How to Become Clairvoyant

Modern equipment makes it possible for anyone to see subtle energy. The aura photography of Harry Oldfield, Ruth Drown’s radionic photography, and William Tiller’s experiment with regular cameras are all examples of how technology can help us to see life force energy. However, there are those among us who claim to have the ability to see subtle phenomena without the need for equipment. This ability is known as clairvoyance, or the ability to perceive things beyond “normal” perception.

Some might dismiss the people who claim this ability as kooks – but, if only a handful of people in the world had the ability to hear sound, would they be called crazy as well? Maybe we really do have the ability to open and develop psychic senses. Ancient mystics and shamans are known throughout virtually every culture as having the ability to see the subtle energetic fields surrounding people and other elements of nature; but there are people living in modern times who are reporting that they are having this experience as well.

In this article, we will cover some of the most reputable accounts of clairvoyant episodes that have occurred under scientific observation. This includes methods researchers have found to experience this phenomenon firsthand. We will also add in things you can add to your lifestyle to increase psychic awareness, along with our top picks for SES programs that can  encourage the development of your 6th-sense – so you can see beyond the ordinary as well. We will also add in things you can add to your lifestyle to increase psychic awareness, along with our top picks for SES programs that can  encourage the development of your 6th-sense – so you can become a clairvoyant as well.

Wilhelm Reich

In the 1930’s, Wilhelm Reich was your average scientist going about his daily work in the lab. He was conducting an experiment dealing with intensely heated beach sand, and accidentally stumbled upon what he considered to be a new form of energy. It seemed similar to radiation, but it was not. It paralyzed and killed cancer cells, and caused all of the metal in his lab to become magnetized. He gathered samples of material charged with this energy, and went to the laboratory basement to attempt to photograph them in darkness to see if he could detect any radioactivity. While in sealed room, in complete darkness, he noticed there was a grey-blue light filling the space:

“I saw fog-like vapors, streaks of blue light and dots darting about. Light of a deep violet color seemed to come from the walls and objects around the room… when I closed my eyes, the blue light impressions continued. That was disconcerting. I did not know at this point that organ energy radiation irritates the optic nerves in a particular way and generates after-images.”
– Wilhelm Reich

To confirm this phenomenon, Reich would bring others to the basement without informing them of what he saw. Independently, they reported to see the same quality of energy, confirming that there was indeed a visible energetic phenomenon occurring. Reich found it best to allow the eyes to adjust to the darkness for at least a half hour. He used a magnifying glass to enlarge his view of the subtle light he was seeing, and noticed that the energy had an expanding and contracting quality – sometimes moving in spiral patterns.

Wilhelm figured he was the first to discover this energy, and named it orgone. What he may not have realized at the time, is that what he and his contemporaries were witnessing was the same force that yogis work with during yoga & Qigong practitioners channel in their practice. A large body of further testimony comes from another German scientist, although his studies were conducted over a century prior to Reich’s birth.

Karl von Reichenbach

This self-made baron produced what may be the most extensive body of clairvoyant research in the Western world. In the early 1800’s, Reichenbach recruited people with psychic sensitivities to explore the realm of subtle energy in a scientifically definitive way. There was not much tolerance for this type of research at the time, which has caused the library of subtle energetic studies he produced to remain in relative obscurity until recently. Luckily, we live in a time of more open-minded generations, and can look at what he has compiled objectively.

Reichenbach called the clairvoyants he worked with “sensitives” – a term to describe their sensitivity to subtle energy that was beyond that of your average person. The sensitives could feel subtle energy, and their bodies would react more readily to its effects. This led to multifaceted experiments to learn more about the subtle energetic force he called “od” after the Norse god, Odin. Again, it is possible that the baron thought that he was the first to discover this force; which had already been acknowledged and integrated by many ancient cultures, including the Druids of Europe.

According to his research, when sensitives sat long enough in a dark room, certain objects within the room would begin to glow with a luminous energy. People, magnets, animals, plants and crystals all would be seen to be surrounded by this mysterious energy. The energy itself is reported to rise like smoke, and can appear flame-like, or fibrous. Apparently, color variations exist depending on the polar charge of the energy. Positive od (+O) is said to have a reddish-orange hue, while negative od (-O) is the same blue color that was described in the research of Wilhelm Reich. 

Walter J. Kilner

In the early 1900’s, Reichenbach’s experiments were confirmed through the work of an M.D. named Walter J. Kilner. He devised a further method for anyone to be able to see subtle energy, even if you’re not a sensitive clairvoyant. His approached used colored filters to “tire the eye” in such a way that would allow you to see auras. Kilner also observed magnets and crystals this way, and found clouds and/or rays of energy to be shooting out of their ends.

Additionally, he witnessed that when two of the subtle energetically charged objects were placed near each other, it seemed they would attract each other’s energy. The energy would mix, and eventually, combine. Kilner’s work is one method, by which, no special development of psychic abilities is needed for one to be able to perceive life force energy.

What We Can Learn From Clairvoyants

Thousands of people have reported accounts of seeing subtle energy outside of scientific observation. Many of them are the underground healers of society who may practice reiki, tai chi, yoga, meditation, qigong, acupuncture, and other energy-based modalities. Some of them are artists. Others are highly intuitive and may be adept in experimenting with their consciousness through astral travel and lucid dreaming. What can we learn from what modern sensitives have to tell us?

Perhaps the most important point is that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to maintain maximum health of the physical body without also ensuring the health of the aura, or energetic body. Clairvoyants can see disturbances in the energy body before illness manifests, and can help to correct it before physical symptoms appear. It is also important to also take into consideration the healing of the energetic body if one is seeking lasting healing of the physical body.

Another interesting fact is that our auras have differing colors to them, and can change based on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health of the individual. The color of your aura can be an indicator of the level of vibration you are existing at. Aura color is another clue for energy healers what level of health the patient is in, and they can adjust their treatment accordingly.

There are several layers to the subtle energetic body, and different concentrations of energy at different points. Some aspects of these systems are mapped in the acupuncture and yogic chakra systems. On a broader level, surrounding the body, there are said to be 6 layers of our auric field including the Etheric, Astral, Mental, Causal, Buddhic and Monadic bodies. These layers correspond to the state of our inner world, as much as they do the manifestation of our physical body.

The acclaimed abilities of clairvoyants even go so far as having the ability to see beyond the veil into other realms. There are endless reports of those who have seen energy-based beings such as angels, devas, aliens, elementals and other spirits. Is this all fantasy, or is it possible that there are levels of conscious beings that are not readily visible to the untrained eye?

How to Develop Clairvoyance

Here are some tips on how you can enhance your psychic abilities, and Subtle Energy programs that can help you get the most out of each of these steps:

1. Get in tune with your energy.
Adopt a subtle energy-based practice such as yoga or Qigong, and begin meditating. See an energy healer to check on the health of your aura. These programs can help supercharge your sessions:
– Increase Qi ( for Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, etc.)
– Awaken the Mind (for meditation)
Aura Clearing & Pure White Light (for energy healing)

2. Activate your pineal gland.
This can be done by following through with step one, as well as eating a clean diet, avoiding fluoride, getting adequate rest and sunlight, focusing on the center of your head during meditations, and working with certain crystals. Check out our program designed specifically to help you achieve and maintain Pineal Awakening.

3. Pay attention to your dreams.
Start a dream journal, and learn to interpret the symbols found within them. Use the dream time as a way to access your subconscious. The integration of your conscious and subconscious mind will boost your intuitive abilities. This program should help you to go deep during sleep.

Maybe psychic powers are just like any other skill or talent – if you give it consistent attention, you will eventually see results. It is possible that we all have the ability to activate higher psychic powers. Even if it is not your desire to experience these deeper realities yourself, the clairvoyants among us have given us eye-witness testimony on the existence and importance of subtle energy.

Open Your 3rd Eye & See Beyond

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