I have Heartwave (1.0) which I bought when you were working with iawake technologies. Is there a great deal of difference between is and this new updated version? Or does the latter use a completely different technology?

Yes, there’s a big difference between the original HEARTWAVE and HEARTWAVE 2.0 (HW2). HW2 is far more powerful and palpable than the original, and it extends to the multi-dimensional heart (not just the heart chakra, but the physical, energetic, higher and spiritual dimensions of the heart as well as the vagal nerve passages that connect the heart and brain). It also comes with six weeks of follow-up material (delivered to your email once or twice per week over six weeks) that include powerful heart-centered meditation techniques for further developing heart intelligence. HW2 is many times more effective than the original. Otherwise, I would not have bothered bringing it to the light of day. HW2 is not just a weak attempt to capitalize off the success of the original. It’s a much needed evolution of the original.

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