C60 : Fountain of Youth Found?

Cultures around the world tell the tale of a substance that can grant eternal life, youth, and health. The alchemists called it the “Philosopher’s Stone”. World explorers of the middle ages would return home claiming to have found the “Fountain of Youth” on their travels.

Many of science’s breakthroughs in our modern time have certainly allowed us to prolong our life spans, but it seems researchers may have stumbled onto one of the greatest discoveries yet. Deemed the “magic molecule” by Popular Science, Carbon 60 might be the closest we have come to discovering a chemical means for eternal wellness.

This compound takes us down to the root of our very being, the fundamental building block of life, carbon. The molecule that gives us life is the same which diamonds are formed from. As such, it is the subject of highly intensive research.

One of the most recently discovered members of the carbon family, Carbon 60, or C60, has been found in stardust, in the aftermath of lightning strikes, and crashed meteorites. C60’s frequency has been detected as far out as deep space, and as close to home as the soot in an average beeswax candle.

While it likely predates the dawn of time, C60 was not discovered until 1985, when British researcher Harry Kroto, uncovered this hidden treasure; a discovery that won him the 1996 Nobel Prize. When scientists first observed C60 through the microscope, they saw a molecule composed of 60 carbon atoms arranged in the shape of a hollow soccer ball; 20 hexagons, and 12 pentagons with each double-bonded edge crowned with a single carbon atom.

This unique shape was named “Buckminsterfullerene” in honor of the inventor of the geodesic dome, Buckminster Fuller. This is why C60 is also sometimes called fullerene, or fullerene C60. It is the only known molecule to date that takes a spherical, cage-shaped form.



C60 displays other remarkable characteristics aside from its 3-D shape. Researchers have observed a wide range of traits, including wave-particle behavior, resistance to radioactivity, superconductivity, and behaving like a molecular ball-bearing. As studies continue, Carbon 60 shows great potential for a wide range of applications — creating material with super-strength, rocket fuel, electronics, semiconductors, batteries, industrial lubricants, electronics, but perhaps most importantly, as a potent supplement for health and longevity. C60 is growing in demand and popularity as science and medicine search for antidotes to the pains of chronic illness, and symptoms of aging.

Now that there is a few decades’ worth of data collected on this fascinating molecule, we are beginning to see a clearer picture of the promise it holds for humanity.  Studies have revealed a vast range of biological applications that could benefit every system of your body, potentially even prolonging your life span. While there remains much to be discovered, we have compiled some important key facts about C60 that will highlight some of the inspiring finds that have been discovered to date.


One of the most important moments in C60 history occurred when a breakthrough study was conducted in France, in 2011. Researcher, Fathi Moussa, led a team of scientists in an attempt to discover whether or not C60 was toxic. In the experiment, the control group of lab rats was given water, a second group was given pure olive oil, and the third group was given olive oil containing C60. What happened next shocked the researchers, and the world. 

The life spans of the rats who were given C60 actually doubled after regularly ingesting the molecule, and all maintained perfect health throughout their lives! In his paper published in 2012, Moussa noted that the “goal was just to study chronic toxicity” so it came as a great surprise to find that the rats who consumed C60 outlived the control group rats by almost 2 years, perhaps the longest any rats had lived in any reported experiment.

Human research began once the C60 molecule was found to be nontoxic when added to plant oil mediums, such as olive or coconut oil. While research is ongoing, there have been exciting results with a wide range of conditions from Alzheimer’s to arthritis, it seems like C60 might be the tonic longevity medicine of the future.

Benefits of C60

Here are 9 ways C60 is helping to revolutionize the world of health and improve quality of life and longevity for everyone – even pets.

1. Protection from Toxins, Free Radicals, and Radiation

One of the leading causes of age-related damage to the body is free radicals or oxidative stress. We are constantly bombarded by these compounds which are found in common chemicals that cause air pollution: fossil fuels, methane, cigarettes, pesticides, and even are found in common processed foods.

When they enter the body, these rogue molecules react with our delicate biology, causing damage to cells and DNA without discrimination. Oxidative stress turns into inflammation in the body, and inflammation is the cause of most diseases.  There are many dietary sources of antioxidants that can help to combat this problem, but nothing has been proven to be as powerful as C60.

In fact, C60’s been charted as showing a capacity several hundred times higher than most antioxidants, even 172 times more powerful than Vitamin C, collecting dozens of free radicals as it moves through your body. Another nickname for C-60 is the “free radical scavenger”  because it uses positive and negative electric charges to grab free radicals and trap them inside its soccer ball-like shape.

Once the free radicals have bound to it, they are 100% neutralized and do not interact with C60 or anything else in your system. C60 adsorbs, and may also absorb, toxic compounds it encounters, neutralizing them and preventing them from doing further damage by removing them from your system.

It is then attracted to the mitochondria of our cells, bringing them back into balance, reducing inflammation the entire body. Additionally, another animal study showed that rats who were exposed to lethal radiation and were given C60 survived a full month after exposure. This could have profound implications for those who may have suffered radiation poisoning.

2. Kills Viruses, Fungal & Bacterial Infections + Supports the Immune System

Lab results have also demonstrated C60’s ability to combat viral, fungal, and bacterial infections, including strains that cause the common cold, mosquito-born illnesses, candida, and even is showing promise in helping to inhibit HIV to prevent AIDS!

Carbon 60 also boosts the immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells & cytokines which help to prevent tumor growth and fight infections. Because of its anti-inflammatory nature, C60 can also help you recover from allergic reactions, asthma, heart attacks, and cardiovascular disease by reducing the amount of histamine and other inflammatory agents in the body.

3. Anti-Cancer

With the boost your immune system receives from C60, tumor cells have far less of a chance of establishing themselves into full-blown cancer. Many clinical trials are underway examining just how far-reaching the benefits of this treatment may be. It is also being observed as a potential “carrier” for other drug treatments to more effectively target and treat serious conditions like cancer in the future. 

4. Nerve Protection

Part of the normal functioning of the nervous system is the growth and death of nerves. However, if too many nerves are dying faster than they can be replaced, conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, heart attacks, nerve damage, and cognitive decline can occur. Luckily, our fullerene friends have also demonstrated their ability to protect nerves, and even promote their healthy growth! With these amazing finds, it is entirely possible that taking C60 may even make you smarter.

5. Helps Bone and Joint Health

Yet another amazing gift this molecule brings is its potential to prevent and treat osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. An estimated 27 million Americans suffer from arthritis, and according to studies, C60 may become a new treatment for this condition. C60 protects the cartilage from breaking down and reduces the swelling and inflammation that causes pain. It also reduces inflammation in bones and improves bone mineral density for a stronger joint & skeletal system as a whole.

6. Supports Your Skin

Good news for the future of skincare;  C60 may be on its way to becoming a popular ingredient in sunscreens, lotions, and skin treatment plans. Fullerene’s anti-radiation benefits could be the future of sunscreen, and its anti-inflammatory effects could help overcome dermatitis, acne, and even skin cancer. A study done on mice showed that it stimulated rapid hair growth, which could be good news for anyone suffering from hair loss or alopecia.

7. Assists with Weight Loss & Work Out Stamina

In the lab, C60 has been seen to prevent fat cells from growing in size, which may be helpful for anyone seeking to prevent weight gain. It also has demonstrated its ability to increase stamina in the gym, and reduce the recovery time of fatigued muscles, so any workout efforts should become more effective!

8. May Improve Male Fertility

While human trials are still pending, another study on rats demonstrated that C60 may also provide a boost for male fertility. C60 not only helped improve levels of testosterone, but sperm count, sperm motility, and genital functionality were also enhanced by the end of the study. 

9. Good For Pets, Too

The health benefits of fullerene C60 are not just limited to lab rats and humans. If you have pets, especially older pets, your may want to consider giving them C60. Pet owners have reported that thier animals appeared younger, and had an increase in energy when taking the supplement. Learn more about C60 supplement benefits to see if you want to implement this in your life.

Digital C60

C60 holds great promise for helping us live longer, healthier lives. However, since it is such a new discovery, obtaining pure C60 may not be easy for everyone. That’s why Subtle Energy Sciences has made a digital, homeopathic formula from the highest quality C60, so you can enjoy the benefits of Carbon 60 in unlimited supply.

Digital C60 is a one-time download that gives you access to a lifetime of pure C60 energy. Click here to learn more about this revolutionary development in the world of health, and obtain your copy now.

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