Virtual Negative IonsTM

The Amplified Energetic Signature of Negative Ions


Welcome to the Virtual Negative IonsTM page!

As soon as this page is opened, it immediately begins broadcasting its silent frequencies that produce the concentrated benefits of negative ions.

The Virtual Negative IonsTM page is free of charge to the public. It allows you to experience the benefits of negative ions, in a concentrated way, without any of the negatives that can accompany ion generators (e.g., excess ozone and electrical charge as well as a buildup of physical negative ions in biological air passageways, which can complicate asthmatic conditions).

What is this Page/Technology?

The Virtual Negative IonsTM page is a revolutionary quantum energy technology that silently broadcasts the amplified energetic signature of negative ions, which are known to be beneficial to human health.

How to Benefit from this Powerful Technology

Benefiting from, and using, the Virtual Negative IonsTM page to dramatically enhance your mood and energy is incredibly easy:

  1. Simply open this page on any device, and keep it open. As soon as it’s open, it immediately begins broadcasting its silent energy broadcast directly into your biofield.
  2. Remain within 5 to 10 feet of the device. The field produced by this page extends much further than 10 feet from the device on which it is opened. However, the “sweet spot” for feeling the effects of the energy broadcast most strongly is generally within 5 to 10 feet of the electronic device on which it is opened.
  3. It’s not necessary to actually LOOK at, or even see, this page in order to benefit from its energetic field. Simply open it in a single tab in your browser. Then, once it is opened, you can minimize it and work in other windows. As long as the page is opened in at least one tab in your browser, its energetic field will continue to emanate from your electronic device.
  4. To amplify this energy broadcast, simply open this page in additional tabs in your browser. In most browsers, this is easily done by copying the page url, opening a new tab in your browser, and pasting the page url into the new tab and hitting the Enter button on your keyboard. The more tabs you open (with this page url), the stronger the energy broadcast will be.
  5. To turn the energy broadcast off, simply close this page. If this broadcast ever becomes too stimulating or relaxing after extended use (for an hour or more), turn it off for a while. 
  6. Generally speaking, the longer the page remains open, the more strongly you’ll experience its immediate benefits.

“Feeling big stress relief from this one, relaxing without being tiring. Calming, too. Noticeable pretty much immediately after using . . .  for just a few minutes. Also feels very expansive and uplifting. Like being out in nature!”

~ Nina Kathrin Weber

The Power of Negative Ions

Negative Ions in Nature

Nature produces negative ions in the form of:

  • (UV) rays from the sun.
  • discharges of electricity in the air after a lightning strike.
  • wherever water collides with itself, such as in the case of a waterfall or the ocean shore (creating the Lenard effect).
  • the normal growth process for many plants.

Negative Ion Research

Research supports the idea that exposure to negative ions:

  • reduces symptoms of depression for some people.
  • has an activating effect on various organ systems.
  • promotes antimicrobial activity.
  • positively affects cognitive performance.


What to expect with extensive use of the Virtual Negative IonsTM page:

  • Enhanced mood
  • Increased relaxation (without drowsiness)
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Enhanced well-being
  • Reduced appetite (for some people)
  • Increased mental clarity

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More Information on Negative Ions

Click the links below to be directed to third-party websites with more information on the benefits of negative ions.

National Center for Biotechnology Information

Negative Air Ions and Their Effects on Human Health and Air Quality Improvement

What Are Negative Ions And Why Are There So Many Studies on Their ‘Health Benefits’?


Negative Ions Create Positive Vibes


"I can feel my lungs opening up to breathe fresh air, as well as the bliss feeling, after just a few minutes. I've been running 2 mandalas on my phone in the mornings for the past two days, its been a constant feeling of well being and bliss. It feels almost like this mandala just makes everything easier."
David Scott
"Wow, I . . . looked at it and took 5 deep breaths and it felt like I was in the mountains breathing cool fresh air. I felt oxygenated. I left it open and went to sleep and had such a long deep sleep. I woke up feeling great and well-rested . . . . I feel more spacious in my chest and solar plexus and tingly, as if energy is shifting . . . .
Pete Lee
"This might be the most well-rounded signature yet for over all feeling of peace and comfort. More specifically, my mind and emotions feel balanced and in harmony with one another, and my body feels more at ease. The art work is appropriate because it really does give the same sense you get as sitting next to a waterfall. Needed this one today. Thank you Eric!"
Joness Jones


The most common experience reported to us is that the Virtual Negative IonsTM (VNI) page, when used for a couple hours or more each day, supports a tangible sense of flow and upliftment,  and improved cognitive performance. 

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No, it does not generate negative ions that can be physically measured using a negative ion detector. Instead, it produces the energetic signature, or quantum vibrational pattern, of negative ions. This is the sub-atomic, informational and energetic template that informs negative ions and enables them to produce the effects associated with negative ions. 

The field produced by this technology extends at least 25 to 50 feet beyond the device on which it is opened. But its immediate benefits tend to be most strongly noticed when within 5 to 10 feet of the device.

To turn this energy broadcast off, simply close this page.

Yes. The downloadable version can be used offline on any smart phone, tablet, computer or laptop. You can access the downloadable version by clicking here.

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