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Delivering SES Audios and Mandalas (Energy Apps) to Mobile Devices

Please direct all customer service inquiries to:

Use one or more of the free Picture Viewing applications to enjoy the mandalas:

Some Windows 10 owners may have problems opening JPEG files on windows 10. This is entirely due to the inferior quality of Windows 10, as JPEG files are known as one of the most user friendly and compatible picture file formats available anywhere.

If you any problems opening the SES mandala/app files:

  1. Download and install one of the free applications above.
  2. Or email us at

Video Tutorials

How to Download SES Mandalas to an iPhone Using iTunes

Download SES Audios and Mandalas to an iPhone

A Little Trick for Amplifying the Energy of the Mandalas (Energy Apps) on a Phone
What are Digital Energy Mandalas?

How to Use and Amplify the Energy of the Mandalas (Energy Apps) on a Computer
Opening and Amplifying the Mandalas (Energy Apps) on a Mac
How to Amplify the Energy of the SES Audios on a Computer

How to Amplify the Energy Using Printouts of the Mandalas (Energy Apps)

Additional Points

  • Prints can be printed in b & w, and they'll still carry the energy.
  • The prints of the newest mandalas are quite strong and can fill an entire room and/or property with the energy.
  • However, the energy of a print is usually strongest nearest the print itself.
  • To extinguish the energy of a print, it must be safely and completely burned with fire.

Mixing and Matching Different Mandalas (Energy Apps)

How to Combine Any SES Audio or Mandala with Your Favorite Meditation CDs

Amplify the Energy of the Digital Energy Mandalas on PC

Opening a Digital Energy Mandala on PC

Opening and Amplifying the Mandalas on a Mac

Mixing Different Digital Energy Mandalas

Working with Digital Energy Mandalas that are More Stimulating than Others (e.g., Morning Boost)

Stash & Kalie Investigate the Digital Energy Mandalas

The Importance of the Writing on the Mandalas

How to Use the Digital Energy Mandalas on a Smart Phone

Digital Energy Mandalas – How to Feel the Energy More Easily

Digital Energy Mandalas – Digital Reflexology