“Hotwire” your Brain to Erase your Anxiety

And feel Calm and Centered… in less than 15 minutes.

Do you see this right here 👇

This drastic increase of what many call  electromagnetic “pollution” is harming the way your brain regulates your emotions…

In fact, this EMF radiation is secretly responsible for the constant state of dread and worry felt by millions of people today.

Source: Journal of Chemical NeuroanatomyVolume 75, Part B, September 2016, Pages 43-51

But there is a new way to rid yourself of this stress and anxiety using a special “connection” that wipes away the anxiety and dread.

Instead of getting stuck in an endless cycle of anxiety, guilt, trying to relax, and then panicking all over again…

You can break the cycle and start feeling relief in less time than it takes to tie your shoes. 

More and more people are finally escaping from their constant anxiety, and are feeling more grounded and centered thanks to this major breakthrough.

“Pure, clean, fresh and safe seem to describe my experience.”

- Scott Marshall

Hi, I’m Eric Thompson, founder of Subtle Energy Science.

I have dedicated my life to the cutting-edge field of scientific inquiry and discovery called Subtle Energy research.

Subtle Energy research deals with understanding the quantum energetic nature of the Universe.

I’ve spent decades experimenting with the human biofield and learning how to influence it to improve our health and well being. 

And I’m humbled to have helped thousands of people along the way.

“Eric, this is life changing technology! I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation for you creating and sharing it.”

- Kevin Creegan

“Your technology has helped me in so many ways, with depression, lack of energy, etc. I love that my Cat benefits from it too. Thanks again.”

- Julie Bonomo

“If I were offered a million dollars on the condition that would never use your technology again, I would turn down the money without a thought. I can make another million, but your tech is irreplaceable, and I greatly look forward to experiencing the next creation…

- Stephen Cull

And while there is still an immense amount of research to be done, a few facts are 100% clear:

Humans have a measurable “Biofield” or Human Energy Field (HEF) which is deeply connected to our health and consciousness

Diagram Of Human Energy Field
Human Energy Field measured with Biophoton Imaging System

Also, changes in our energetic environment affect our own energy field and change the way we feel.

Humans used to ONLY be exposed to a specific energy pattern from Mother Earth.

But all of the extra random Electromagnetic radiation we are exposed to today is affecting our mind and body’s natural energy field.

A recent study, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, indicated that 4-week radio frequency exposure was shown to “increase the animals’ anxiety-like behavior.”

- International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Which is leaving us anxious, worried, and disconnected from the greater Energy field of the planet.

Where our ancestors would have felt calm, empowered and grounded,

Modern EMF “smog” is keeping us stressed out and low-key panicking all of the time.

As I noticed more of this latent anxiety build up for myself and those I talked to, I decided something had to change.

So I set out to somehow recreate the energy field humans have relied upon since the dawn of time to stay calm, grounded and at peace.

I spent night after night  in my lab, testing and experimenting,

Searching for the perfect energetic blend to ease the unshakeable anxiety plaguing myself and those I care about.

After several weeks I had a major breakthrough.

I was finally able to embed the natural energy signature of our planet (as expressed by the Schumann Resonances) into a series of images, audio files and other digital media.

When this media is viewed on your phone, tablet, or computer it begins to powerfully transmit and immerse you in the basic frequencies of the earth’s “pulse”

These digital files allow you to experience all of the natural grounding and peaceful effects of our planet that have been drowned out by the EMF “smog” we encounter day to day.

When I tried the final blend for the first time, I was shocked, I had never felt anything like this before.

All of the latent anxiety and worry I was feeling seemed to simply melt away,

And I was left feeling calm and at ease, almost like I had just woken up from the best sleep of my life. 

I immediately shared Earth Pulse with my friends and they were blown away as well.

Nick said this:

“Earth Pulse is VERY smooth and relaxing, So far I’ve noticed an ‘opening’ effect... Throughout the day I feel it’s helping think clearly and open mindedly”

- Nick

Wanting to amplify the effects even further, I went back to the drawing board and added a few new complementary energy patterns to the original mix.

The results of this improved version spoke for themselves:

“First take is that this new version is a massive improvement which is amazing because the previous version was wonderful! I am feeling more and more fresh and my wellbeing has increased in the last 20 mins since I hit play on the vid. Pure, clean, fresh and safe seem to describe my experience”

- Scott Marshall

“Beautiful!! I opened the regular mandala this morning and listened to some audio, it was a pure delight, a conscious joy of breathing… I now feel very nurtured and very well anchored, and the effect seems to go much deeper and wider than the previous version…”

- Laya Jakubowicz

Finally we have a way to combat the hidden source of anxiety and restlessness plaguing our generation.

These simple digital files hold the key to the healing influence our minds and bodies have depended on since the dawn of time..

Here is what you get with Earth Pulse

Whenever you feel the beginnings of anxiety or stress, you’ll be able to pull up the Earth Pulse on your phone, 

And instantly feel those negative emotions immediately melt away, allowing you to carry on with your day with new energy.

Most likely, Earth Pulse quickly will become a part of your daily routine, just like it has for Vanessa: 

“Earth Pulse is a foundation of my daily energy routine. Common teaching on grounding methods recommend walking barefoot outdoors. Right now, there’s five feet of snow covering my yard, so traditional earthing practices aren’t possible. But Earth Pulse is here for me! In the morning, I play the ultra-strength track next to my food and water and take a moment to breathe deeply and connect through my chakras down into Mother Earth. Earth Pulse makes grounding my energy effortless. I feel peaceful and connected instantly. Thank you for this wonderful product!”

- Vanessa Hardy, Cora, WY

Not only does Earth Pulse relieve stress and help you feel more grounded,

But regular Earth Pulse use has helped many others experience the effects of other Digital Programs more powerfully as well.

“Earth Pulse is a very universal mandala/audio.You can use it for just relaxation, or for strengthening effects of any other practices used... and for empowering effects of any other Subtle Energy Sciences products used. In the latter case, all the power of planet Earth is added to the power of these technologies.”

- Sergio Pawlowski

“Combined Earth Pulse and Digital Nootropic x 3 audio’s and the same number of mandalas of each last night. Did this for a very powerful one hour meditation. Incredibly vivid dreams last night but woke up feeling greatly refreshed. Had to deal with a difficult personal issue this morning and am feeling much more centered than usual in this situation. Looking forward to continuing to mediation with the two very powerful tools for growth and connection”

- Anthony Harden

Earth Pulse is for anyone who feels beset by stress and worry and who craves feeling restored and at peace again,

It’s for those who seek a deeper connection with the energy of Mother Earth and a deeper connection with their own humanity.

The Earth Pulse Package

Quantum Energy Images (aka “Mandala”)

– Comes in four formats (large computer screen, small computer screen, phone screen and PDF printout 

Audio File Collection

– Featuring two different soundtracks, one with tranquil music and one with nature sounds

Silent Energy Video 

– Set to repeat, minimize the video and work in other windows as the silent energy video silently broadcasts the energetic signature through your device

60-min Ultra-Strength Silent Energy Track

– The strongest of all the components.

– Set to repeat and use to radically amplify the energy of Earth Pulse.

Every year people across the globe spend billions of dollars on medications in hope to reduce their anxiety.. 

(The cost for Xanax is around $492 for a month’s supply of tablets)

So even if I charged thousands of dollars for this kind of life-changing technology, it would still be a bargain.

But I want to make sure this stays accessible to EVERYONE who struggles with the anxiety and distress of our time and wishes to restore and recenter themselves.

That’s why I’ve decided to offer life-time access (that includes all future updates and improvements) to the Earth Pulse Package, 

For just $97.

Upon purchase you’ll get immediate access to all of the digital mandalas as well as detailed instructions for how to begin using Earth Pulse.

You’ll also be guided through fine tuning and amplifying Earth Pulse to your unique energetic needs,

That way you’ll experience the maximum amount of its calming and grounding effects.

My Personal Guarantee

If, for whatever reason, you find that you aren’t experiencing the desired effects of Earth Pulse, we offer a no-questions asked, 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee. 

Just contact my team and everything will be taken care of.

THAT’S how confident I am in how effective this tool is at calming the anxiety and constant dread that so many people live with day-to-day.

This is a powerful tool, one I’m extremely proud of because of how it has helped so many people feel restored and rejuvenated. 

How do I get started?

At this point you have two options

One, will you carry on as you were before and try to find some way to live with the never-ending dread and anxiety caused by the ever present EMF pollution?

Or Two, will you choose now to take advantage of the cleansing, healing power of Earth Pulse to erase your anxiety and ease your mind? 

Below these testimonials is a button that will direct you to a brief order form where you can secure lifetime access to the Earth Pulse Package

“I purchased the Earth Pulse later than other products because this doesn't sound spectacular like Increasing Qi or Pure White Light but this became one of my favorite products. I didn't use the old Earth Pulse, which contains only 7.83hz, but I'm really glad you implemented the higher waves of the Schumann Frequency because this gives me a relaxed and awakened state at the same time. You really can feel how this goes through every cell of your body and it has a much better effect than any binaural beat would have. And the biggest advantage of this product is that you can use this for everything else. By far the best all around product from SES.”

- Daniel Blaga

“This one is very powerful in anchoring my consciousness into my heart center. My affirmations and prayers feel like they are beautifully broadcasting on the energetic current of the Schumann Signature. I am able to get really anchored in the chest and feel my affirmations as prayers spoken as vibration and feeling. This is a KICK ASS creation!”

- Danny Peebles

Many people experience results within just a few minutes,

So if you’re eager to feel the cleansing and grounding power of Earth Pulse, click the button below to get started.