Evidence for Successful Remote Healing

“While distant healing seems to contradict our ordinary sense of reality and the laws defined by Newtonian science, there are several theoretical paradigms that suggest explanation for healing.”

Subtle energy healing methods are gaining popularity through achieving results other medical practices cannot. The importance of the health of one’s etheric body is coming to be understood as having equal importance as the physical body. Disturbances in the etheric body can over time lead to physical illness, or prevent a physical injury from healing completely.

However, our subtle energy body operates on a different set of laws from our physical body. Healers all over the world conduct remote sessions, or healing at a distance, with successful reports from their clients. This is done through online conferences, or by knowing the patients name and address. Could this be the placebo effect in action, or is there evidence that healing at a distance is a human ability that society has yet to fully embrace?

In this article, we will review several remote energy healing cases conducted in laboratory settings by professionals, oftentimes at reputable colleges. These clinical results provide evidence that back the success claims of independent energy healers. Ultimately, it could mean a revolution in modern medicine should Western culture choose to embrace these emerging facts.

Pranic Healing at U of C

Dr. Joie Jones of University of California conducted an experiment where human cells were cultivated in a petri dish and exposed to radiation. Practitioners of an energy-based method of healing called Pranic Healing were asked to send restorative energy to the cells. This was done in two locations; one group of healers were present in the lab directly in front of the petri dishes, and the other group was thousands of miles away.

Typically, the cells would die at a rate of about 50% when they did not receive any energy healing. However, the cells responded equally well to treatments whether the healers were present in the lab, or thousands of miles away. Additionally, this study found that the etheric cleanliness of the space was vital for achieving successful results. The remote energy healing did not work unless the room the cells were in were first conditioned with healing subtle energy.

Double-Blind Study at McGrill University

Another case comes from Dr. Bernard  Grad of McGrill University, who tested the effectiveness of subtle energy healing across space. Healers were asked to send energy to subjects. The study was double-blind in the sense that researchers and the recipients were not when aware of when the healing energy was being sent. This way, they could not consciously or unconsciously influence the results of the test in any way.

The recipients of the energy had their vitals monitored by machines. The breathing rate, skin resistance response, and fingertip blood volume were measured in real time to see if any physiological changes were occurring as they received healing energy. The results; a high level of statistical change in the breathing rate and skin receptivity of participants on command.

Changing Brainwaves at a Distance

A remarkable experiment designed by Dr. Norm Shealy showed that not only was a healer able to affect the brainwaves of the recipient (healee), but could get their brainwave pattern to attune to theirs using subtle energy. Six healers 110 recipients were used, with the healers being at distances ranging between 100 ft. and 160 miles away.

Brainwaves were measured at resting periods, and before and after healing sessions. The results found that the healer’s EEG readings would begin to change within the first 5 minutes of receiving energy, regardless of how far away the healer was. Sometimes the most dramatic spikes in the reading would come 20 minutes after the session had concluded. A high rate of delta brainwaves were recorded, which is rare to observe in awake individuals, as it is associated with the unconscious sleep state.

Additionally, healers were asked at times to target different areas of the healee’s brain. Both front and back areas were shown having increased activity during healing sessions according to which portion of the brain was being targeted. This demonstrates not only that healing energy can reach the body from a distance, but that it can be also be highly targeted.

“It appears that human mental intent to heal, especially trained healers, is transmitted through space from over 100 feet to 160 miles.”

Stopping Cancer from 3,000 Miles Away

One of the greatest cases for remote healing comes from qigong master, Jixing Li. Li studied from the time he was 8 with great practitioners in China. Several colleges in the United States took notice of his phenomenal ability to heal others at a distance. Arizona State, Duke University, State University of New York, and Penn State have all hosted experiments with Master Li.

In the Penn State experiment, Li was asked to send healing energy from his location in California with the intention to kill cancer cells that were growing in a specific petri dish in a laboratory on the campus. The experiment was successful – Li was able to kill all of the cells in the dish. Inexplicably, the cells in the dishes surrounding the targeted one mutated to have multiple nuclei within them.

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