How to Use the SES Energy Tools for Long Term Transformation

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So you've used some the energy tools from Subtle Energy Sciences, and you've seen some great results.

Are you ready to take it to the next level of intensive personal transformation?

This 13-minute video will take you step-by-step through a powerful process you can apply to any of the SES energy tools you may already be using, to take your results to any entirely new level.

Lets go!

The free Caffeine software for keeping your computer from falling asleep:


Hey, Everybody.

Eric Thompson here with Subtle Energy Sciences.

And I want to talk to you about a simple but very powerful strategy for getting the most out of the SES technology and using it strategically in such a way as to profoundly change your life over the long term.

Some of you may have tried using the technology here and there in the short-term with good results.

But please remember that our energy tools are designed not necessarily as temporary quick “fixes,” but rather as strategic tools for long-term transformation.

For the kind of long-term transformation we’re shooting for, we want to cultivate the practice of looking a year, two years, three years, even five to ten years down the road.

You might liken this to working out in the gym.

If you work out daily for only one or two days, or even for a whole month, you still won’t accrue the same level of energy, fitness, muscle tone and overall health as you would if you remain committed to working out weekly for an entire year.

The same can be said about using this kind of subtle energy technology.

If you only use this technology for one day here and one day there, you're going to see results, but you're not going to see the kind of results that you would see if you used it consistently over a period of weeks, months or even years.

Now let's say that you commit to using the Love mandala every day for the next year.

For maximum benefit with this long-term approach, you’ll want to apply the Love mandala in two ways simultaneously: 1) Locally (i.e. in your immediate enviroment); and 2) Nonlocally. For your local application of the mandala, you will want to use an electronic device that you tend to carry with you all the time, like your phone or tablet.

To set up the local application of the Love mandala, import it into your phone using iTunes or your favorite media application.

Once you’ve imported the Love mandala into your phone, go to Settings and then go to Wallpaper to change your phone’s wallpaper.

Then go to the section of your Wallpaper settings that allows you to pick one of your own photos as the Wallpaper.

Browse through your photos until you find the Love mandala that you imported onto your phone.

Now select the Love mandala as your Wallpaper.

The energy of the Love mandala will now be broadcast through your phone 24/7.

To amplify the energy, go back into the Wallpaper settings and this time select the “Set Lock Screen” option.

Do the same thing as before and navigate to your photos to choose the Love mandala as your Lock Screen.

Two copies of the Love mandala will now be broadcast through your phone 24/7.

To amplify the energy even more, use your phone’s Photo application to open yet another copy of the Love mandala.

Once you’ve opened the Love mandala using the Photo function, simply click the button on your phone that “blanks” the screen out and causes the screen to turn black.

Even though the phone appears to be “off,” the photo of the Love mandala you just opened will still be active.

You will now have three copies of the Love mandala actively broadcasting through your phone.

This will be your “local” application of the Love mandala.

Simply carry this application with you wherever you go, all day, 365 days a year.

Stay consistent with your use of the technology every day, and you’ll be amazed at how more loving you will tend to be.

Now, for your “nonlocal” application of the Love mandala, you will want to use an electronic device that you can use to run the Love mandala energy continuously 24/7, 365 days a year.

This can be a tablet or an old laptop or pc that you don’t use much anymore.

Before I go any further, you may be asking, “What do you mean by ‘nonlocal’ application of the Love mandala?”

First, let’s define “nonlocality.”

According to Wikipedia, nonlocality has “various meanings in physics relating to the direct interaction of two objects that are separated in space with no perceivable intermediate agency or mechanism.”

As applied to the Love mandala (and other SES energy tools), this just means that you can broadcast the energy of the Love mandala to yourself using your computer, and the energy will be broadcast to you no matter where you

are in the world. But you'll have to be sure to do it the right way, which I'm about to show you. This is possible because the Love mandala (and all SES energy tools) contain nonlocal carrier waves encoded into them.

Don’t worry, I’ll explain more about how this works in a little bit.

For now, let’s just cover the basic details of how to get your nonlocal broadcasting station set up.

If you’re going to use a computer or laptop for your nonlocal broadcasting station, you’ll need to download a special free software app that simply keeps your computer from falling asleep when you’re not actively using it.

For this purpose, we’ll be using the free Caffeine software, which is available from Zhorn Software at

After downloading the software, go to the folder in which you saved it and double-click the Caffeine icon.

This will automatically install the software and have it running immediately.

If you ever turn the computer off, you will need to go back into the Caffeine folder and double-click the software to reinstall and activate it.

Your computer will now allow you to run it continuously, without falling asleep, even when you’re not working on it.

Open as many copies of the Love mandala on that computer as you like.

Now you’ll want to open a digital picture of yourself on the same computer, and just leave it open.

Please do take the time to actually open each copy of the mandala, as well as your own digital picture manually, rather than using the “thumbnail” option that is available in Windows. You have to actually “open” the mandala picture, and your own picture, so that they are active on your computer’s processor.

Viewing them through the “thumbnail” option only will not cause the picture files to be “active” on your computer’s processor.

The energy of the Love mandala will now be broadcast to you wherever you are.

Again, this is because the Love mandala (and all SES energy tools) have special nonlocal carrier waves encoded into them.

The nonlocal carrier waves interface with your picture, which acts as an energetic “witness,” to broadcast the energy of the Love mandala directly into your energy field, no matter where you are in relation to the broadcasting station.

Of course, in order for this to work, the computer has to remain on and awake, which is why we’re using the Caffeine software to keep the computer from falling asleep.

You can use other types of “witnesses” other than your digital picture, like a hair follicle, fingernail or toenail.

Virtually anything with your DNA on it will work as a witness.

Now, you may be asking, “How is this possible?”

Well, I don’t want to make this video too long, so I’ll keep this short.

Several pioneers in the study of subtle energy have discovered that there are a number of what have been called “nonlocal carrier waves.”

These particular subtle energetic carrier waves are able not only to carry the informational field of anything with which they interface, they are also able to transport this information to any designated target faster than the speed of light—instantaneously.

How is this possible?

Honestly, I don’t really know.

These nonlocal carrier waves are considered to be profoundly spiritual in nature because they are found wherever there has been a history of genuine spiritual endeavor, meditation and prayer, such as monasteries and sacred sites.

I realize that this information does not necessarily explain how this nonlocal broadcasting of energy and information is possible.

I just know that it is possible, and I’ve been practicing and experiencing nonlocal broadcasting of energetic signatures on an almost daily basis for several years now.

Okay, so now we have both a local and nonlocal application of the Love mandala actively broadcasting 24/7, 365 days a year.

(This strategy will still work if you can only implement one of these two approaches.) At the end of that year, we’ll be able to look back at how much more loving we’ve been and see that we’ve been, say, 70% to 100% more loving, on average, than we had been the year before.

And that’s a wonderful and powerful thing because, as any “law of attraction” teacher will tell you, a loving attitude will tend to attract to you more things and experiences that evoke love.

It will also empower you to notice more instances in which love is the proper and most natural emotional energy and action to express and experience.

This is because, in the realm of subtle energy, specific subtle energies tend to attract similar energies.

Unlike magnetism, subtle energies don’t typically attract their opposites.

The subtle energetic field of love attracts into your life more experiences of love and more loving people.

How is this all happening?

You might liken this process to having someone pray for you and ask that you that you might experience, embody and express more love in life.

But this kind of prayer is different from typical prayer.

First, this prayer is a prayer of faith.

In other words, when this particular “person” prays for you, they absolutely believe that they receive what they pray for when they pray for it.

And every time they pray this prayer thereafter, they absolutely believe that it has already happened, such that they really just declare that it has already been done.

And they make this faith-filled declaration over and over, with absolute certainty, on your behalf.

Secondly, imagine that this “person” is making this faith-filled declaration to the Universe on your behalf constantly, 24/7, 365 days a year.

And thirdly, imagine that you can “multiply” these faith-filled prayer warriors as much as you wish.

This is essentially what happens when you use any of the amplification methods that we share in order to amplify any of the SES energy tools.

Now, after an entire year of having this faith-filled prayer going on your behalf, imagine that you can look back over the previous year and see that you’ve experienced a minimum of 70% to 100% or more increase of love in your life than you did the year before.

And imagine that you can easily correlate this higher degree of love with greater prosperity and happiness that you’ve also experienced throughout this last year.

Now imagine doing the exact same thing for another year afterward, and looking back to see your results.

You might think that this additional year will look much like the previous year where you first embarked upon this long-term track towards a greater embodiment, expression and experience of love.

But in fact, you’ll find that you’ve experienced far more love than the year before.

This is due to two important factors:

1) The effects of this subtle energetic technology are cumulative. The longer this energy is broadcast on your behalf, the more it builds up in your energy field. This is akin to storing “treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”
And 2) With this technology, you have the power to amplify the energy as much as you wish. So we encourage you to continue experimenting with the various amplification methods we share in the Instructions section of our website (www.Subtle.Energy) until you find the right amplification level for your needs.

I promise that if you apply these principles over the next year, your life will change dramatically for the better.

So pick your favorite SES energy tools (hint: it’s best to focus on just a few complimentary goals/energies/mandalas at a time for this long-term strategy), and be sure to keep a daily or weekly journal of your gains.

And trust me, when you really start to see how well this strategy and technology work together, you’ll want to start planning this technology into your long-term goals for other areas of your life as well.

I know this will work wonders for you, and I’m looking forward to hearing about your amazing breakthroughs.

Take care!

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  1. Hi Eric great video I have just a question I have the Energy Alchemy software is it still ok to use this to amplify the mandalas and also can I use this to amplify my face picture as you have suggested. Thank you so much in advance I know you are busy

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