Epigenetics – The Research of Dr. Bruce Lipton: Do Our Beliefs Affect Our Health?

Did you know the thoughts you think have a direct impact on your health? Thanks to the research of Dr. Bruce Lipton, several successful studies now prove this phenomenon. Dr. Lipton began his career as a cellular biologist. His research focused on muscular dystrophy, stem cells, and the mechanisms that control the behavior of the cell. Applying the principals of quantum physics to his work, he ultimately made a groundbreaking discovery; the environment could actually control the physiology of the cell and turn genetic expression on or off!

Following his amazing discovery, more research demonstrated how the mind-body connection influences the molecules of the body as well. Thanks to his discovery, a new field of research, called epigenetics is under investigation. Epigenetics is defined as; the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.

Science is now confirming what ancient traditions have been practicing for centuries. As epigenetics research by Bruce Lipton shows, the mind does have a profound effect on the health of the body! After teaching the ways of Western medicine for 20 years, Dr. Lipton’s findings in Epigenetics have led him to dedicate his time to sharing the important implications of his work. He believes that healing comes not only from creating the right chemical conditions through diet and medicine but also through holding positive thoughts and being around uplifting people and places.

The Biology of Belief

He is the author of numerous books, but is perhaps most popularly known by “The Biology of Belief.” The book details the mechanisms behind the workings of human cells, presenting the profound idea that DNA does not solely control our biology. Because of this, our DNA is scientifically proven to actually be changed by our positive and negative thoughts. This means that the health of our cells and our genetic expression are not set in stone. Therefore, we can actually take a little bit more control of our health and destiny by changing the beliefs that we hold.  

The Biology of Belief, by Dr. Bruce Lipton

In this video, Dr. Lipton shares the history of our present mechanistic medical paradigm, and how “vital force” or subtle energy, is the missing link in today’s modern medicine. Watch to learn more about how your environment, friends, family, and your own personal thoughts are influencing your health every day.

What do you think about the biology of belief? Does the subtle energy of our thoughts and environment influence our health? Share your perspective with us in the Subtle Energy online forum. If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Bruce Lipton, you can visit his website here. To help transform your environment for optimized well being, check out our selection of subtle energy programs.

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