How to Protect Your Energy Field if You Are an Empath

What is an empath? This term has recently been circulating in the world of energetically conscious people, but empaths have always been an important part of humanity. Empaths are the gentle souls that are identified by their heightened sensitivity to the energy of people, places, or things. For many empaths, this can be a blessing and a curse. They have increased intuition, compassion, the ability can feel what others are feeling, and are often gifted with psychic abilities.

Because of this, it can be easy for them to feel overwhelmed by other people’s energy or chaotic environments. Common complaints among empaths include anxiety, depression, sensory overload, social fatigue, and a general sense of exhaustion. These side-effects may lead to an empath hiding away or developing addictions to cope with their feelings. The good news is, there are healthy ways of turning heightened empathy into a gift instead of a curse.

If you are empathic, here are some helpful ways you can strengthen your personal empath energy field and protect your aura so you can enjoy your gift without feeling overwhelmed.

Ground – Cleanse – Replenish – Protect – Support

1. Ground

Since empaths are keyed into higher states of awareness, it is of utmost importance that they take extra care to stay grounded in their bodies, and connected to the physical plane. Staying grounded can be easy and very rewarding. Going for a walk in nature, swimming in a natural body of water, doing yoga or other gentle exercises, and standing or sitting barefoot on the earth are all common and accessible ways to get into your body.

A strong body can anchor in heightened spiritual-emotional awareness, and help you feel safe and secure with your life experience. Grounding technologies are also available, including programs from Subtle Energy Sciences. Try the following if you are looking to enhance your sense of stability in your life:

Increase Qi

Human Assemblage Point

Earth Pulse

2. Cleanse

We are exposed to a greater variety to more chemicals now than at any time in our history, and most of them are not studied for their long-term impact on human health. New research is showing that chemicals found in many of today’s consumer goods can throw off your ability to feel stable.

Common sources of pollutants include car exhaust, commercial cleaning and hygiene products, cigarettes, alcohol, and processed foods. It is nearly impossible to avoid all of these chemicals, so provide your body with detox support with the following subtle energy programs:  

Virtual Oxygen

Aura Clearing

Release the Past – Free!

3. Replenish

The giving nature of empaths can often lead them to feel depleted. Taking time alone to do activities you love or nothing at all can help to recharge your energy. We recommend adding one of these programs to your alone time to help you restore:

Golden Proportion

Marine Phytoplankton

Audio Rejuvenation

4. Protect

If you are an empath, you made need to take extra precaution to protect your sensitive energy fields. It is ok to say no to people and situations that you know are harmful to you. If harsh circumstances are unavoidable, here are some suggestions to help protect your energy.

Breathing + Affirmations

Next time you feel overwhelmed, remember to check on your breathing. If you notice you are breathing shallow, or maybe hardly breathing at all, take a moment for some slow, deep, belly breaths. Counting to five as you inhale and exhale, try to complete at least ten breaths to take your body out of fight or flight mode.

Repeating a mantra, such as “I am strong and protected” or any words that help you feel centered can be helpful for calming anxiety. Add the Subtle Energy program Vagus Nerve Balance for increased resilience against stress.


Carry one or more of the following stones with you, or place them in environments that you feel you could use some extra energetic support.

Black Tourmaline – This is one of the best stones for protection, security, and aura cleansing. It is said to eliminate and protect against negative energy. 

Calcite – Another stone that is said to absorb and transmute negativity is calcite. Calcite is fortifying for the soul, and helps to invite health, wealth, and happiness. There are several different colors of calcite, so you can customize your stone to best fit your energetic needs. 

Citrine – Citrine is the stone of eternal sunshine. It is said to radiate positivity, and amplify the good of any situation.

Subtle Energy Programs for Energetic Protection:

Elite Shungite

Pure White Light

Digital C60

5. Support

Building supportive relationships with people who understand your sensitivities can be an excellent way to help you feel supported in every situation. However, life circumstances may require you to have very demanding relationships. Learning to say “no” at the right time can be an empowering way to avoid depleting your psychic energy. Give yourself permission to be honest with the people in your life to let them know where your boundaries are.

Here are some Subtle Energy programs to try for protecting your energy as an empath and to help support healthy relationships:

HeartWave 2.0


Vagus Nerve Balance

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