Buddha Relics and the Consciousness of Space

The Buddha relics have long been revered for their spiritual significance and healing properties in various cultures around the world. These relics are believed to contain the essence of the Buddha’s teachings and compassion, capable of bringing comfort and solace to those who come into contact with them. Beyond their spiritual value, research by the late Stanford physicist William Tiller has uncovered intriguing evidence suggesting that Buddha relics may also possess the ability to influence physical space conditioning.

Tiller’s research partner, Dr. Nisha J. Manek, has continued to share Dr. Tiller’s work after his passing through her public workshops and book entitled, “Bridging Science and Spirit: The Genius of William A. Tiller’s Physics and the Promise of Information Medicine”. In her book she discusses how we as a culture tend to place truth on the shoulders of science, expecting science to solve various issues we face in the world. As such, science tends to build its knowledge base from the ground up. But Tiller’s unique work, on the other hand, in some ways approaches science from the top down.

After working with Dr. Tiller for several years, Dr. Manek eventually left her position at the Mayo Clinic because she was convinced that Dr. Tiller’s work would open the door to an entirely new approach to medicine, one that incorporated the use of intention, subtle information and consciousness to organically help the body and mind to heal. Whereas science tends to focus on chemistry for such purposes, Tiller’s work was promising to provide an entirely new tool kit for approaching health and wellness.

The Phenomenon of the Buddha Relics

The Buddha relics are the physical remains left behind after the cremation of a Buddhist master or monk. These relics can take various forms, including pearl-like crystals, crystalline beads, or even ashes. Throughout history, these relics have been housed in stupas, temples, and shrines, where they are venerated by devotees seeking blessings and healing.

The Maitreya Buddhist relics are said to be from the historical Shakyamuni Buddha and are believed to possess a unique healing energy that transcends time and space. Dr. Tiller’s studies have shown that the presence of Maitreya relics can induce a sense of calm and well-being in individuals who come into contact with them. Dr. Tiller and Dr. Manek approached this study as a rare opportunity to learn about consciousness.

William Tiller and the Science of Intention

Dr. William Tiller, a former professor of materials science and engineering at Stanford University, looked into the study of intention and its effects on physical matter. Dr. Tiller proposed the concept of an “unimprinted intention host device,” a material that can store and transmit focused intentions. This idea sheds light on the potential mechanisms through which the Buddha relics may exert their influence on physical space.

Previous to this study, Tiller had already conducted experiments showing that human intention was capable of changing the ph of water. And in the process of conducting those experiments, he used his expertise in materials science to invent and develop a device capable of storing and broadcasting human intention. In essence, his work showed that human intention has an energetic component capable of imprinting matter, in this case a simple electrical circuit, much like a capacitor. And like electrical energy, the subtle energy associated with human intention was discovered to be capable of traveling through electrical wires as well as being stored in an electrical capacitor. Dr. Tiller later confirmed that this device was able to store a human intention for up to six months.

The imprinting process Dr. Tiller developed required the combined, laser-focused and sustained intention of a small group of experienced meditators, some of whom had been meditating for decades. Attentional and intentional coherence were found to be key factors for successful imprinting. The combined, intentional focus of such a group of meditators was found to produce a kind of informational field capable of imprinting Tiller’s device. And, of course, this collective consciousness effect confirmed for Dr. Tiller and Dr. Manek the power of group meditation and intention to influence and affect change in the physical world.

While conducting the intention-water experiments, Tiller found that the intention host device, once imprinted with coherent human intention, began producing what looked like harmonics when he measured the ambient condition of the lab in which the experiment was conducted. After confirming that these harmonics were not being produced by airflow, he came to realize that this measured energy pattern was in fact the so-called physical vacuum, as defined by Dirac. All of the waveforms measured by Dr.  Tiller were nested within each other, multi-layered, so to speak, much like harmonics. In other words, the space within the lab was now “singing” with the inaudible music of coherent, elevated human intention. The space within the lab, he discovered, had been radically conditioned and shifted into a higher potential for conscious manifestation.

In this process of discovery, Dr. Tiller began to develop a new physics, one in which materials within a conditioned space exhibited strange and unpredictable behaviors not normally found in unconditioned space. In other words, Dr. Tiller discovered that human intention was capable of shifting the space in such a manner as to make the space more conducive to manifesting human potential. When a space was properly conditioned via coherent human intention, what was formerly impossible now became possible.

As part of Dr. Tiller’s new physics, he referred to the normal, unconditioned space usually recorded in science, as direct space (D-Space); and he referred to space conditioned by human intention as reciprocal space (R-Space). Essentially, Tiller’s R-Space is space conditioned by the higher, coherent energy of human intention. This kind of space is basically a thermodynamic pump that produces an energy gradient that flows from high to low. The flow of information that results brings a higher coherence, quite literally a higher order, to the conditioned space, bringing order and structure to the physical vacuum. Through this process, disorder decreases and coherent information becomes a thermodynamic source of energy with which real work can be accomplished.

Buddha Relics and the Consciousness of Space

The healing properties of the Buddha relics are often attributed to the loving kindness essence encapsulated within them. This essence is said to radiate positive energy and compassion, creating a harmonious environment that promotes healing and well-being. When individuals interact with the Buddha relics, they may experience a sense of peace and tranquility that resonates on a deep spiritual level.

The specific Buddha relics that were studied by Dr. Tiller were more than 2,600 years old. When Tiller’s research partner, Dr. Nisha Manek, spoke about first entering the room where the Buddha relics were located, she said, “I immediately felt an intense state of awareness, or Presence. It was as though the Buddha himself was present. The state was non-verbal, vast; and profound; it was exquisitely gentle and yet like a rock. There was a silence and a state of peace that seemed limitless. . . . the essence of time ceased to exist. My mind became quieter. I felt a tangible radiation of exquisite energy flowing from the relics to my heart center.” What Dr. Manek was experiencing was the R-Space provided by the coherent, love-filled information stream emanating from the Buddha relics.
Further comments on the experience revealed a reported sense of Oneness and Unity with all things. Even though the Buddha was not technically present in the room, the vestiges of his biological remains still held his consciousness, emanating it into the surrounding environment. In other words, the Buddha relics appear to be conscious. And as such, the space surrounding the relics is also conscious. This is mind beyond the brain and the body.
Dr. Manek further shared the unique experiences she and her family had when the curators of the Buddha relics allowed her to house the relics in her home for a few days. Even her family members, who had little experience with these kinds of things, noticed a huge difference in the feeling of their home.the moment the relics were carried into the home through the front door. They said it was like their home had instantaneously transformed into a holy place, much like Westminster Abby. Furthermore, the electronics in the home went crazy. Light bulbs popped and appliances stopped working. The curators of the relics assured Dr. Manek’s family that this was quite normal because the high energy of the relics tended to have a cleansing effect on surrounding electronics.
This was not the first time that Dr. Manek and Dr. Tiller had experienced electronic anomalies in the presence of spiritual energies. In fact, Dr. Tiller had previously conducted a set of experiments in which the presence of subtle energies was found to visibly affect film in cameras. And indeed, the same phenomenon was seen to occur when taking pictures of the Buddha relics. While some pictures were unaffected, other pictures revealed coherent streaks of light moving through the room, though they could not be explained by conventional means. During this time, Dr. Manek’s brother encountered a woman who was attempting to take pictures of the relics but appeared to be dismayed for some odd reason. Upon further inquiry, she said that every time she looked into the camera to take a picture, she kept seeing streaks of light that were otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Dr. Manek’s brother then told her that the reciprocal space, which accompanied the relics, had apparently conditioned the camera in such a manner as to make it possible to now visibly see these otherwise invisible streams of information.
During the 3-day period in which the relics remained in Dr. Manek’s home, she placed 11 of Tiller’s intention host devices next to the relics for the entire duration. Rather than focus on any specific intention, she simply placed the devices next to the relics with the hope of capturing something meaningful. After the relics left her home, she believed she could still feel the palpable presence of deep peace and awareness, so she assumed that the intention devices had been successfully imprinted by the Buddha relics. However, when she gave one of the devices to Dr. Tiller to see if the device had a noticeable effect on water ph, Dr. Tiller found no such effect.
Dr. Manek eventually theorized that the energy gradient of the Buddha relics was so extremely subtle and high in consciousness, that the Tiller device was not capable of receiving its total energy output. In subtle energy terms, like attracts like (as opposed to electromagnetism in which opposites attract). So, if the instrumentation used by science is not subtle enough in its energy output, it will not be able to detect and receive the higher, subtle energetic signals being emitted in its vicinity. In short, electromagnetic instruments used popularly in science are often not subtle enough to detect subtle energy streams because electromagnetism is too gross a form of energy to organically attract the subtler information streams emitted by objects like the Buddha relics.
If this experiment had been conducted in a traditional scientific lab, the scientists running the experiment would have naturally assumed that nothing whatsoever was happening around the Buddha relics. This is where science often fails due to assumptions based on limited experience and knowledge. Science is rarely black and white and often requires skillful interpretation in order to do it effectively. When Dr. Manek shared her theory with Dr. Tlller, his wife, Jean Tiller, responded by calling the results strange, saying that the experiment should have worked. When she thought about it more deeply, she suggested that the experiment be repeated, but this time it should include the explicit use of intention, possibly in writing. So, Dr. Tiller repeated the experiment, but this time he included a written statement of intention:

“We respectfully request that this excess thermodynamic free energy aspect of this loving kindness essence be made manifest in this space so that we can experimentally measure its thermodynamic magnitude via the active ph sensors present in this space.”

Dr. Tiller treated the intention host device like a living being, like it was alive. And when he charted the ambient harmonics emerging in the room, he was astonished to see that the harmonics began amplifying immediately after he wrote this statement. And indeed, the water ph shifted significantly immediately afterwards. In thermal energy terms, the effect was very large and estimated at an effective temperature of greater than 700 degrees Celsius, which exceeds those effects achieved by imprinted human intention alone.
As Dr. Manek puts it, “The Buddha relics bring coherent information into the vacuum of space, reducing entropy and increasing order so that new manifestations can occur.” The study concluded that the Buddha relics were associated with robust space-conditioning. And in fact, during the experiment, there were numerous testimonies of spontaneous healing. Even an elderly dialysis patient was confirmed to have been healed, never needing a dialysis treatment again. His doctor referred to it as a miracle.
Dr. Tiller and Dr. Manek concluded that directed human consciousness and love could be imprinted into objects which can then condition the surrounding space to become more coherent. They called this process the thermodynamics of love.

Top-Down Science: What the Buddha Relics Tell Us About Consciousness

William Tiller’s study, published in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Science, sheds light on the scientific basis underlying the healing properties of the Buddha relics. Researchers have observed changes in electromagnetic fields and energy levels in the vicinity of the relics, suggesting a tangible impact on the surrounding physical space. The findings provide compelling evidence of the connection between the Buddha relics and physical space conditioning.
Science tends to associate consciousness with the brain, even though there are many studies suggesting that the heart is more associated with consciousness than the brain. But when examining the results of this study, the following question might arise: does consciousness require a brain, or a nose, or a mouth, or a body? Apparently not. Apparently, after spending years immersed in the awakened consciousness of enlightenment, the Shakyamuni Buddha’s body became deeply infused with the consciousness of enlightenment, and this consciousness continues to influence the surrounding space wherever the relics are present. A similar phenomenon, known as the incorruptibility of the saints, has been documented in which the bodies of certain deceased holy men and women were later exhumed and found to exhibit little to no decay. Something about such elevated consciousness appears to slow the decaying process. Could this be the consciousness of eternity producing lasting effects in the physical body, even after death?
In conclusion, the phenomenon of the Buddha relics offers a captivating glimpse into the intersection of spirituality and science. Through their loving kindness essence and healing energy, these relics hold the potential to influence physical space conditioning in profound ways. As ongoing research continues to explore the mysteries surrounding Buddha relics, their significance as sources of spiritual solace and healing remains a testament to the enduring legacy of the Buddha’s teachings.


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