Did You Know You Carry the 3 Treasures of Chinese Medicine?

Not all treasure exists on the physical plane, yet the evidence of this subtle energetic treasure can be witnessed in one who has attained mastery of body, mind, and soul. The 3 Treasures, an ancient subtle energetic principal practiced by Taoists and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors for thousands of years, is really a treasure map of sorts that brings you into possession of the greatest gifts of all – vitality, happiness, and wisdom.

The 3 Treasures, also known as the 3 Jewels, are Jing, Qi, and Shen. The cultivation and protection of these energetic treasures determine the health of the body, and our mental/emotional state. By balancing all of these aspects of self, we attain peace of mind, the ability to adapt, increased immunity, and access high levels of energy and personal power.


Jing is our essence, what we inherit from our parents, and how we develop over our life time, from childhood, to adulthood. It also is related to our reproductive health, and what we pass on to our children. In contemporary science, we might think of this as our hereditary traits, or the genetics we inherit and pass on. Healthy Jing is a required foundation for building healthy Qi and Shen, so the protection of Jing energy is imperative for living a balanced, healthy life.

Jing is also seen as our emergency energy store, that you tap into when you have depleted your Qi.  Jing is considered to be very difficult to replace once it has been lost. It relates to the adrenal glands, and may be burned up by taking stimulants, or from battling acute or long term illnesses.

As we lose Jing, we begin to show signs of aging including; wrinkles, gray hair, as well as loss of bone density, eye sight, and hearing. All are signs of Jing depletion. If you are seeing these signs, or are feeling exhausted, and lacking energy, it may be a sign from your body that you need to restore and protect your Jing.

Jing can be strengthened and protected through proper diet and herbal supplements. Avoid going to extremes with your energy; stay moderate when it comes to sex and stress, get enough sleep, maintain a meditative practice, and try Subtle Energy Science’s Audio Rejuvenation.


Qi is our energy, our strength, and vitality. Qi flow is related to the breath, the gentle inhale and exhale of life itself. This life-force energy is our day to day energy, and what separates living things from inanimate objects. Its function is seen in our metabolism, immune system, and holding the structures of our body together in their rightful form and place. Qi is also related to the “yin” substances; the body fluids, including blood, sweat, lymph fluid, and tears. Just as blood nourishes the body, Qi nourishes our entire sense of well being.

Good Qi is gleaned from breathing exercises, especially done in fresh air. Eating a high-quality, healthy diet will also help you to cultivate good Qi. Signs of healthy Qi include having plenty of energy, and a strong immune system. You feel relaxed, happy and “in the flow”.

If your Qi becomes blocked, or stagnant, you may develop disease, or aches and pains in the body. This can also manifest and mood swings, or feeling blocked by life. If you would like to ensure healthy flow of Qi in your life, traditional recommendations include the practice of Qigong or martial arts such as Kung Fu, acupuncture, as well as bringing Feng Shui into your home environment.


Shen is the nature of our soul, the connection between our heart and mind, as well as our connection to the Divine. This treasure is our state of conscious awareness. It represents our ability to think, and form emotional responses. Because of this treasure, Chinese medicine has long understood the importance of the mind-body connection, and the importance of mental/emotional wellness in relation to the health of the body.

Having strong Shen shows as a peaceful, calm, and wise disposition, while depleted Shen can manifest itself in symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental/emotional issues. If you feel like you might be depleted in Shen, you can cultivate it by meditating, doing breath work, or doing something creative such as painting, dancing, or playing music. 

Cultivating All Three Treasures

At Subtle Energy Sciences, we recognize that good health is the greatest treasure of all. Inspired by the wisdom contained in this ancient system, we have developed Audio Rejuvenation, a program designed to help you cultivate and sustain the energy of your Jing, so you can have the foundation you need to cultivate the other two treasures. Enjoy the benefits that come from having a thriving energy body, try it now by clicking here.

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