Can Subtle Energy Restructure Water?

Your body may feel physically solid, but we are mostly made up of empty space and water. The importance of taking in pure water for rehydration is clear, but is it enough for water to simply be clean? Before there was indoor plumbing and bottled water, water was gathered directly from springs and other natural sources. Water experts have noticed that there are properties to natural water that make it different from the water that you might find on the shelves in stores, or coming out of your tap.

Now that we are able to see water through the lens of advanced laboratory equipment, we can compare the molecular structure between water from various sources. Structured water, also known as magnetized or hexagonal water, is associated with water from natural, uncontaminated sources. This water is unique because of its hexagonally clustered structure. There are various methods of restructuring water if it did not come directly to you from a natural source, as well as health benefits that are associated with the consumption of structured water.

Structured water is more easily absorbed by the body, and therefore more hydrating. Those who consume structured waters claim to experience a variety of health benefits, including; increase in energy, better sleep, better immunity, slower aging, better skin quality, digestion, and much more. Structured water seems to holistically support all systems of the body. So what do you do if you don’t have access to a clean spring flowing directly from the ground?

There are water vortexing machines available that use magnets to spin water into a restructured state. Exposure to sunlight, as well as the addition of water-safe crystals have also been seen as effective methods for water structuring. Now, there is scientific evidence that subtle energy is another method you can use to alter the structure your water.

A study conducted by L. N. Pyatnitsky observed the effects of the application of subtle energy on pure water. Laser light was passed through water, and the scattering properties of the light was measured by a computer. Before subtle energy was applied to the water through a healing practitioner, the laser light would pass through the water with very little scattering.

Nearly 2,000 tests were run with 15 different practitioners. They were asked to send subtle energy into the water with the intention of it structuring in a way that would scatter the laser light. Some were more effective at this than others, but there were a couple among the group who were able to yield startlingly powerful results – in some cases even reflecting the laser light backwards through the water.

“The ability of human consciousness to change the structure of water us indicated by experiments utilizing light scattering indicatrix recordings. Alternations of scattered light intensity with an operator’s intention can exceed factors of 10 to 1000 the statistical variances observed before or after the operator interaction. Such efforts have been demonstrated by several operators, and appear to be operator specific, although enhanceable by training”

Qigong healers will often charge water and share it with patients as a method of treatment. This special water is known as “message water” and under laboratory examination has been shown to display an altered UV absorption spectrum. This provides another indication that subtle energy may have a direct effect on the bonding properties of water.

Another experiment conducted by R. N. Miller observed the effect of surface tension when subtle energy healing was sent to water. The results from all 24 participants showed a reduction in surface tension up to as much as 20%. It is theorized that because subtle energy does effect water, it is possible that when subtle energy healing occurs in the body, it is partially due to the restructuring effects subtle energy has on the molecular bonds of water.

Ultimately, the decreased surface tension of structured water does allow it to more easily penetrate the cell walls of the body. This leads to deeper hydration, and proper hydration is a key indicator for excellent health in any individual. Subtle energy is one more way that the structure of water may be altered for the better for your body.


“The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World” By Lynne McTaggart

“Life Force: The Scientific Basis” by Claude Swanson, Ph.D.

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