Energetically Empower Yourself
and Your Environment for
Full Spectrum Prosperity:

Mentally, Emotionally, Socially, Spiritually, Business-Wise and Financially!

Energetically Empower Yourself and Your Environment for Full Spectrum Prosperity:

Mentally, Emotionally, Socially, Spiritually, Business-Wise and Financially!

Digital Art that Transmits the Energy of Abundance!

Full Spectrum Prosperity mandala bundle

SINGLE PAYMENT OPTION – $162 SAVE 59% – Just $97!

What You Get:

  • Six Digital Energy Mandalas (in four formats)
    • Business Prosperity I
    • Good Favor
    • I Am Worthy
    • Inner Harmony
    • Prosperity
    • Spiritual Presence
  • A total of 25 digital files
  • Digital Energy Mandala User Manual
  • Video Tutorials
  • Unlimited Email Support

How It Works

Just open the mandala of your choice on your chosen electronic device, and the energy that is encoded into the mandala image will be automatically broadcast by your electronic device directly into your biofield to support you energetically and help you more easily access your higher spiritual mind.

The mandalas can also be printed using any color or b & w printer. Print multiple copies, stack them back to back, place them in a folder, and set them under your mattress, seat cushions, pillows, etc.

Download Full Spectrum Prosperity

Digital Mandala Art that Transmits the Energy of

Full Spectrum Prosperity

Mental &

Social &

Financial &

The Digital Energy Mandalas contained in this bundle are created using a pioneering new “Energetically Encoded Imagery” technology that encodes potent energy medicine signatures into digital art. When opened on a computer, smart phone or tablet, the mandalas automatically broadcast the energetic signatures of:
Business Prosperity I

Business Genius I

(Business Prosperity)

This mandala is modeled after the energy of Steve Jobs, one of the most influential and creative business minds of the last century.

Some of the traits that contributed to his immense success are: unbelievable imagination and vision; uncanny design sensibilities; strong leadership; immense passion and motivation to manifest his vision; fearlessness (of failure); ability to take existing ideas and reform them into revolutionary realities; ingeniously rebellious nature and amazingly accurate gut instinct.

How to Use: Use throughout the entire day. Best results occur when used daily for long periods of time over a period of weeks and months. Amplify as needed.

SIGNATURES: It contains the signatures of all the positive business traits exhibited by Steve Jobs.

Good Favor

Good Favor

(Social Prosperity)

This mandala works specifically with people, such that you will tend to find good favor with each and every person you interact with.

And because this energy works positively for all involved, it will also make sure that YOU treat each and every person favorably.

How to Use: Use throughout the entire day. Amplify as needed. For an even more powerful way to experience this mandala, please see the information posted below.

SIGNATURES: It contains the energetic signature of Positive Social Favor.

I Am Worthy

I Am Worthy

(Mental Prosperity)

This is not a sense of entitlement. Many of us, no matter how much we’ve developed ourselves, still tend to carry a sense of being “unworthy” to experience prolonged and profound prosperity and happiness. This energy instills a deep sense of “I am worthy. I’m neither better nor worse than you. I’m just as worthy as anyone to experience deep blessing and abundance.”

How to Use: Use throughout the entire day. Amplify as needed. For an even more powerful way to experience this mandala, please see the information posted below.

SIGNATURES: It contains the energetic signature of self-worth.

Inner Harmony

Inner Harmony

(Emotional Prosperity)

This is the experience of feeling everything as being “just right;” experiencing deep accord with all that is happening around you.

How to Use: Use as often as possible, constantly, throughout your day. Amplify as needed. For an even more powerful way to experience this mandala, please see the information posted below.

SIGNATURE: Perfect harmony.



(Financial Prosperity)

A state of feeling and being affluent in all areas of life, with an emphasis on financial prosperity.

How to Use: Use as often as possible, constantly, throughout your day. Amplify as needed. Be sure to use a specific intention with each use. While running this one, think of and affirm your intention whenever you are reminded of it throughout your day. Simply state your intention, feel it as already being certainly accomplished, and just let it go. Take just 30 seconds to do this each time you are reminded of your prosperity intention. Continue to do this until the intention manifests. This can be a specific intention or goal, or can be general, like stating that you intend to experience the feeling of abundance more often.

SIGNATURES: Prosperity; financial flow; new income opportunities.

Spiritual Presence

Spiritual Presence

(Spiritual Prosperity)

This energy emphasizes the experience of the “I AM” presence and the amplification of spiritual perception. It helps bring a deeper sense of spiritual presence to your day, and encourages deeper spiritual discernment.

How to Use: Use throughout the entire day. Can also be used as part of a meditation practice. Amplify as needed.

SIGNATURES: Spiritual power; I AM Presence.

To amplify the energy of the printed mandalas, print multiple copies on both sides of each page, and stack all the copies together.

“I’ve been a connoisseur of exotic subtle energy technologies for years, and I can tell you that each of the mandalas contains energies that are as high in quality and potency as those found in other subtle energy products costing ten or even a hundred times the price—or more!

I’ve paid as much $3,000+ for other subtle energy products that aren’t nearly as powerful, versatile or effective as our newest Digital Energy Mandalas.”Eric Thompson – Founder of Subtle Energy Sciences and Inventor of the Digital Energy Mandalas

User Reports

PROSPERITY MANDALA –  “I followed the prosperity mandala instructions to imagine a filled house for my gong meditation gig yesterday. We were in a small yoga studio, but did get 10 people for attendance, which is a good number for our summer gigs! . . . . Sold a $50 logo today!!” ~ Scott Marshall

PROSPERITY MANDALA – “Excellent! Just got a call this morning regarding a couple of new avenues of income!” ~ Jolee K White May

SPIRITUAL PRESENCE – “Phenomenal! Why? Because since I have been nonlocally broadcasting it, I have been inspired to write and the words are coming through so clear. I feel as tho I am taking dictation for a much higher vibrational divine frequency that just happens to be communicating through words… I know that this mandala is assisting me to be available to receive the knowledge that is coming through. It is turning out to be a book that I have always seen myself getting published. Many blessings of thanks Eric!” ~ Jolee K White May

GOOD FAVOR – “This mandala is surprising effective. I’ve been playing it between 8 to 12 hours a day since Wednesday or Thursday (first the old one, then the updated version). The funny thing with this one is that I don’t really “feel” the energy much at all.

“Nonetheless, over the weekend, three of my friends (who I haven’t spoken to in years) randomly contacted me wanting to catch up. I ran into a fourth friend who insisted on giving me something as a gift that I was already planning on buying. I ran into one of my mom’s friends, who then said a lot of nice things about me when she later spoke with my mom. I also had lots of other positive interactions with people over the past few days.” ~ Nick Papademetriou

PROSPERITY – “It works! . . . after totaling up what I’ve already earned so far, and what I’m set to receive by the end of the month, July will be my highest grossing month in 2016.” ~ Nick Papademetriou

“I smelled the essential oil when opening the new ones… that is funny and a bit weird :)” ~ Eduard Franckena

I AM WORTHY – “Very excited to get the mandala updates! I have continued to stick with the self worth mandala x300 on my work PC. I run it 24/7, spend at least 8 hours a day in front of my work PC Mon-Fri, and leave it running on the weekends and while I am not at my desk (along with a well hidden finger nail and a picture of myself near by). I feel like this is totally changing my life! I feel so much more confident, grounded and am caring so much less about what other people may think about me. Awesome stuff! Eric W Thompson, you continue to astound me!” ~ Scott Lillich

PROSPERITY – “I love this mandala. I can feel it hovering in my heart center, and I am so relaxed about my financial flow. I actually spent money today on an eye exam and new funky frames — which is hard for me. But today I felt relaxed about spending money for my own self care and self esteem. I am very relaxed financially. It seems to help dissolve financial stress from my system. Also, I spent money on repurchasing my hypnotherapy training videos and that feels good. All good purchases that I have been restricted about in the past. Flow is happening.” ~ Danny Peebles

SPIRITUAL PRESENCE – “This is a powerful mandala. If I repeat “I am” or “I am love” or simply think or chant “Aum” — I feel immediately tuned. I feel like I am spiritually awakening faster and with more ease.” ~ Danny Peebles

INNER HARMONY – “This is perfect to keep calm before the faces of troubles, stresses and toxic social interactions. This mandala helped me so much last week..)) Special gratitude to Eric..!!!!” ~ Arnold Krylov

BUSINESS PROSPERITY I – “I felt like my thinking protocols were changed in a moment. Everything is opportunity not problem, I started looking forward the future in very exciting interesting way, easily imagine variety of perspectives.” ~ Arnold Krylov

Frequently Asked Questions

The Digital Energy Mandalas can be enjoyed on multiple formats:

  • Computer – Enjoy their energy simply by opening them up on your computer using any free photo viewing application. (Windows Photo Viewer works great for Windows.)
  • Laptop – Enjoy their energy energy while you work or play on your laptop. (HINT: It’s not necessary to actually look at the mandalas in order to feel and benefit from their energy! Just open them on your laptop, minimize them, and work as you normally would in other windows. Their energy will automatically be broadcast through your laptop into your biofield.)
  • Smart Phone – Carry the energy of the Digital Energy Mandalas–silently–whever you go! No headphones or sound necessary!
  • Print format – You can print them out using any printer, and the prints will carry the energy!

AND the mandalas can be combined seamlessly with your favorite brain/mind/consciousness tools to take them to the next level.

SP-phone-mockupSimply import any Digital Energy Mandala onto your phone and set the mandala picture as either your wallpaper or lock screen or both, and the energy of the mandala will broadcast through the phone 24/7 directly into your biofield.
That’s right! The Digital Energy Mandalas give you the ability to amplify the energy as much as you like on your laptop or computer!

It’s no longer necessary to keep purchasing additional “levels” in order to keep benefiting from the technology for a lifetime!

90 Day MoneyBack GUARANTEE

satisfaction guarantee
If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the FULL SPECTRUM PROSPERITY BUNDLE within the first 90 days of purchase, simply contact us for a full refund of the purchase price. AND you get to keep the entire program!

These Mandalas are also available individually.

Full Spectrum Prosperity Mandala Bundle
Digital Download
25 Digital Files

$162 SAVE 59% – Just $97!

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