Does Water Play a Role in Intelligence?

In this video, pioneering physicist Nassim Haramein discusses the importance of water as a carrier of energy and information in biological systems.More importantly, Nassim Haramein discusses consciousness and its connection to water and life forces.

If you’ve read other posts on this blog, you may be aware that subtle (life force) energy has a deep affinity for water, and vice versa.

Water stores, amplifies and broadcasts subtle energy and information essential to life, which is likely why it is largely considered by mainstream science as being indispensable to life in general.

Water makes up roughly 75% of the entire human brain. Yet, as Haramein so aptly points out, scientists have been focusing on the 25% that makes up the remaining brain matter. The research in subtle energy indicates that there is a REASON why so much of our brain is made of water: Because it is the water that mediates the flow of energy and information in most biological systems.

This is likely why people who lose significant portions of the brain are, more often than you’d expect, able to adapt to life with sometimes only minor reductions in overall brain capacity. However, if we were to drain these same individuals of all their bio-water, they’d die quickly.

Haramein points out that we see similar phenomena in relation to DNA. The majority of DNA is made up of water molecules. And if that water is removed, the DNA falls apart. Yet, most of DNA-related science focuses mainly on the DNA itself, rather than on the conductive medium (i.e., water) that serves as a kind of quantum system to optimize the flow of energy and information in and around the DNA.

In relation to subtle energy research, it is believed that much of the information mediated by water is subtle in nature, meaning that it is far subtler energy than is recognized as the four known “forces” of physics (i.e., strong and weak nuclear forces, gravity and electromagnetism), and is considered to be intimately connected to consciousness and life.

Furthermore, this energy and information being mediated by and through the medium of water seems related to the theory offered by another pioneering scientist, Rupert Sheldrake, of morphic resonance. Subtle energetic resonance, which seems to propagate, at least in part, as longitudinal compression waves, has been shown to propagate very well in and through water. 

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