I am interested in the Digital Nootropic series, however, I would like to know if I can play them all together to get full use of all the brain chemicals at once or how can I successfully integrate them together?

Digital Nootropic is an energetically encoded digital media program featuring the energetic signature of nootropic substances. To be clear, although the program is made up of multiple components (i.e., mild mandala, regular mandala, 20-min audio, 60-min audio, silent video and silent audio), all of the components of the program contain the same identical energetic signature. In other words, all of the various nootropic signatures are contained in every component. The only main difference between components is the amplitude of the energetic signature they contain.

The mild mandala features the weakest amplitude of energy. The regular mandala is much stronger than the mild mandala. The 20-min audio is even stronger than the regular mandala. The 60-min audio is even stronger than that. The Silent Energy Video’s energy is even stronger than the 60-min audio, and the 1-min Ultra-Strength Silent Energy Audio is the strongest of all the components. We vary the amplitude of the energy from component to component because some people are more sensitive to energy than others, and some people are less sensitive to energy than others. So, some very sensitive individuals will find that using the mild mandala during the day works best for them, while others may enjoy using the ultra-strength silent audio more often.

So, again, each component features all of the nootropic substances contained in the program. If you use the mild mandala, for example, you’re still getting all the same nootropic signatures that are contained in the ultra-strength silent audio, but you are getting them at much lower amplitude or dose. You can think of amplitude as dose and each component as having a slightly different dosage than the other components.

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