Eric W Thompson Interviewed by Guiding Needle Acupuncture

Recent Feedback on Digital CBD
Hi Eric,
The incredible thing is that you made just another break through product that in my humble opinion and my surprise is better than the actual CBD.
I’ve paid $90 for a 40ml high quality oil that did nothing for me even at higher dose. I was skeptical when I bought the digital CBD because the CBD alone never worked for me but the digital version is really really good. I meditate with it. I really think it resets my nervous system like a computer reboot.  I feel like it has a heart opening quality to it as well. I love to meditate with it.
How do you make the digital version better the actual substance is beyond my comprehension. My theory is that the actual substance whether Jing herbs or CBD has to go through digestion for absorbtion and many of these substances are poorly absorbed even the highest quality one has 10% absorption max unless it’s liposomal technology. But the digital version you make directly work with the energy body and meridians and is 100% absorbable. That’s my theory but it sort of make sense.
Anyway, you know I’m a big fan my friend and I’m grateful that universe gifted me with your technology for my evolution.

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