Healing Radiation Damage & Scientific Evidence for Karma

Life force energy has always fascinated humankind, and with modern science, we are now beginning to be able to observe its effects in a laboratory setting. One study, conducted by Dr. Joie Jones at the University of California campus in Irvine, showed evidence of a principals that have long been held by energy healing practitioners. One is the importances of energetically clearing a space in preparation for energetic healing work to take place, and the other, even more surprisingly, shows evidence of the alleged law of karma. 

The premise of the study was to allow energy healers to send healing energy towards human cells that had been exposed to radiation. For the experiments, Dr. Jones chose to work with practitioners of Pranic Healing. This karmic healing modality was established in China thousands of years ago, and allows one to direct life force, or pranic energy towards a subject in order to promote healing.

This study observed the effects of Pranic Healing in the laboratory setting for a decade. They decided to use HeLa cells, which are “immortal” human cells cultivated in the laboratory and are known for their enhanced survival rate against damage. These cells were exposed to radiation and divided into two groups. The treatment group of cells would receive Pranic Healing, and the control group was set aside to decay from radiation damage at a natural rate.

Untreated cells were expected to survive at a rate of about 50%. However, over the course of 520 experiments involving 10 different Pranic Healers, this number jumped up to a phenomenal 90% survival rate when the cells were treated with subtle energy before and after radiation. The healers did not even need to be near the cells in order for the healing to occur. Highly successful cases were recorded with practitioners as far as 6,000 miles away. When groups of healers would work together at the same time, the results were enhanced.

However, there were some exceptions to these cases. About 12% of the experiments yielded no healing effects whatsoever. Dr. Jones and his team investigated what the causes of this could be, and found verification for another principal of energetic healing – the cleanliness of the space matters. While it is important for the space to be physically clean, this study has now also confirmed the vital importance of etheric cleanliness as well. These subtle energy treatments were only able to be effective when the space in the room itself had been “conditioned” and cleansed by subtle energy.


“Collectively, these experiments suggest that the conditioning of the environment in which the studies are conducted is essential to the success of the studies. These findings clearly have important implications to the study and practice of subtle energy medicine.”

Sometimes, the failed experiments would persist even after the space had been ethically cleansed. Could there be a force blocking the cells from being able to receive healing energy? It was postulated that the “karma” of the cell could be preventing its healing. Therefore a further experiment was devised in order to see if this was the reason, and if it could possibly be overcome.


A cell culture that had been exposed to radiation and received energy healing from a Pranic Healer as the person who managed the cells and a third party observed the process. The third person then called in and made a donation (of any size) to their charity of choice, and intended that the good karma from this action be directed to the cells in the culture for their healing benefit. Although it did not always increase the rate of cell survival to be above the previous reported average, through the repetition of this experiment 100 times, the failure rate dropped from 12% to 4%. 


This experiment potentially provides the first statistic showing scientific evidence for the existence of karmic healing in a laboratory experiment. It also demonstrates another cause as to why energetic healing may fail in some cases. Ultimately, this experiment shows that at least one modality, Pranic Healing, is able to reliably reduce the impact of radiation on human cells. 

An Extensive Laboratory Study of Pranic Healing Using Contemporary Medical Imaging and Laboratory Methods, by Joie P. Jones Professor of Radiological

Life Force, The Scientific Basis, by Claude Swanson Ph.D.

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