Experience Razor-Sharp Thinking Plus Relentless Focus, Day-After-Day… Without Doing Anything Illegal or Dangerous

“I was astonished how smart and intelligent the words were that came out of my mouth. This is a game changer for knowledge workers!” – Bob

If you use your 🧠 for work, then this might be the most important message you’ll read all year…

Millions of people across the world are using new breakthroughs in neuroscience and medicine to dramatically boost their mental performance.

Hours of pure, focused work,

Effortless retention and laser fast recall,

Creative innovations that are transforming entire industries,

All of this is made possible due to the use of new substances called “Nootropics”

What are Nootropics and why are so many people using them?

Nootropics are substances that produce massive improvements in cognitive function when ingested.

Using advanced neuroscience, scientists have created substances that can enhance the brain’s ability to perform.

People who use certain nootropics are able to focus for extremely long periods of time

Brain fog melts away and all they are left with are crystal clear critical thinking skills.

Scientists have also designed Nootropics that amplify your ability to store and recall new information. 

Chess players, high volume day traders, Silicon Valley executives, and Professional athletes are just a few of the different kinds of people who look to nootropics to give them an edge.

Especially in today’s world, it’s those who make the best decisions, while under pressure, that do well in the long term.

What are the drawbacks of these new “Smart Drugs?”

There are a wide variety of nootropics available to the public.

Both Legal and Illegal

Obviously Illegal nootropics are out of the question and they often have terrifying side effects as well.

Legal nootropics are safe to use but have their fair share of disadvantages.

First off, Nootropics can be prohibitively expensive.

Some people spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month on their nootropics.

Which is fine for someone like say, Elon Musk, but is simply not an option for most people.

Also, combining different nootropics to experience the full spectrum of mental benefits is a complicated endeavor requiring hours of research and personal experimentation

Not to mention the unpleasant experience of swallowing a handful of pills each day,

Or trying to travel with said pills…

OR the effect all those pills have on your liver…

OR having to PAY for a new supply every month.

A Better Option...

Thanks to a brand new technological breakthrough, we have developed a new way for you to experience the power of Nootropics, without all of the big draw backs.

After countless hours of research and testing we created Digital Nootropic,  which uses quantum energy technology to give you the same amazing effects of regular nootropics without the need to take any pills. 

"Wow! After listening, I am feeling a MAJOR surge in brain activity. I am much more focused and motivated to get things done. My mind is focused, clear, buzzing with energy!"
Danny Peebles
Testimonial of Digital Nootropics

How does it work?

To help you understand how this is possible, please allow me introduce myself

My name is Eric Thompson!

Eric W Thompson

And for the last decade I have dedicated my life to a new, cutting-edge field of scientific research and discovery.

It’s called Subtle Energy research and it deals mostly with the quantum energetic nature of objects, people, and in this case, high-potency nootropics 😉

You see, each of these nootropics have a unique energetic signature and when you expose yourself to this energetic signature, it impacts your energy field, producing the same or  effect as ingesting and digesting it normally.

Numerous studies have demonstrated or suggested the existence of these subtle energy fields.

Diagram Of Human Energy Field

We use principles drawn from quantum physics, sacred geometry and radionics to digitally record and amplify the subtle energetic signatures of some of the most powerful nootropic substances available on the market.

Now, you can’t eat a digital energy signature like this, but you CAN encode it into images, audio and other electronic media.

We do this  in such a way that when the digital media files are opened on a computer, tablet or phone, they will emit the energy of that signature through the electronic device. 

How do I use this?

Once you purchase the program, you will get immediate access to a series of digital media files (images, videos, and audio recordings) that you can download to your phone computer or other device.

You can then open them anytime you feel the need.

Once opened, the files will immediately broadcast quantum vibrational energy patterns that produce the precise benefits of these nootropics.

Use as you go about your day.

Amplify as needed.

You might be surprised how quickly you will start to feel its powerful effects…

"Oh my God! Digital Nootropic is… the bomb! Sorry for saying so emotional, but it really is the neuro-bomb for brain (and for life too)! Digital Nootropic has become a powerful antidote for procrastination in all areas of my life. I think this is exactly what I needed - a Biochemical “kick”, so to say. Even though overcoming procrastination is not a special purpose of Digital Nootropic, it turned out to be the most effective anti-procrastination means of all that I have experienced before. One more ghost effect of Digital Nootropic - reducing the need not only for stimulants (like coffee), but also for food. It gives a constant feeling of satiety. Energetically scalar-coded audios are awesome! Eric, your new technology is beyond belief!"
Sergio Pawlowski
Testimonial of Digital Nootropics

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Experience

I have seen Digital Nootropic produce a MAJOR impact in the lives of those who have used it as instructed. 

You will also receive additional instructions that will show you step-by-step how to amplify the energy to fit your specific needs.

If for some reason you are unable to get the results you want, we offer a pain-free 90-day money-back guarantee.

Can YOU imagine what all you could do with a completely focused mind?

What would it be like to be able think at your absolute highest capacity all day long?

How would YOU use your new mental abilities?

DISCLAIMER: These results may not occur for everyone. These products are powered by subtle energy, and some individuals may be less sensitive to subtle energy (and to this product as well) than others. In fact,  roughly 20% of individuals who try this kind of technology initially experience little to no effect, unless they amplify the energy of the products substantially. Even then, a smaller percentage of people will still fail to notice a huge effect. Again, this appears to be due to the fact that sensitivity to subtle energy varies among individuals. Many people respond very strongly to this technology, and some do not. That said, this technology and its results are fully amplifiable using easy-to-follow instructions provided on the product download page and on our official Instructions page (https://subtle.energy/instructions). And this amplification capacity means that, if you don’t experience your desired results in the beginning, you can easily amplify the energy of this product until you finally achieve the results you desire. And if the amplification still doesn’t produce the results you’re looking for, we offer a pain-free 90-day money-back guarantee should you find that this product does not produce your desired results.

Furthermore, given that we recognize some of the limitations of this technology as it relates to the aforementioned subtle energy insensitivity threshold, we are especially dedicated to improving this technology and making it more effective for more and more people, no matter their sensitivity or insensitivity to subtle energy. We believe it is possible to eventually overcome this hurdle, which is why we continue to upgrade this technology and all of our products every year or two. And to show our immense gratitude for being able to develop this technology for our customers, we offer every upgrade free to existing owners of those products. That means that if you purchase this product, every time we improve it and increase effectiveness, we will send you that upgraded product for free, no matter how many upgrades it may receive over the years.

All that being said, we sincerely appreciate your business and support, and we gladly honor our 90-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Subtle Energy Sciences products are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition, nor make or imply any health claims.

Unlock the full power of your brain with Digital Nootropic

With this digital mandala you can expect to experience:
  • Laser-like focus all day
  • Lighting fast recall
  • Easily assimilate new information
  • Enhanced creativity and problem solving.
  • Destroy brain fog for good.
  • Unending energy for your day
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