Heart Coherence and Peak Performance

Definitions of Coherence

  • Clarity of thought, speech and emotional composure

    The quality of being orderly, consistent and intelligible (e.g. a coherent sentence).

  • Synchronization or entrainment between multiple waveforms

    A constructive waveform produced by two or more waves that are phase- or frequency-locked.

  • Order within a singular oscillatory waveform

    An ordered or constructive distribution of power content within a single waveform; autocoherence (e.g. sine wave).

~ HeartMath Institute

From “Science of the Heart: Exploring the Role of the Heart in Human Performance”


A psychophysiological state has been discovered by the HeartMath Institute in which a notable occurrence of order and coherence between mental/emotional and physiological processes has been measured throughout the body. This unique form of coherence, termed heart coherence, is considered to represent a state of optimal functioning due to its documented ability to support peak performance.

When measuring this state via heart rate variability (HRV), it appears in the form of smooth, sine-wave-like rhythms. The emergence of heart coherence can also be recognized by a synchronization and harmonization that occurs between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems within the larger autonomic

nervous system. In fact, numerous physiological systems entrain with the heart when its patterns are coherent. The end result is a profound integration of heart brain coherence.

This heart-brain coherence, however, is unique and quite different from a state of simple relaxation. While the latter represents an increase in parasympathetic activity, the former indicates a much deeper form of harmony and synchrony not only within the autonomic nervous system but also between the heart and brain specifically. And remember, where you have greater levels of synchrony, harmony and order between systems, you essentially have greater levels of power and energy from which to draw.

Furthermore, while relaxation is essentially a low energy state, heart rate variability coherence taps into the power of positive emotions flowing from a heart-centered awareness. The heart is recognized in many spiritual traditions as the gateway through which life force energy and consciousness are born. So, when we tap into the energy of heart-centered emotion, we’re quite literally tapping into a source of life force energy itself. And when we channel that energy consciously from one moment to the next, intelligently, in everything we do, we tend to perform more gracefully, with amplified results.

The psychological effects of sustained heart rate variability coherence manifest as states of increased calm and balance paired with expanded vitality and responsiveness to life’s daily challenges with more ease and grace. Such coherence heightens adaptive behavior, lowers stress and supports peak performance on all levels: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social. 

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This is an interview with Gregg Braden. We have the ability to influence the outcome of the events in our lives, our community , our family and more. Gregg also talks about positive emotions, such as care, compassion, gratitude, and love. These emotions in our bodies set up a conversation between our body, mind and heart. In this lesson, you will learn about optimum coherence between our heart and brains.


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