Digital C60 (Silent) Broadcast Room is LIVE

FEATURED ENERGY SIGNATURE: Carbon 60 Fullerene Molecule

Reported Benefits of Carbon 60 Fullerene Molecule

Fights bacterial infection
Helps with asthma
Relieves allergies
Helps arthritis
Supports digestion
Anti-viral properties
Stimulates the immune system
Lowers cholesterol
Reduces oxidative stress caused by pollutants
Potential anti-cancer properties
Reduces aches and pains
Improves energy and stamina
Lowers risk of many diseases
Enhances vision
Supports mental acuity
Laboratory mice fed C60 lived 90% longer than untreated mice

The Digital C60 Broadcast Room is a simple web page energetically encoded with the energies of Digital C60.

This page is already broadcasting the Digital C60 energy to infuse your biofield and immediate environment with the energetic signature of molecular hydrogen. And as long as it remains open, the energy of Digital C60 will continue to be broadcast through your electronic device.

It is NOT necessary to actually view this page in order to benefit from its energy. Simply keep it open on your device. As long as the page remains open, its energy will continue to be broadcast through your electronic device regardless of whether or not you are looking at it.

As soon as you open this page, it immediately begins broadcasting the energy of Digital C60 through your electronic device. The longer it is open, the more strongly you will feel its benefits.

What is the Diameter of this Broadcast Field?

The diameter of this particular broadcast field is at least 100 feet, meaning that the field extends at least 50 feet beyond the device, in every direction. The effects will tend to be felt most strongly within a few inches to 10 feet of the device on which it is active.

How to Amplify the Energy of this Broadcast

To amplify the energy of this page, simply open it in a new tab in your web browser. The more tabs you open, the stronger the energy will be.

How to Turn the Broadcast Off

To turn the energy off, simply close the page. If ever you begin to feel overstimulated or uncomfortable in any way, simply turn the broadcast off and resume at a later time when you feel ready.

How to Enjoy this Broadcast with Your Favorite Audio and Video

Open this page in any web browser.

Using the same device you used to open the web browser, play your favorite music using any media player or streaming service.

The energy of this page will be carried by the audio of your favorite music.

This simple method works just as well with videos and movies.

TAO OF NATURE Free Soundtracks

Our sister YouTube channel, Tao of Nature, offers new 3-hour nature soundtracks that you can use in conjunction with Digital C60 (or any SES product) daily for free.

New 3-hour nature videos are uploaded daily. And these soundtracks are not encoded with energy, so you can use them interchangeably with any SES program.

To use Tao of Nature soundtracks any time, simply go to and click the video of your choice. Then, click Play.

As long as you have Digital C60 open in one tab of your browser, every time you listen to a Tao of Nature soundtrack or playlist in a different tab of the same browser or device, that nature soundtrack will carry the energy of Digital C60 through your device. It’s that simple.

Please subscribe to Tao of Nature here -

Signature: C60: The Free Radical Sponge
C60: The Free Radical Sponge The Carbon 60 molecule, also known as a fullerene, was discovered in 1985 after originally being postulated as a possibility in 1970. The numerical part of its name derives from the fact that it is comprised of 60 carbon atoms arranged in a soccer ball pattern.

Due to its structural properties and its ability to soak up free radicals like a sponge, the Carbon 60 atom was eventually recognized as a powerful antioxidant capable of supporting the protection and regeneration of the nervous system.

Its powerful antioxidant properties seem to be due to its unique ability, unlike other antioxidants (such as Vitamins C and E), to prevent itself from being neutralized by the free radicals with which it comes into contact.

Digital C60, the first vibrational, energetic version of this powerful antioxidant, produces quantum healing energy with exceptional antioxidative properties.

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