of clots normally seen during the embalming process appear on the venous side of the body only. Clots of any kind are rarely found on the arterial side
Dr. Campbell agrees with Haviland that if such strange clots are appearing on the arterial side of the body, death is certain. He compares the fibrous clots to a kind of arterial mold or cast that records the natural, branching formation of the human body’s circulatory system from the inside out.
The majority of the clots found measure between six and ten inches in length, and some of them have even been measured as long as two feet in length. According to Haviland, this is not normal.
Incidences Not Isolated
Dr. Campbell points out that such findings are far from isolated occurrences. Idaho pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, for example, claims to have pictures of these bizarre clots coming from 250 different people. And that’s just one lab in Idaho.
Researchers have developed a few theories about what might be causing this phenomenon. One Cambridge paper, for example, introduced a process called frame-shifting, in which ribosomes may be mis-reading the modified RNA received from the Covid mRNA vaccines and thereby producing an “aberrant,” or “nonsense,” protein 10% of the time. The result: large, white, fibrous clots on both the arterial and venous sides of the body.
Another theory states that the spike protein produced by the mRNA vaccines may be irritating or damaging the endothelial lining of the inside wall of the blood vessels. If the lining ruptures, the lining tissues could leak into the bloodstream and possibly create these kinds of strange clots.
Haviland claims that some of the embalmers he has spoken with have said that they began seeing these kinds of clots only in mid-2021, after the advent of the mRNA vaccines. Haviland surveyed 179 embalmers from around the world last year and found that 44 embalmers reported seeing these strange white clots in 2020, before the mRNA vaccines had been made public.
Haviland says that this makes sense because the virus contains a spike protein on its surface, and this spike protein can lead to the formation of amyloid proteins. But in 2021, after the advent of the mRNA vaccines, embalmers saw an explosion of these clots.
When the mRNA vaccines were rolled out, the claim that accompanied them was that they would remain in the area of the injection site, which was the deltoid muscle. It would then produce just enough of the spike protein to elicit an immune response for just a short time until immunity was established.
But according to Haviland, it is now known that this is not the case. The mRNA vaccines are now known to travel throughout, and permeate, the entire body, producing a veritable “spike protein factory for months at a time.”
Excess Deaths in the UK
Dr. Campbell spoke of one UK embalmer who reported that somewhere between one-fifth to one one-third of all people he is embalming have featured these large, white, fibrous clots. And according to one recent paper published by the British Heart Foundation, the UK has seen a rise in excess deaths, and these deaths are mostly associated with circulatory issues. This is not surprising, given the many reports of circulatory issues reported in those who have contracted the virus or have received the mRNA vaccines.
According to the British Heart Foundation, “Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic there have been nearly 100,000 excess deaths in England involving cardiovascular disease . . . . We now have new analysis of publicly available data from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID). It shows a persistently high number of excess deaths involving cardiovascular disease (CVD) in England since the beginning of the pandemic.”
Regardless of what your opinion on the matter may be, at the very least, these white, fibrous clots deserve further examination.

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