Energetically Encoded Audio & Media To Help You Succeed In ANY Endeavor…

How To Quickly & Easily Eliminate What's Holding You Back
From Giving Your Best To The World…

Energetically Encoded Audio & Media To Help You Succeed In ANY Endeavor…

How To Quickly & Easily Eliminate What's Holding You Back From Giving Your Best To The World…

10150528_612652628817761_400723028_n copyJust wanted to let you know that within my first 12 hours of using Catalyst I was able to tackle over 2 years of procrastination in my business! That's saying something, this tool is every Entrepreneurs/High Achievers dream. All day focus, energy, and determination is worth far more than what I paid for it. Thank you!”

– Jayson Shawver, Entrepreneur

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Goal-Achieving, Limitation-Dissolving Vibrational Technology

CATALYST is the energetically encoded audio program offered by Subtle Energy Sciences, designed to support you in succeeding in any endeavor.

It contains very powerful subtle energetic frequencies specifically arranged to get your motivational and creative juices flowing.

It does NOT contain any guided meditation and is best used/played when you:

  • Work (for hours at a time) on important projects.
  • Want to perform at your best on the job or in your business.
  • Have a LOT of work to do that needs finishing soon but DON’T want to do it.
  • Experience resistance to working on, or doing, anything.
  • Need to begin a project you’ve been procrastinating on.
  • Want to get your motivational and creative juices flowing optimally.
  • Want to brainstorm about any project.
  • Want to get out your pen and paper and begin creatively planning and brainstorming  how to move your life, relationships and/or business to the next level.
  • Need to finish and keep working on a project long after you’ve become tired of doing  so.

This program works best when used/played for at least one hour at a time, especially when used/played several hours at a time.

Instantly Transform Your Electronic Devices Into High-Tech Success & Achievement Enhancement Tools

For every character trait that contributes to success (whether that trait is hard work, ambition, creativity, persistence, self-discipline or personal power), there is an accompanying subtle energetic framework that facilitates its emergence.

CATALYST resonantly reproduces and infuses these (and more) precise energetic frameworks of success-oriented character traits into your immediate environment.

All that is required is to play one of the audios (or, alternately, open one of the CATALYST energy mandalas) on your computer or smart phone, and remain within their broadcast field while you work on the projects and goals that are most important to you.

And as CATALYST continuously broadcasts its energy into your biofield, your energetic system in turn eventually enters into sympathetic resonance with it, allowing you to more easily access your own innate potential for success and creative solutions in anything you do while using the program.

How Your Smart Phone Can Effortlessly Help You Surpass Limitations

CATALYST contains a new and unique vibrational technology called “Energetically Encoded Audio Technology.”

It utilizes the emerging science of “torsion fields” to digitally broadcast the energetic signatures of success.

When you open CATALYST on your computer, tablet, or smart phone:

  • The electromagnetic field (EMF) of the computer or smart phone interfaces with the subtle energetic field of the mandala, significantly amplifying the mandala's energy field in a powerful and positive way.
  • Your computer or smart phone is literally transformed into a life enhancing subtle energy device that can help improve focus, emotional balance, meditation, creativity, well-being, brain function and more.
  • The mandala's beneficial energy instantly transforms the nature of the EMF, such that all the negative EMF effects are harmonized and thereby canceled.

Catalyst Includes Five Layers of Subtle Energy Signatures Specifically Designed To Help You Succeed At ANYTHING!



The belief that one can increase achievement through optimistic thought processes. 


The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.


As CATALYST plays in the background, this unique signature helps balance your brain activity, so that you have more attentional resources at your command. 



CREATIVITY – The tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others.

INSIGHT – The capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.

SURPASSING LIMITS – To go beyond in amount, extent, or degree; be greater than; exceed one’s perceived limitations.

FLEXIBILITY –  The willingness and ability to change and adapt as needed.

RELAXED FOCUS –  The ability to focus and perform with relative ease and effortlessness, without excess nervousness.



AMBITION – A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

PERSONAL POWER – Influence over others, the source of which resides in the  person instead of being vested by the position he or she holds.

PERSISTENCE – Firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

DETERMINATION – Firmness of purpose; resoluteness.

WILLPOWER – Self-discipline: training and control of oneself and one's conduct, usually for personal improvement.

BUSINESS SUCCESS  – Surrounds you with a field energy that is naturally associated with successful business people.

EFFORTLESSLY SUCCEED  – Helps you carry the energy of succeeding without struggling.

SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION  – For following through to completion when you don’t feel like it or normally have a hard time finishing projects.

SUCCESS AND POWER – Supports you with the energy of having already been successful and powerful, as though you carry the authority that such previous success affords.


What is an Energetically Encoded Audio?

Simply put, energetic encoding technology is a unique and exciting new form of vibrational technology that uses digital audio, pictures and video to administer (via energetic transmission) life-enhancing subtle energy.


Science tells us that we live in a virtual sea of invisible fields of influence, which impact our daily lives in profound ways, yet we typically have little or no conscious awareness of them.

In Science, these phenomena include:

  • The activity of the Earth’s geomagnetic field, which has been shown to be correlated with various emotional and psychological states in human beings.
  • Electromagnetism, which initiates the attraction of positively charged protons to negatively charged electrons in human cells.
  • The strong nuclear force, which is more powerful than electromagnetism and therefore holds positively charged protons together within the atomic nucleus.
  • The biophoton field in plants and animals, which is believed to be the chief means of communication between DNA molecules across the entire body of a plant, animal or human.

These and other forces play crucial roles in our lives. And if it weren’t for science informing us of their influence, most of us would remain entirely unaware of their existence. The same can be said of “subtle” energies. The emerging science of subtle energy reveals the existence of energies that exist beyond the four known forces of conventional science (the strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetism and gravity). These energies are faster than light and typically unable to be measured using electromagnetic instruments; hence the term “subtle”energy”.


In his book, The Basic Code of the Universe, Dr. Massimo Citro speaks of a basic governing “code,” made up of “the ensemble of information that allows bodies to exist, the blueprint of the construction.” This code can be thought of as having both an informational component and an energetic component, the former informing a particular substance how to “be” itself, and the latter providing the subtle vehicle for the flow of that information. It is this basic governing code that we refer to as the “energetic signature” of a substance.


We use proprietary computer software and innovative energetic encoding techniques to digitally capture the ENERGY of these various things (e.g., goals, intentions, states of mind, nutritional supplements, etc.) in digital format.

This is all done using a very scientific and replicable process. Once we’ve captured the initial energetic signature digitally, we then use another proprietary software to amplify that original signal billions and billions of times in a balanced way. 

We can then take that final amplified signature and embed it into a Digital Energy Mandala picture file and/or a digital audio file in such a way that when it is opened on a computer, tablet or phone, it will emit the energy of that signature through the electronic device. 

The scientific process we use to create each energetic signature requires a great deal of time to complete. So each individual audio and mandala represents much more value than might at first be apparent. 

We’ve been connoisseurs of exotic subtle energy technologies for years, and I can tell you that each of the mandalas and audios contains energies that are as high in quality and potency as those found in other subtle energy products costing ten or even a hundred times the price.


Catalyst-Strong-30min Audio – Perfect for when you need all the energetic support you can get to bust through projects with ease.

Catalyst-Mild-30min Audio – Perfect for using when/if the Strong version becomes too strong to keep using.

These two audios come in three audio formats:

  1. WAV – A very large, uncompressed file, perfect for PC and most media players.
  2. AIFF – A very large, uncompressed file, perfect for Apple based products and most media players.
  3. 320 kbps MP3 – A smaller, compressed, but still high quality audio file, perfect for all media players.



This “silent” capacity allows you to enjoy CATALYST silently or combine it with your favorite music.


(However, the use of headphones will enhance the experience.)

The CATALYST Digital Energy Mandalas
(also included with the CATALYST package)

Here's What Others are saying about CATALYST…

“Oh wow. Catalyst. I have been exhausted from doing lots of physical labor lately. I have a part time job doing day labor to fill in the gaps. I listened to Catalyst all morning and had it open during work. The work was so extremely taxing. 90 pound cement bags. Shoveling. Hauling rocks. I was able to power through the discomfort with a positive attitude. Afterward, I was wiped out — but not in a state of wanting to crawl into a hole and cry my eyes out! HAHA!!

On the creative ambitious side — I am playing it every day. It really infuses me with an unstoppable attitude, but with a playful smile about the whole thing. It doesn't feel like forcing or pushing or manipulating. It helps me feel unstoppable in my commitment to make my contribution and believe in myself and the ideas that come through me. I feel a deeper sense of commitment. It also is an extremely powerful energy resource. I feel empowered and energized, positive and focused. I get stuff done. At the same time, stuff gets done while I witness that which is getting done. A good balance.

New Catalyst — last night playing basketball I was a friggin tiger. Tons of energy. I gave it everything I had and had a blast. Still need to work on my shot and my confidence — but wow — I had so much energy!! And having it on while I work, I feel like superconsciously tenacious. I am getting stuff done! Really, really amazing way to power through work and play!”Danny Peebles

“My ego insists on sleeping late and not honoring self-promises, but the unseen hand of this energy . . . gently urges me to get up and get on with it. This is a very good program.

Catalyst smooths out the rough edges of resistance. I become magnetized to my highest good…effortlessly. That which might not serve me no longer calls with the siren song of compulsion.”James Lewis

“I use Catalyst at the office to focus on complex and creative tasks that require multi-tasking, like researching and writing.

Catalyst has been very helpful for getting me into the “zone” where inspiration and laser-like concentration are like a natural flow. It helps me to double the time i can really be in that state and get creative and challenging work done.”G. B.

“My first experience of Catalyst was playing it on my iPhone while I drove to work. Now, to give you abit of context, I have been feeling lately that it is time to move on from my current workplace. I have been unhappy there for a while. I was thinking about all of this during the aforementioned car ride, but something interesting happened… I suddenly felt very confident and centered while contemplating moving on from my current workplace. All of my usual feelings of fear, doubt, insecurity, etc. seemed to move to the background and my foreground became a feeling of calm and centered conviction and confidence.

Also, a new insight came to me. I had the insight that I might feel better about my current employment (at least for the short term) if I was to ask for a sizable raise. Previously this was never an option I had considered. It felt like it would be asking too much of my employer. Needless to say, I was surprised and delighted by my newfound conviction and confidence and I cannot think of what else to attribute them to other than the new Catalyst track… I am excited to explore it further and will keep you all posted!

I believe that upgraded Catalyst is your best work yet! Truly awesome! The timing was perfect because I was needing to give up coffee this week for health reasons. I woke up yesterday morning feeling tired and unmotivated to lead the weekly manager meeting for my company (which I had to do). I so wanted some caffeine but refrained. Instead, I simply got ready for work and then listened to the extra strong track during my 16 minute drive to work. An incredibly small amount of time, but all I needed… by the time I got to work I was energized, clear, focused, and enthusiastically ready to lead the meeting. I felt confident and even joyful really. One big difference I am noticing with the new track, beyond a BIG difference in strength, is that it makes me feel really happy… the old tracks and mandalas left me feeling energized, motivated, confident, focused, etc., but this “happy element” seems to be new. Love it! Very excited to keep experimenting with the tracks today and to try the mandalas. Will keep you all posted.”Scott Lillich

“I've been running 3 copies of the Catalyst Mandala and one copy of the audio in quick-time since it came out all day while working. I sort of forgot they were running (I just put my computer to sleep every night rather than shut if fully down so when I turn it back on, it comes back like it was when I put it to sleep), but now that I think about it I've been very focused the past couple of days while working and have come up with creative solutions to a number of programming problems at work. I've also found myself more resilient and less inclined to get stressed out when things aren't going easily at work.”Michael Marino

“I downloaded your CATALYST a couple of weeks ago and am very happy with the effect.

The inner change it causes is hard to describe –the closest that comes to mind is a notion they use in NLP.

‘Map and territory' – the sounder you are the more the two fit together – meaning that the perception habits, which depend on the map, seem to change in a positive way.

An extension, an upgrading of perception, that leads to rewriting the map for the better.

Very interesting.”Dr. Ingo Broeg

“Upgraded Catalyst is amazing! It is an amazing portal into Your Higher Reality! It perfectly centers and motivates the move!”Sergio Pawlowski

“The stream of motivation goes off the scale, a lot of energy and creative ideas.”Sergey Artischev

“Have been playing the upgraded Catalyst x 2 audios silently at work and x 2 mandalas. I can feel the energy surging through me incredibly strong so much so that will cut back to one of each until I get used to it. The power emanating from these upgrades and the latest Subtle Energy Products is incredible. I am really feeling a shift. Many thanks Eric.”Anthony Harden

“Catalyst revision is amazing at work! People are responding so well to the mild version on repeat (soundtrack only)! Lots of productivity and motivation to follow through!
Great work Eric!”
Scott Marshall

“Upgraded Catalyst Feedback:
I love it! It's only been on for ~2 hours, and I can already sense this is going to be one of my absolute favorites of all time. I'll track its effects over the next few days, then post specific feedback on Sunday or Monday. Excellent job, Eric!”
Nick Papademetriou

“hurning through my taxes like a hot knife through butter right now :-D.
Mild is more than enough for the morning, Strong has me wide awake after a heavy dinner. Tried it in the morning, too, but had to switch to mild immediately, felt like a Cocaine overdose, heart palpitations and all :-D.
Carsten Christiani

Experience The POWER of CATALYST in This 5 Minute Preview Track

Here's What You Get:

The Catalyst package contains 15 files in total, which includes:

2 Energetically Encoded Catalyst Audios

(in three file formats = 6 digital files)

Catalyst Audios contain very powerful subtle energetic frequencies specifically arranged to get your motivational and creative juices flowing. (Note: this does NOT contain any guided meditation audio tracks.)

  • Strong version (WAV, AIFF & 320 kbps MP3 formats)
  • Mild version (WAV, AIFF & 320 kbps MP3 formats)
2 Energetically Encoded Catalyst Mandalas

(both mandalas/energy apps come in four formats each = 8 digital files)

CATALYST Mandalas resonantly reproduce and infuse precise energetic frameworks of success-oriented character traits into your immediate environment.

  • Strong version
  • Mild version

Each of these mandalas comes in 4 formats:

  • PDF Print format
  • Smart phone format
  • Small computer screen
  • Large computer screen

1 Catalyst User Manual PDF

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90 Day MoneyBack GUARANTEE

If for any reason you're not satisfied with CATALYST within the first 90 days, simply contact us for a full refund of the purchase price. AND you get to keep the entire program!