Evidence of the Collective Consciousness: How Our Minds Change the World

“We are all one.” This phrase is consistently repeated by the world’s various books of ancient wisdom, as well as today’s local yoga teachers during class meditation. There is now some surprising scientific validation for what was traditionally a purely spiritual concept. Through the use of random event generators,  specialized meditation experiments, and witness reports, we are beginning to see how much the collective consciousness of humanity may actually play a role in determining the outcome of global events.

CIA Declassified

In the year 2000, a once-classified document titled “Evidence for Consciousness-Related Anomalies in Random Physical Systems” was disclosed by the CIA. The paper contains research conducted by Dr. Dean I. Radin and Roger D. Nelson in the late 1980s. The premise of their investigation was to discover the relationship between consciousness and the physical world.

The introduction to their paper states:

 “The nature of the relationship between human consciousness and the physical world has intrigued philosophers for millennia. In this century, speculations about mind-body interactions persist, often contributed by physicists in discussions of the measurement problem in quantum mechanics. Virtually all of the founders of the quantum theory – Planck, de Broglie, Heisenberg, Schrodinger, Einstein – considered this subject in-depth, and contemporary physicists continue this tradition”

The empirical conclusion of their collective consciousness experiments found repeatable evidence that human consciousness, under certain circumstances, does affect the outcome of experiments. Utilizing random number generators, or RNGs, participants were asked to use their consciousness to “aim” for high or low numbers. The mass consciousness experiment results continuously showed there was a shift in the distribution of the randomly generated numbers, and accordingly they could be predicted with a certain level of success.

Princeton’s RNG Experiment

An ongoing study at Princeton University called The Global Consciousness Project is mapping the correlations in world events and group consciousness daily. For over 15 years, a network of globally distributed RNGs has continuously generated and recorded random numerical data. The data is then interpreted at Princeton to see if there are any notable departures from the typical randomness of these numbers and if these deviations can be linked to major global events. 

 These correlations are typically strongest between the RNGs that are geologically closest to one another (within 12,000 kilometers), and the data tends to span a time within a half-hour, to up to four hours on any given occasion. What factors in particular within human collective consciousness are causing this change? Mass compassion is shown to create higher coherence of numbers, while mass fear tends to cause an increase of chaotic randomness. 

This emotional component points to yet another correlation between ancient wisdom and Princeton’s new data. Love and compassion bring humans together, while fear divides us. The sages have said to “put your heart” or your emotion into your prayers, to help them to be made into reality. This data shows that human emotion is powerful enough to affect outcomes for better or for worse. This could mean that sending positive “ thoughts and prayers” during a crisis is more than wishful thinking – it actually has verifiable benefits. 

 The Maharishi Effect

To further explore the possibilities proposed by the outcomes of RNG testing, a new experiment utilizing group meditation was conducted. 669 people gathered in a meditation hall to perform different types of meditation, including Transcendental Meditation and “yogic flying” techniques taught by the great Yogi, Maharishi. The data was collected over 94 hours during a 30 day period, where 1,000 bits of random data were collected every 10 seconds. 

The results; a significant deviation from the standard randomness of 1’s and 0’s occurred. During the times of meditation, there were many more 0’s generated than ones. This correlates with the results of Princeton’s experiments and demonstrates again that human consciousness does have a subtle effect on the otherwise random outcome of events.  

Because of this Maharishi Effect, it is theorized that mass group meditation could be utilized to help prevent or ameliorate situations that affect the mass consciousness. Also, if we keep an eye on the ongoing RNG output, we may even be able to predict when mass events are about to happen – in a similar way that a seismic meter would for an earthquake. In any case, the evidence is mounting that your state of consciousness matters not only to you but to the world at large. 

Further experiments have demonstrated that these group meditations do far more than simply affecting the outcome of an RNG – they can affect the crime rates in a local area as well. During times of mass meditation in major cities, there have repeatedly been lowered rates of violent crimes up to 23.3%! The results are so steady, that when these events are conducted, it has become possible to confidently report a prediction of lowered crime rates to the police before the event even occurs.

O. J. Simpson & the 9/11 Phenomenon

Two of the most fascinating incidents of RNG output alterations came at the same times as the O.J. Simpson and attack on the World Trade Centers on 9/11. These subtle, yet significant results show the impact that major events can have on mass consciousness. Ultimately, it points to the existence of the collective consciousness, as well as the ability of our mass consciousness to affect the manifestation of events. 

Choosing Love Over Fear

The findings of these studies are a profound reminder that each one of us plays an important role in the way world events unfold. This can serve to inspire us to choose love and compassion as often as possible; not only for our personal well-being, but for the overall health of the world. If enough of us choose this, then we can create a safer, more coherent planet. If fear divides us, meditating on the higher vibrational states may be enough to bring us together.





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“The Hand on the Mirror: A True Story of Life Beyond Death” by Janis Heaphy Durham

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