Before & After Using the Heart-Love Meditation Room from HeartWave 2.0

The Heart-Love Meditation Room is included as a bonus with HeartWave 2.0. It is a simple web page that, once opened, immediately and automatically broadcasts the ultra-amplified energetic signatures of the Heart Coherence mandala and the Heart of Compassion mandala.

There’s nothing to download and there’s no need to actually look at the page once it is opened (unless you want to, of course). You can minimize the page and work in other windows, and the broadcast will continue until you close the page.

In this experiment, our subject opened the Heart-Love Meditation web page in one tab and surfed the Internet in other tabs for approximately 20 minutes.

Using the BioWell GDV (gas discharge visualization) device, one scan was taken before the Heart-Love Meditation web page was opened, and one final scan was taken approximately 15 minutes after the web page was closed.

Energy 63 Joules (×10-2) Balance 91%

Energy 64 Joules (×10-2) Balance 94%


Reduced Anxiety, Increased Energy, Increased Balance, Decrease in Organ Imbalance





All of these positive benefits (reduced anxiety, increased energy and balance, and increased chakra alignment) were experienced after merely opening the Heart-Love Meditation Room web page and surfing the Internet for approximately 20 minutes. No complicated breathing or meditation practices were necessary. However, combining the Heart-Love Meditation Room with breathing and/or meditation practices will likely enhance the positive benefits even more

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