HeartWave 3.0

HeartWave 3.0 is an energetically encoded digital media program that utilizes quantum energy to develop and communicate with the multi-dimensional heart.

When used on a daily and weekly basis, HeartWave 3.0 can significantly reduce stress and improve personal and professional effectiveness through the progressive development of heart-intelligence, heart coherence, intuition and heart-centered social interactions.

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“I woke this morning feeling tense and headachy. Loaded Heart Health on phone . . . until I noticed a change. Now the tension has been replaced with a feeling of joyous gratitude, I can feel that I am breathing into my diaphragm rather than high up in my chest. I just want to sit and bask in this all day.”
Brenda F.
Heartwave 2.0 User
“Heart Coherence completely stops resistance in every situation and I easily can accept moment as it is, also I feel deep compassion for everyone and it doesn’t matter if they get rude to me. Also feels like I started to think more with my heart not brain as there no thoughts, feels like accepting everything more from love and heart aspect. Accidentally I felt asleep with it and next day I felt more balanced, positive, and calm.
Domas K.
Heartwave 2.0 User
“When I first opened up Heart of the Spirit, it stopped me dead in my tracks. It felt so peaceful and still, I ended up going into a brief meditation. Over the past few days, I have been amplifying it several times during meditation and while sleeping. It is very effective at relaxing the mind and producing a feeling of deep joy.”
Nick P.
Heartwave 2.0 User

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