Powerful, Affordable Digital Energy Medicine
…When and Where You Need It.

Energetic Encoding Technology for the Digital world

Subtle Energy Sciences strives to make effective change and personal and collective growth more accessible to all people by providing powerful, cost-effective vibrational technology, via the digital medium, for positive change.

We want to create pristine energetic environments that empower humanity and elicit its highest potential for good.
“Heaven on Earth.”

Founded by researcher and inventor Eric Thompson (former co-founder ofย iAwake Technologies), Subtle Energy Sciences (SES) is committed to bringing innovative energetic encoding technology for the digital world.

Since 2007 Eric Thompson has been researching and developing proprietary methods for producing and capturing subtle energies in digital form. The captured energetic signals are then amplified many times using proprietary technology, and embedded into various digital media. And because of its unique, cost-effective production and delivery methods, SES is now able to make available to the public genuinely transformative tools for personal and collective change, at a fraction of the cost of other subtle energy technologies with similar capacity.

Message From The Founder

“My goal is to support you by creating ultra-coherent energetic environments that lift you and help awake your highest potential. And if you integrate Subtle Energy into your daily life and use it intentionally, you're going to feel great.”

“Looking forward to supporting you by creating powerfully supportive and nurturing subtle energetic environments to help you connect with and realize your highest potential.”